Blessed Virgin & Child

We begin by making known the work of God in the life of one of Godís earthly children, Teresa, a Catholic Mexican-American, mother and housewife. Teresa a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, was recovering from her second cancer surgery in Harris Hospital about December 22, 1995, when a priest gave her Holy Communion at the hospital. When Teresa received the Host, Christ clearly made known His presence in the Blessed Sacrament to Teresa at that time. This initiated a desire in Teresa to know and love God more. She began searching through different religious activities such as prayer groups in her quest to know, love and serve God.

On September 16, 1996, a very pleasant female voice said to Teresa, "Why havenít you started the Rosary Prayer Group? If you start it today and have it every week, in 6 months, March 17, 1997, I will be there."

With a few members of her family Teresa started the Rosary Prayer Group that same night. The Prayer Cenacle has been held every Monday night in her home since September 16, 1996.

True to Her word, Our Lady first came and gave a message on March 17, 1997 (Feast day of St. Patrick). The first message was very short and given to the 13 year old girl Mayra from old Mexico who was living with Teresaís family at that time. From that time a message has been given each week to Teresa at the Monday night Rosary Prayer Group. The majority of the messages have been given by Our Lady, but on a few occasions messages are given by God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and from Angels.