Battle Hymn


the Holy Cross

(As inspired by Our Lady of Light )


My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the new dawn

We'll be guided by Our Lady till this battle has been won

She comes to call Her children, "turn your hearts back to my Son"

She pleads with a Mothers' love


CHORUS: give glory, glory to our Father

give glory, glory to My Son

give glory, glory to The Spirit

the Trinity in ONE


She is the Mother of all who are in the world today

She doesn't care about race ,or creed, or color of our skin

She brings the message of Her Son, "turn back your hearts from sin"

She pleads with a Mothers' love




We have served another master who is in the world today

His price seems very little till our souls have slipped away

He is the mighty enemy .... please don't let him stay

She pleads with a Mother's love




This master of disguises leaves us feeling so forlorn

He has let our hearts be blinded to the slaughter of the unborn

He desecrates the Eucharist and the list just marches on

She pleads with a Mother's love




Today we focus on the triumph of the Holy Cross

JESUS CHRIST was crucified so we would not be lost

Don't let the evil one control your soul at any cost

She pleads with a mother's love




Our Mother called us all to celebrate this special day

the time is clearly running out the battle starts today

this may just be your final chance; prepare, make straight the way

She pleads with a Mother's love