How our celebration of The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross came about

Soon after the Blessed Virgin Mary asked Teresa to start the Rosary Prayer Cenacle, our Blessed Virgin Mary asked "that we celebrate the Feast of the Triumph (Exaltation) of the Holy Cross (September 14)." She even told us where to have it in, "Trinity Park." This was so appropriate. Teresa did not realize that the Blessed Virgin Mary was personally preparing her, and the Rosary group for the first year of the three years in preparation of the Great Jubilee that had been announced by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. We had "Father Lucia" speak to us that day (September 14, 1997). We taped the talk, and have it available on VHS and audio tape for those who would like a copy call 817-426-6379

Those who were present were greatly Blessed as our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary gave us the Miracle of the Sun; some Rosaries turned gold. Some people saw the Sun's rays become gold (the gold rays were later told to Teresa that they are the graces from Heaven). Many received great graces at that time. Some Catholics who had left the church came back with great zeal. A Protestant Lady has entered the Church and is now Catholic. We had the Rosary prayed in English, Spanish, Korean, Indian and Vietnamese.

The second year the Blessed Virgin Mary again called us to celebrate this great Feast Day. We again celebrated in prayer, and invited Monsignor Joe James from Lubbock, Texas to speak to us. He along with a local holy Priest provided confessions for those present. We also had veneration of the Holy Cross of Jesus, and prayer warriors to pray for those who needed individual prayer.

We had signs in the Heavens. Another Protestant lady who had much pain and suffering in her life came to the prayer gathering, and the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her. She now prays the Rosary and is seeking to come into the church. As we continued in prayer after sunset, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Light gave us flashes of light as we prayed. She also gave us a special message that night.

The third year we had the traveling Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the traveling picture of Jesus King of all Nations and while the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was there many people smelled a strong smell of roses.  Carol Ameche was there for a brief talk she also had a more detailed talk at several places in the DFW area a couple of weeks later.

The fourth year Fr. Pablo Straub and Msg. Joe James gave a talk and heared confessions. We had the traveling picture of Jesus King of all Nations, and the traveling picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe there.

The fifth year we had a simple prayer and praise meeting. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the 15 decade Rosary and Teresa gave a talk.

Again this year we will celebrate this Feast Day. We invite all whom our Blessed Virgin Mary calls to come for a day of prayer and preparation for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother, and the Reign of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ.

The Day of Prayer will once again be held at Trinity Park in Fort Worth on Friday September 14, 2018