Message via Teresa Whitt

June 30, 2001 – The First Martyrs of the Church of Rome


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My Daughter, the dreams you had of cloudy skies, was a vision of these days – the skies will bring forth rain that will be more than is needed, as it is now doing in your state,( and the world.)  It will cause much material loss.  For my children have not listened, and turned to my Son.  So the many things that you have acquired will be lost to you. This is the first part of the beginning.


I continue to plead, my children, pray for your souls and the souls of your brethren.  The hand that was held back is now let loose.  Woe to my children who continue to live unaffected, asleep, blind and deaf to the call of Heaven.


Love is the answer, for Love is Jesus, my Lord and my Son.”


Teresa said, “I had the same dream several times last years.  I would go outside and look up and the skies were dark and very cloudy, the wind was blowing and it seemed that a storm was approaching.  I can still remember the feel of the wind on my face.  I did not know whether it meant that we were to be getting bad weather or that the times would soon be changing for all of us.


I received this message as I was praying the morning prayers and doing a morning retreat meditation at home”