Messages for January, 2001 Last Public Message From Mary



January 1, 2001 Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God


My children, how blessed you are to meet in prayer on this most solemn day in which God deigned to honor his handmaid.


In the Word of God this day read (Luke 18:15-30) My Son asked the rich young man to follow him, as he asked Peter, James, John and the other Apostles. They immediately dropped their nets and followed him. They were poor fisherman and did not have many material things to lose. This rich young man had much more to lose. He thought about all the things he had to give up in order to follow Jesus, My Son, and he chose to keep his possessions, rather than follow the Savior of his eternal Soul! Many of my children fall in this category today especially in your country. Remember my children, that your possessions will not bring you true joy or happiness, for My Son brings you the only rest that will fill your wretched life, with truth, life, and the only way to live this life and prepare for eternal life.


My children, continue to be intercessors, working always for the salvation of souls in every aspect of your life.


I thank you for hearing my call in this area, that you could prepare for the Great Jubilee. Now that my son Samuel has come home to me, he is interceding before me and my Son eternally.


My dearest children, this is my last public message to you in this area. I will continue to guide you privately. Do not lose hope, have great joy in your hearts and persevere in prayer.


My Motherly Mantle is always above you as you continue your work in parishes, being meek as lambs, and wise as serpents. Remember, do not disburse, be united in the cause, to bring souls to my Son, as my Immaculate Heart continues to Truiumph.


Be at peace for I love you so!