April 2, 2001 – Feast of St Francis de Paula


Jesus said, “Behold I your Jesus of Mercy come to my children. I ask you to spend at least one hour per week with me in prayer or in silence.  Visit me where I really am.  In this way we may come to know one another and I will give you the desires of your heart.


Much grace is given to souls thru your love of me in your visitation.


As you read my Word today, (Luke 4:14-42) you can see that I do not deny anything to those who come to me.  When you come to visit me in the tabernacle it is as those my souls who came to me when I walked the Earth.*


The day of my great Mercy is coming soon (Feast of Divine Mercy – 1st  Sunday after Easter). Heed to the words of my servant (St. Faustina) and spend this Special day with me.


Let Love and Mercy be your daily work, that I may find you laboring in my vineyard when I return.  For behold I am coming soon!”


*  In the reading of the gospel of Luke, Jesus cures and expels demons from all who came to Him.  The explanation is that Jesus is the same today in the Holy Eucharist as when He walked the earth, and if we take the time to visit Him where He is Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, He will respond to us in the same way.  We need only take the time to visit Him.