Messages for September 2000



September 4, 2000 – Labor Day


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Dearest children, the time when I will be with you is soon coming to an end.  I came to this place to prod you and wake you up, so that you would have the opportunity to bring workers for the harvest, and souls to my Son Jesus Christ, so that you would personally have the opportunity to say “yes” and answer the call of my Holy Son, the Vicar of Christ on earth.  To celebrate the three years in preparation, leading to the Great Jubilee; so that you yourselves might also be set free.  Our Father in Heaven, who knows all things willed this so, because he knows that you would not have taken the opportunity yourselves, as you were in darkness; thanks be to our Lord that you have been set free and are now Children of Light. 


My little son Samuel, who is now with me, labored long and tirelessly on your behalf.  Do not forget him, as he continues to intercede for you, that you may not tire or give up during the end of the struggle.  Continue in loving and peaceful perseverance my children.   I continue to cover you with my mantle of love and protection.



September 11, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Blessed be my son Jesus Christ!  Receive the peace of my Son.  Receive the peace that you need at this time my children that you may complete this great work for which you have been commissioned.  Do not be weary my children, have great joy in your hearts for this great accomplishment, to give glory to my Son, to give glory to our Father, to give glory to the Holy Spirit.  You are receiving at this time my children, the joy and the strength to get through these next days.  My Son Jesus Christ and I will be with you in a very special way. 


Through our images my children, which I ask that you take, and allow as many people to venerate our images, for my Son and I will give many graces and many healings through our images.  Do not grow weary, my children, for you have a schedule to keep that I your Mother have given to my daughter.  Although Satan has tried to stop you each year my children, you do persevere, continue to persevere to the end. Meet as many people that you know that need Heaven’s help on the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. For it is when you come to the Cross that you are healed.  Bring all those that are broken hearted and ill that they may be refreshed. Refreshed by my precious holy sons [Priests] that will be available to you for the great sacrament of reconciliation. To be refreshed by the words that the Holy Spirit will utter through them.  To be refreshed by the spirit that will move through them and in them on this day.


I ask my children that you invite as many as you can to the other areas that our images will be taken and processed in silence at the abortion clinics where my precious unborn babies are being killed every day.  To that great procession where you through penance and sacrifice march for the righteousness of God to stand for all those inalienable rights which our Creator has endowed every Human Being with; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  You see my children, our Great Creator blessed your country with so much.  The blessings are being taken away, for there are so many who no longer worship the Creator, for they have taken an idol and they worship themselves, and their money and the material things of this world. 


Although there are my precious few children who are faithful; your penance, your sacrifices, your prayers, are great and are received by my Son with great joy.  For it is the little things that amount to greatness and it is those that hold themselves high, that are nothing, and will be brought down. We praise our Lord Jesus Christ, for by his Holy Cross he has redeemed the World.   Thank you my children for continuing to respond to my call.”



September 25, 2000


Teresa said, “We have been called in this area. Our Blessed Mother is sending us off and giving us  work to do. We are being sent off to continue the work that she has begun in each of us.  She [Blessed Virgin Mary] being confident that the good work that was begun will continue in each of the people that responded to our Mother’s call, in coming to the prayer meetings, even though you don’t come every week, in being present at the September 14, day of prayer. In heeding the messages that our Mother has given us. We are to reread the messages and follow what she has asked us to do.”


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Praised and blessed be my Son Jesus Christ!”  My precious children, as I visited with my cousin Elizabeth to inform her of the great news that the Archangel Gabriel had brought to me.  My children you yourselves bear Christ within you through your baptism. You must be joyful to bring Christ to others. For the same joy and great expectation which your Mother also brought the great news to your cousin Elizabeth. 


The readings today from the Holy Scriptures were for you.  Remember my children that once you were in darkness, but you have been awakened from your sleep, and you are now Children of Light.  There is no darkness in light for my children continue with your deeds of light, and do not let the darkness creep into your lives. For it is easy my children to return to your former life, but it takes every day, my children, to persevere, to continue in the light. 


Continue in your prayers my children and consecrate yourselves to my immaculate heart on a daily basis.  I ask you my children to make a special consecration of yourselves, of your families, of your parishes, of your dioceses, and of your world as my little son Pope John Paul II, has asked of you.  Remember my children that I have asked you to look forward and never turn back.  As you continue to look forward and answer the call of John Paul II, he will lead you to the dawning of the new day.  For he has said that this time will be a springtime in the newness of life if this world chooses.


 Now my children I have been with you in this place and so many on your earth to bring you my children back to my Son.  For you yourselves know what your former lives were, and I speak to all my children for I am the Mother of all people.  As you turn to my Son the darkness will fade and the newness of life will be with you.  Persevere my children without complaint in humble obedience to the Spirit of God that is within you;  to the Vicar of your church, to the Vicar of my Son’s Church here on earth. Look to him for he is your model.  There are those in the Hierarchy of the church that are following him, look to those that are following him.  Alas, to those that are lost, pray my children, for my Priest sons, my Bishops, and my Cardinals that have gone astray, looking only for material things. Remember my children, material things bring you nothing but emptiness, and you my children have risen above the material things of this life and look to the spiritual,  and supernatural, that only heaven and our Lord can bring you. Continue my children in your humble obedience.  Remember my children, as my little son,  the Vicar of Christ here on earth has consecrated himself to my Son Jesus Christ through me for I brought you my Son Jesus and I will take you to my Son, if you allow me. 


I will cover you, my children, with my mantle of love and protection.  Remember, do not fear but have great hope, for the return of my Son is at hand.  My precious children, I thank you, and I bless you with my Motherly love and protection.  Thank you my precious ones for responding to my call.”