Messages for November 2000



November 6, 2000 – Day before US Presidential Election



Blessed Virgin Mary said, “ My precious children thank you for responding to my call especially at this great crossroad in your country. Many others are joining with you this night in praying for your country.  It is your response that will determine your future.  I tell you now,  I see many of my children in prayer this night.


My children, this night of prayer will not stop the steps that have already been taken by Russia, China and Saddam Hussein.  Taiwan will need the help of your country, as will Israel.  You will stand almost alone, and you will do penance for the sins of your country.  Persevere to the end and heaven will be with you, that you may see the rise and fall of the son of perdition, and his followers.  Do not lose hope. Have great joy my children, for when you see these things happen, know that your deliverance is at hand.


Therefore, my children, choose life, and eternal life will be yours.  Thank you for being faithful to our Father’s call, for he has called and chosen you.


NOTE: Before each of 15 decade Rosary Mysteries the Blessed Virgin Mary (and one from Jesus) gave some messages since we didn’t have our message books (we have been reading of previous years messages that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave to Teresa.) with us. We will send out those at a later date when they get transcribed.



Joyful Mystery Messages


1st Joyful Mystery – The annunciation


Blessed Virgin Mary said, My children when you pray,  “You are speaking to me, you are speaking to Heaven. When you speak  to each other, my children, do you speak slowly and think about what you are saying, or do you just say the words?  Remember my children, that when you speak to Heaven you are not only speaking to the air or to the wall, you are speaking to me, my Son or to the Saints in Heaven.  Let your heart speak to us when you pray.”



2nd Joyful Mystery – The Visitation of Elizabeth


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “When you pray my children, I come to you in your prayer of the Holy Rosary, and my Son Jesus is always with me. Just as my Son filled St. John the Baptist with the Holy Spirit of God, he comes to you my children when you pray my Holy Rosary.


Do not allow those who have decided to stop praying my most Holy Rosary to influence you my precious ones, for it is in the simple most splendid prayer that the power of the Holy Spirit overshadows you as he overshadowed me at the time when Jesus came to the World.”


3rd Joyful Mystery – The Nativity of Jesus


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, just as I gave birth to my Son Jesus Christ, those who come to me, will I birth to become new creations, new children. Oh my children when this happens, you will no longer be the person you used to be, you are now, a new creation, for I birth you, and present you, my precious children to my Son Jesus Christ, as acceptable children of God. For you no longer live as before, for now your life is to do the will of my Son.


4th Joyful Mystery – The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Know, my precious children, that even though my Son is God, HE followed, along with my spouse, St Joseph, the laws of that time, and was presented to God the Father in the Temple, according to the law at that time.  My precious children, my Son Jesus followed all the commands and laws of the Jewish people at the time, and now, my children His church and His people are not above his laws these days. Therefore, my children, be obedient to those regulations and laws that are required of you in the world to be good citizens, but also remember the commands given by my Son Jesus Christ, that you be obedient  to his Vicar on Earth (Pope John Paul II), and above all, my children, love God with all your heart, your soul, and you mind; and love your neighbor.  For these are the two greatest commands, that my Son Jesus has given you. Love is the greatest commandment.”



5th Joyful Mystery – The Finding of the Child Jesus in the         Temple


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, those of you that are present, know the joy in finding my Son Jesus.  In your lives, before you truly found Him you were like desperate children searching and it can be likened by the search that Joseph and I went through to find Him.  It was a desperate search not knowing where He was and when we found Him, such Joy filled  our hearts.  My children, I ask that you minister to those in need, by bringing them to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you to bring others to find my Son for you know there is great joy in finding Jesus; When at last you encounter Him, as He truly is, full of love for you, for everyone!”



Sorrowful Mystery Messages


1st Sorrowful Mystery – The agony in the Garden


Blessed Virgin Mary, “My precious children, as my Son was praying for all of Humanity, he sweat drops of blood because He could see the future, He could see all the sins that would be committed, and it saddened Him so that he sweat drops of blood.  All done for all of you, my children, for His great love caused a great sadness in His heart.”



2nd Sorrowful Mystery – The scourging at the pillar


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My dear children, my Son Jesus was scourged and received a most horrible scourging, that the flesh was torn  from his body. This scourging and these stripes, my precious ones,  He took as healing  for by the  scourging,  all your illness are healed.  All illnesses of mind, body, and spirit.”


3rd Sorrowful Mystery – The Crowing of Thorns


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, my Son was crowned with thorns, and he was spat upon, kicked,  and mocked yet his courage continued. He did not utter a word.  He had to go through this horrible trial, so that you my children would learn to have courage amidst your trials.  None of you will ever go though the same trial, or the same pain as my Son did.  He did it all for you.  He was mocked, even though they were mocking the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.  So when you go through trials my children, have courage, and have great joy in your hearts.   For you are imitating my Son, even though you are not going through the same thing that He went through, unite your sufferings with His, and you will have great joy in your hearts, you will not be dismayed, you will not have pity on yourselves and in doing so you will be doing a great work for the salvation of souls.”


4th Sorrowful Mystery – The Carrying of the Cross


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, all the human race has a cross to carry. It is not the size of the cross, it is the way that you handle the cross that is given to you.  The fruit of this mystery is patience. Do you carry this cross by grumbling and griping, and letting the world know whatever you cross is,  or do you thank God for your cross so that in doing so it will become lighter.  It is not easy my children, but it is harder for you to carry your cross when you grumble and complain,  and try to give it to others in your complaining.  My precious children, my Son Jesus is your model he carried his cross with great patience.”



5th Sorrowful Mystery – The Crucifixion 


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, my Son, gave his Spirit to our Father in Heaven after he said the words, ‘it is finished’,  for his work on Earth was indeed finished.  He came to this Earth with nothing, as a poor child with not a place to lay his head, and  his total life was that of giving, and serving others.  He came my children that you could have life eternal.  He came my children that your life would be abundant.  He lived a short life,  but in that short time he touched many hearts.  He has continued to touch many hearts by opening the eyes and the ears of those that will hear His Word, and at the end of His life his reward was to die crucified, crucified, my children for you.  All the pain that He endured without a word was for love of you. In all that He was undergoing and in all the pain that he was going through, the burning love was greater than the pain of the nails on his hands and his feet.  The mockery, the kicks, the spitting, all of that my children was for you.  Yet the pain of His love for you was more than the enduring pain of the physical atrocities by Satan who was allowed to scourge him and kill him for  love of you. “



Glorious Mystery Messages


1st Glorious Mystery – The Resurrection


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, Satan had his time, he tried to kill the Son of God, true God and true Man, but the sting of death would not prevail.  My Son Jesus Christ lives on, He was  raised by His own power, greater than in the Heavens and in the Earth, and you too my children will be raised up on the last day, should you choose a life with my Son who lives for ever in the eternal joy and love of our Father; for Heaven is the Heart of our Lord.”



2nd Glorious Mystery – The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven  


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, my Son Jesus was ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of our Father, from there He will come again.  That is your great hope my children, that my Son Jesus will return in Glory.”



3rd Glorious Mystery – The Descent of the Holy Spirit


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, the Holy Spirit is your comforter and your friend. Call upon the power of the Most High, the third person of the Blessed Trinity., to guide you, and to fill you with the strength and the zeal that you need to live a Holy life.”


4th Glorious Mystery – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin



Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My precious children, know that I am the ‘Woman clothed with the sun’, and  I am your Mother.  My precious children,  I have been given by our Lord and Savior all  of the graces; that I may  give them to you on your asking.  Ask for the grace of a happy death.  Ask for the grace to persevere. Ask for the grace to be holy.  Ask for the grace to receive and to live a virtuous  life.  The graces are all here for the asking, my precious ones.”


5th Glorious Mystery – The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Jesus said, “My Mother was declared as Queen of Heaven, Queen of all the Angels, and Saints, and as Queen, my precious ones, her intercession has great power.  As you prayed my Mother’s Most Holy Rosary today, she has been interceding for you to me.  For you see, my Mother brings all the faithful children to me. She carries them all in her heart to me, and she presents you as her precious children to me.”