Messages for May, 2000



May 1, 2000 – St. Joseph the Worker and St. Peregrine


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Little daughter, the pressure you felt in your head and the guilt and stress you had is what is felt by my children who will not ask Jesus for forgiveness of their sins.  They live with this guilt, which makes it impossible for my Son’s love, mercy, and peace to enter and heal the soul.


Prayer, especially the Rosary will help with the grace needed to be healed.”


Teresa said, “I see a Priest raising the Eucharist after saying the words of consecration.”


Jesus said, “What you see is my sacrifice for you.  It is a sacred meal.  I wish to commune with each of you individually, so that once I become one with you, you may share the love and peace I bring to you with others.”


Holy Spirit said, “This reading [Luke 2:42-52] you have just heard, shows you that even Jesus was subject to the authority of his Mother Mary and Foster Father Joseph.  Your children must also be subject to your authority and must be obedient.  Do not allow your children to run their little lives and do as they wish, for you will be held accountable for their actions, as they become stubborn, disobedient, and unruly.  If you truly love your children you will discipline them when needed and will show them that they should respect you. For if they do not respect you, they will have no respect for anyone else, and will shame you in your old age.  ‘For he who loves his children will chastise them’”.


Blessed Virgin Mary, “In this month that you have devoted to me, make a special effort to bring your little ones to me, that they may come to know me as their Mother and protector.  There are those who try so hard to keep me away from their children.  What great sorrow this brings to my heart.  Pray with your children, my Holy Rosary.  Please do not allow anyone to dissuade you from praying my Holy Rosary with your families.  For thru the Rosary I bring you holy peace in your homes.


Remember, the illusion of truth continues in your midst.  I love you my precious children and I thank you for continuing to be faithful to my call.”



May 8, 2000


Teresa said, “As prayer begins I see Our Blessed Mother praying with us – as we begin the rosary I see Samuel (a prayer group member who died in April 2000) smiling with approval.“


Jesus said, At the beginning of the Sorrowful Mysteries Jesus asks us to enter into his passion. “For it is going thru my passion that you truly understand and appreciate my resurrection”


Teresa said, “I see a police car, then I see a white pick-up and it seems there was an accident.  I don’t want to look because it looks as though someone was hurt.  I pray that the person or persons will not be hurt too badly or spared if this has not yet happened (a prayer group member said, her son just bought a white pick-up truck and that he is not a good driver).”


Teresa said, “I see a priest before us.  I can’t see who he is – during the 1st Glorious Mystery I see it is Fr. Fred Underwood, who tells us adore Jesus the Risen Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.”


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My children, once again I invite you all to join together in prayer on the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross as you have for the past three years.


This is the culmination of the preparation that you have been going thru, that you may celebrate the great Jubilee in Honor of the Blessed Trinity, and the beginning of the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart and the Eucharistic reign of my Son Jesus.  Join in prayer for the world on this great day!!!


Thank you my children for your devotion and your faithfulness.  Your reward will be great in eternity!”


Teresa said, “Great Joy! I see how the Holy Spirit of God moves his church thru his children’s return with great zeal for his Son Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.


I see water falling on the back on the head of a girl with long dark hair. Then I see it falling on the head of one of the women members in our prayer group. After that I see it falling on all of us and I am given the understanding that it is the living water that is the Holy Spirit.


I don’t know what this vision meant but I saw a nun speaking to a girl with golden long hair with curls.”