Messages for March 2000



March 14, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Blessed be my Son Jesus Christ!  My precious children, as I have told you many times before, I come to you in the wind.  I have been with you throughout this time and I have touched your faces, and I have heard your prayers.


Bless you my precious ones for being so faithful to your Mother’s call.  My precious children, I have told you this is a great time of grace, but it is also a great time of sorrow,  for there are many of my children whose hearts are so cold.  I have allowed you today to feel the chill.  So many of my children walk with this chill in their hearts.  My children, your prayers, your devotion, your sacrifices, your holy communions, have helped so many of my children to turn back to my Son.


Soon my children you will celebrate a great feast day of one of the great Saints of our Church, St. Patrick.  He always looked ahead and never turned back.  He allowed our Lord to lead him.


My children I have called you and you have answered the call.  Continue to walk forward in your faith and do not turn back.  For though many do not see, your response to my Call will allow our Lord to answer your prayers and you will see great changes thru the many signs and wonders our Lord is working thru you.  Never forget my children that I continue to walk with you, and continue to lead.


I love you my precious small ones. 



March 17, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My children, I come to you today as Mother of all peoples.  My consecrated souls, you have been chosen, not for your intelligence, wealth, or wisdom.  No, my little ones it is your nothingness, your need, your hearts that are tired of this world and ready to open yourselves totally to my Son.  Remain small, my children carry your crosses with patient and prayerful endurance.  In this way your smallness will continue to bring souls to me that I may mold them with the graces they need to present them to my Son in bright and glorious splendor.


My children this is the third anniversary of my first visit with you my children.  I chose this special day my children as this special day is connected to your diocese and my little son who is an apostle of my Son Jesus Christ.  This is the reason you must continue your fervent prayer and sacrifice for the Church in your area.  Listen to my words ‘the illusion of truth is in your midst,’ it is as of the pagans of ‘old’.  Remain steadfast in your true faith, and the illusion will slowly dissolve and disappear, but not without great prayer, and sacrifice from you my small ones, my remnant, my children of Light. 


Thank you for continuing to respond to my call!  I continue to cover you with my mantle, my precious ones.



March 27, 2000


Jesus said, “Take heed man to build your house on a firm foundation.”


Teresa said, “I see a man carefully building a building, taking great care that it is steady.”


Jesus said, “So must your life be built on prayer, sacrifice, and truth, all put together with love for all.”


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “So what will you do for God now?  What will be your sacrifice, your penance, your offering?  Or will you continue living only for yourselves.  Look around you, Jesus waits for you in the poor, the needy, the suffering.  God has given you life for he has a special task for you.  Will you listen? Will you hear?  What will be your response?”


Teresa said, “I see suffering people, both physical and spiritual neediness and depression, without God in their lives.”


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “You are to teach my suffering souls by witnessing to them how you came to my Son.  Tell them the truth and lead by your holy example.  Do not stop praying or you will not be able to help the needy.  Call on me for help and I will be at your side. 


Thank you for being here tonight.  I cover you with my mantle of love and protection.”


Teresa said, “I see a man working hard building a road of stone with his hands.”


Jesus said, “My children the road I want you to build is not easy to build, it will take a lot of hard work from you, a lot of patience and perseverance.  It will take a lot of your time, so you may have to put aside the other enjoyable things of life, to build this precious road.  However, when you finish this road, I will be waiting for you with open arms full of love.”


Teresa said, “I see the man finishing building the road, and as he stands, Jesus helps him up and hugs him and welcomes him home.”