Messages for June 2000



June 5, 2000 – Feast of St. Boniface


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Praised and Blessed be my Son Jesus!  Thank you my children for your continued faithfulness in prayer, this is the first time in several weeks that I come to you in this manner.  I am preparing you for the time when my messages will end. 


I have given you many messages.  Review the messages and follow my instruction.  I speak to all my children.  Many of you have enthroned your homes to my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son.  Part of living this consecration includes the First Friday over night adoration of my Son in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love you my children and I give you a Mother’s blessing.



June 12, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Praised and blessed be my Son Jesus Christ!  I great you this evening, my children, with great joy and admiration for doing what I have asked you to do.


I ask that you spread these messages in book form to my other children.  The messages, that have been read tonight [We are now reading past messages that were given to Teresa between the decades] have reminded you of what I have been talking to you about for several years.


Remember my children, do not only store these messages but heed them and live by them.  For they will help you to live the Gospel.  They will help you my children to do what I have asked of you, that you may receive the graces that you need.


To live a holy life and to at least attain that greater glory, which awaits all my children, who imitate my Son Jesus Christ.


Many of you are busy with many things, remember, that with all things, our Lord is to be glorified, and to receive all glory and honor and that the fruits of your labor may grow and multiply.  For in doing so, you will be bringing souls to my Son Jesus Christ.


There is an important day coming my children, which will occur for the fourth year since I first called you.  This great Feast day of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son.  Continue this work, and I thank you for responding to my call.



June 26, 2000


Note: the scripture reading just before this was Acts chaps 6 & 7


Teresa said, “I see the people of the world especially in the United States as the Hebrews who were lead out of Israel by Moses. 


We have had a great country that was blessed by God with an abundance of all things.


God the Father said, “Many there are that have made golden calves out of their material possessions. I am no longer in their hearts and minds. You serve other gods.  Many abominations have been allowed before my eyes.  Therefore, all that you have and hold dear is being taken from you, that your pride may bow down once again, and turn to Love (Jesus). As in the days of old those who hold truth and Love in their heats will be raised up. Lo to the hard of heart, repent, while there is still time!


While many of my faithful will feel abandoned by all.  I will never leave you.!  Be not afraid for I am with you till the end of time. Remember to always care for the most vulnerable (unborn), and unprotected;  in this endeavor will you be placed on my right on the day of Judgment!


Do not lose heart, steady your gaze before you and never turn back. My blessing is on the faithful ones!