Messages for July 2000



July 10, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “I come to you this night my children, and give you a Mother’s blessing.  Learn to pray from the heart.  When you pray from the heart, you only pay attention to your presence before our Lord, and do not allow other thoughts or worries to enter your mind.  It is during this time that your prayers penetrate the heart of our Lord, and I your Mother, and Heaven, intercede for you to my Son.


Remember to Pray, Pray, Pray!  Without prayer there cannot be intercession.  Without your prayers, the world loses the light, the only Light that can truly dispel the darkness in many souls.


I am here at this moment listening to your prayers and receiving the roses [red ones that represent love] that each of you, that are praying with your heart, are handing me.  Ask me, my children, for the grace to pray without ceasing.  I cover you my precious ones with my Motherly Mantle of love and protection.


Remember to be faithful and my Son will not abandon you, for you are greatly loved!


July 24, 2000



Blessed Virgin Mary said, “[Note: original message was given in Spanish] My daughter write the following. My children, I am here who am your Mother.  It gives me great joy to see my children responding to the call of your Mother.


Ask of me for the grace that you need to live a holy life, full of joy. That joy and peace that never ends.  The things of this world bring you momentary joy and happiness.  When this passes, my children, you are left empty.


The time of this world is too short to live it in momentary pleasures.  The life that my Son Jesus offers you is much more beautiful and full of joy that can be lived today, Heavens way.  My Son  has given you freewill, my children, so that you may decide eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven or life eternal without the light of my Son Jesus.  The day to decide is today, tomorrow may be too late, because all live in the present and tomorrow never comes.  Choose today, and do not long for yesterday, for yesterday will never come again.


Do not forget that your Mother, the daughter of God the Father, always waits for you and will always help you.  Continue in your prayers and devotions that are very much needed in these times.”


July 31, 2000 – Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola



Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Blessed be my Son Jesus!  My precious children, thank you for being here this evening and for responding to your Mother’s call.


My precious children the readings for the Holy Scripture tonight [John 7:25 and Matthew 27] were to teach you my children that as you invite my Son, you will also be talked about behind your backs, you will also be betrayed, my children, pray for the grace to persevere and to not allow the fortunes and the money that you can earn to spoil you against your faith, your faith in my Son Jesus Christ. For there will be many my children who will come to test your faith.


Remember my children to always stand firm in your beliefs.  The days are now here where there is no more a mixture of Good and Evil, that cannot be seen.  The lines are drawn, my children.  Those that have persevered will be on my Son’s right. Those that have given up their faith in my Son and our Lord are on my Son’s left, and when you meet, they will know who you are and what you stand for, and what you believe in, and you will know what they stand for, and what they have given up, and what they no longer believe without a word between you, your eyes will be able to see.


This is a time when the lines are truly drawn.  Those who have chosen life everlasting, have been given the grace to persevere from now  until the end.  Those who have given up their faith and their beliefs are not totally lost, so when you should meet these poor souls, pray for them my children, pray for them.


I call you now, my children, to celebrate the Great Jubilee in this your area, on the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son.  Invite all you know my children and I continue to ask you to invite all you know as I have in the years before.


I have been preparing you for the Great Jubilee. For you would not have done this yourselves, you would never have thought of doing anything great for my Son in this your area.  For you can see there are many places where my Son can be worshiped and received in this area.  No one has thought to do what I have asked you to do.


So invite all you know my children to be with you on this special day and continue to believe that I your Mother have come for my children.  For remember my precious ones, that it is the weak things and the foolish things of the world that have been chosen to confound the wise and those who refuse to believe.


I love you my precious ones and as I look on you at this time my precious children, I smile on you and I continue to cover you my precious children with my mantle of love protection.”