Messages for January 2000


January 10, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Blessed be my Son Jesus Christ!  May the peace and the love of my Son be with you my children, and my it remain with you as you continue in steadfast devotion and love. My precious children, I as your Mother have been with you tonight. If you have surrendered all, if you have allowed the peace that only my Son can give you, be with you this night, you have felt that peace, it has entered your soul.


My precious ones, I speak to my sons.  Your model on this Earth is my Earthly husband, my dear Joseph.  Mold your life after him.  For he gave everything he had to give to take care of Jesus, and me.  You my children, my sons, as you follow after my spouse Joseph, and as you ask him for help and for his intersession, he will lead you to my Son and to holiness.  For the world calls you now my sons, as my adversary is the prince of the world.  He wants you to forsake your family, and to go after the pleasures of the world that bring only ruin to your families.  When you find that you are lonely and when you find that this life is so hard to bear, call upon St. Joseph, and he will intercede for you and he will help you to be the holy man, the holy father and the husband and grandfather that our Lord has called you to be.  St. Joseph is the closest mortal man to my Son Jesus Christ, for he loves him so.  He helped to care for him as a baby, he taught him what he knew, and he loved him, he loved him so.


Precious sons of mine, I ask that you be the men that you are called to be, not the men that the world calls you to be.  For a real man is a holy man who sacrifices and gives of himself for his family for his children and for his spouse.  I have spoken to you as my children and I now specifically speak to you as my sons.  My sons, it is not just the women, who are called, the messages are not just for my little daughters, you are asked my children, to follow on the same road.  Be imitators of Christ and as you strive to be holy on a daily basis you will continue to grow and you will be a holy family.  There will be peace in your homes and your children will love you and look up to you as my Son Jesus Christ looked up to dear St. Joseph, and your wives will love you and look up to you as I loved and looked up to my dear spouse St. Joseph, my most chaste spouse, who never thought of himself, but only did our Lord’s will in his life.


Thank you my precious children.  Continue in your faithfulness, and I ask that you read the messages, that you have been given. Do not just place them aside, for they will continue to help you to grow, to lead you to the eternal happiness that awaits you. I love you, my children.”



January 24, 2000 – Feast of St Francis de Sales


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “The message will be said in this manner due to the impressions on the young present tonight.  I see you here, and I see many of you with so many problems, and so many things that cause you despair and worry.  You have been told before that you are to surrender all in order to receive the peace that can only come from God alone, and the healing that comes from the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, for the true healing of the soul and body.


Anger and jealousy and resentment and pride have no place in you.  You have been called, you who are here this night and those who have come before you to this holy place, have been called, not that you may come for a time, and then disperse, but that you may come and grow as a family looking out for each other in the spiritual things, as well as the material things.  Many have been called in many places and some have responded. What will be your answer and what will be your response?


Each of you has a family unit, but remember, you are all a family, a family of God.  Do not desert each other, do not desert the one who has called you through me. Remember that all instruction that is given you through those whom I have called comes from above. Let the pride go when you receive instruction or admonition, do not become angry or resentful, be in prayer that what was given to you will penetrate, so that you may learn, and grow in wisdom. 


The presence of Heaven continues to be with you here and in many places.  Should you respond and continue to respond, Heaven will continue to lead you for a short time.  Should you turn away, it is you who will be leaving, you who will be retreating, who will be abandoning the one who has called you.  Be therefore in prayer that the Spirit of the One above who is our Father, and our God, will continue to smile on you, will continue to shine on you, will continue to shed forth graces that are needed.  For together your holiness will continue to grow, but scattered, you will return as you were before.


May the love and the peace of Jesus Christ be with you and remain with you.”



January 31, 2000 – Feast of St. John Bosco


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Praised and blessed be Jesus Christ our Lord of Lords and King of Kings.” 


Word of knowledge through the Holy Spirit, “Children of Light, the Light who is Jesus, the heroes of this day, are those who imitate the heroes, (Saints) of times past.  Those heroes are the small children, the unknown, who daily visit Jesus Christ, who is present in the tabernacles of the world.  Who daily receive the Body and Blood of the Son of God, who daily pray the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Those small unheard heroes of yesterday and today and the future, will be the triumph of the church of Jesus Christ.


Oh there will be those who would tell you that you are old fashioned, that these devotions no longer matter, because we are living in modern times, for the church must progress, and move forward as the world moves forward, but ye must all remember that our God never changes.  That His words of yesterday and today are His words of the future, and forever.  You little heroes, that are looked down on by the social elites of your church, you are the ones that have been called by our God to suffer humiliation,  to suffer the mental cruelty of everyday, of those who would have you banished, rather than  look at you praying your daily Rosary; rather than look at you show reverence for our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist;  they would rather you vanish than continue to show your love and reverence and devotion to our Lord and the honor that is due our Lord’s most blessed Mother and the Saints in Heaven. 


Do you see? Do you understand that if you decide to change and go with the flow of today’s society, and most of those in the popular church of today, you will lose the holiness and you will grow cold for the things of God?  You will begin to grow cold for the love of God, and the love of your neighbor.  Our Lord God Almighty watches over all his children. Remember as you have been told, and as it has been revealed to you many times, that you have been chosen, for you are not the heroes of the world, but the heroes of God Almighty, and knowing this should give you great joy, and great zeal to continue the work to which you have been called. For the Holy Spirit of God continues to guide you as you continue to be quiet and to listen to His call.  You precious few are beloved of the Lord.  You precious few are beloved of Heaven, May the peace, the joy, and the love from Almighty God above, dwell in you.”