Messages for February 2000



February 7, 2000



Jesus said, “I have knocked and you have opened the door of your heart and soul.  Blessed are you who frequently visit me and keep me company, for my grace is sufficient for you, as you have found the true treasure.”



February 28, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “Thank you my precious children for once again answering your Mother’s call.  I stand here before you my children as a woman clothed with the sun.  The woman clothed with the sun, who has come for her children.  My precious ones, this year is a most important year, for it is a year of many graces, as my son Pope John Paul II has declared it a Jubilee year and has given you many opportunities to receive the mercy, that is yours for the taking.  Take advantage, my children of all the opportunities that will be given to you this year.  Start your devotions and continue to be faithful to these devotions, for they will bring you and those for whom you pray, many graces, and many healings.  I cannot emphasize enough , my children how very important this year is.  Partake of all the gifts that are yours for the asking.  I see many who will be healed in many ways.  My children this year a most important year, since the beginning of our Holy Church. This year my children, many will come to the true faith through your prayers, my little ones, through your sacrifices, through your penance, through the holy communions that you will receive this year. 


This year also my children my smallest children who have suffered so much hunger and sickness will continue to be brought home.  For if you have the eyes to see, you know my children, how so many of my suffering souls that have suffered so long on this earth have been brought home.


Be watchful, be vigilant, do not sleep as many do.  Through your continued prayers and your continued devotions, you will continue to see with the eyes of faith, you will continue to love with a heart of flesh.  You will continue to be filled my children with the light and the wisdom that can be given only to those who are faithful.


I have come my children not to teach you anything new, but to remind you my children, that you have an everlasting city, and a life to come, and that you, as must all, prepare.  I have come my children, to help you, to fill you with the graces that you ask for, to prod you along your journey, to pull you, to push you lovingly when you need it. For I love all my children, and if you continue to allow me, I will bring you to my Son.


Alas, there are so many who will not answer the call.  I cover you with my motherly mantle of love.  I will protect you my children as long as you continue to answer my call, the call that is there for everyone.


I love you my precious children.”