Messages for December 2000



December 4, 2000 – St. John of Damascus


Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My dearest children it gives me great joy to see you and to hear your prayers from your heart.  I ask that you continue praying in this place every week.  Prayer my children, keeps my adversary and yours at bay.  For it is prayer that brings heaven to your aid.  Invite others to pray on the second and fourth Mondays of your month, five decades of my Most Holy Rosary, read a Bible passage and contemplate and discuss it.


My children prayer, constant prayer from the heart is needed from all my children that graces may continue to be bestowed, that are most needed by you to live a holy and virtuous life.


I thank all my children who have responded to my call in this area.  The last celebration of the Triumph of the Holy Cross was most pleasing to me, for at last Heaven came to this area of prayer that is most needed.  Many whom you will never know about were blessed and continue to be blessed at this time.


I have called you my children to be my apostles, but my apostles must remain small and spend your time in doing our Lord’s most holy work, thru prayer and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to those I send to you.   For when I present to you my little ones and you accept them as your brothers and sisters in the name of my son Jesus,  you are truly my apostles, earning your Crown of Glory.  Your great work will not be known to the world, only to those souls who are saved by accepting my Son thru your example, prayers, and suffering.  How I love you my littlest children. 


I bless you and cover you with my mantle of love and protection.”