Messages for August 2000



August 7, 2000 – Feast of Pope Sixtus II and Companions and St. Cajetan



Teresa said, “I saw a woman that was in purgatory and our prayers helped her.

 I see a  great earthquake that is opening up in the ground and things are falling in it.  This is soon.


There is an Angel standing in armor pointing saying ‘Who is like God’ – St. Michael the Archangel.


I understand that many  people act as if they are God and he sees the destruction and points ‘Who is like God’ for those that  have been thinking they are like God screaming for help.


I see the light of day for those who were not killed in the Earthquake coming out of the dry land and it looking like a desert with rocks, and they are all dirty and thankful to be alive.  I hear someone say the time is soon.”


Our Blessed Mother said, “I am allowing you to see this so you can pray more and offer sacrifices, small as they many be for the salvation of these souls (not bodies but souls).


Teresa said, “The Blessed Mother wants me to tell you what I saw during the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Jesus was trying to walk with the cross and was falling down.  His feet were bloody, his legs were bloody, his knees had all the skin torn off, his back and chest had all the skin ripped off, he was carrying the cross and the cross was so heavy on his shoulder that some of the skin was torn off and it continued to rub to the bone.


There was blood all over and his white robe robe was all bloody and torn. His face was swollen and it was all covered with blood, and hair was bloody.  All you could see was his eyes, you could hardly see his face, because it was so bloody, and swollen.


But his eyes were full of love as he continued going to Calvary and all I could hear him saying is ‘This is for you. This is all for you.’ It was even hard for him to breathe while he was walking, because he was in so much pain and he hasn’t slept because they kept him up all night.  He doesn’t think of the pain or the thirst, love keeps him going on.  The burning love in his heart which you can see in his eyes as he continues telling us, ‘This is all for you.’ 


I see Blessed Mother holding Jesus after he was taken down from the cross, she weeps, but she understands it was all for love.   Her heart also burns with love and continues to burn for love for us in these days, asking her children, begging her children to turn back to love. She stands watching the world, and she continues to say, as she always has said, ‘My children will not listen’, and she cries because there are some that still will not listen and she asks that we also do everything with love, our prayers, and our work.”


Our Blessed Mother thanks us and she gives us her peace.


Then I see the cross in the sky of Mercy and the rays that shine toward us, the rays of mercy and grace.  Jesus opens his arms in Glory to receive his good and faithful servants into his kingdom as he tells us to ‘never turn back. For behold, I will never forsake you and I am always with you ever into time.’  Our Lord blesses us.”



August 14, 2000 – At Trinity Park


Readings Ezekiel chp 2-3   Matthew 4:12-25


Word of knowledge thru The Holy Spirit  “This reading applies to the United States, a stubborn nation who will not listen. Our Lord has sent Prophets among them, but they will not listen.  We shall be held responsible if we do not tell those that are evil doers what they are doing so they may change their lives; If we allow those who do evil by turning our backs, and withhold our help from those that need our help, that they may turn from their evil ways.  For it is not only those that are upright who will live forever in eternity with our Lord, but it is those who will stand in the fire and not turn back, look always ahead and never turn back, and help all those you see that come to you along the way.


Teresa said, “Our Lady made it known to me that our coming here (Trinity Park) on the 14th of every month is watering  the area with prayer for that most special day (The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross Sept 14).