Messages for April 2000



April 3, 2000


Jesus says, I speak to all including clerics, and all you who place your trust in money and your own efforts to accomplish your desires. It will all come to naught because you do not trust in Me, who Am the only way. Unless you come before me and truly listen to my counsel your efforts will be in vain. Do you truly believe that I will abandon you when I have been with you all this time?


My work will be accomplished here even though many do not believe. If only one soul remains faithful to my Mothers call the work will come to fruition. All who turn away to their own desires of the flesh and the world, will I bring to their knees. Look and you can see how this is now beginning and continuing in your country. My power will continue to be seen and experienced by many in different warnings and signs. Call to me with your heart and I will hear and give you rest.


Understand, my little ones, that your work is just now beginning. Do not be afraid, for it may seem to you that all is lost, but for those who persevere to the end will receive the crown of glory.


Thank you for continuing in prayer. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen Alleluia!


Behold I am the Alpha and the Omega! He who truly believes in me and holds to my commandments of Love will live in eternal joy!!!




April 10, 2000


Teresa said, I see a man who is holding his head in sorrow and worry.


Jesus said, Do not sorrow have hope for I will comfort you. You have looked in many directions for your answer, now it is time to look to me, for I will be with you, and give you rest.


Blessed Virgin Mary said, The evil one is outside this place and every place where my little ones join in prayer. He will not and cannot enter as you continue being faithful followers of my Son, so have no fear.


Teresa said, I see the evil one running around this place trying to find a way in but finding none.


I see a woman looking up to the sky as she sees something which gives her great joy. It is a heavenly sign that all can see and are becoming aware of as the woman begins to joyfully shout to everyone around her about it.


Teresa said, I see a powerful Holy presence surrounding this place of prayer with power from above to heal those little ones who are close to death.


Holy Spirit said, My power is here. Bring all who are in need of spiritual healing, and they will find comfort. My children are dying of hunger. Come, bring my children that I may feed them and fill them with fresh living water.


Teresa said, I see a child (teenager) crying and sad.


Blessed Virgin Mary said, My children, you must pray with your sons and daughters, and show them the way. The only way that leads to love, joy, and peace. Encourage my younger ones to begin their own prayer groups. My young ones are bold and unafraid. They need to be led so they may conquer the world for my Son. Have my little young ones consecrate themselves to my Son through me, that I may raise them along the road full of true love, and joy, that they may imitate my Son, and at last gain a crown fitting the great work that will be accomplished!


Thank you for being here tonight. I continue to cover you with my mantle of love and protection.




April 24, 2000


Blessed Virgin Mary said, My little daughter and precious children, do not be afraid for I have been forming you and teaching you through my little son Samuel (He was a member of our prayer group and he died 4/19/2000). His work is done, and he is now with me enjoying his crown of glory. Now you my little ones must continue without fear.


Your mission is to pray and offer yourselves for my priest sons and families. Knowing your mission, and seeing the world before you, should give you great joy to know what great work has been entrusted to you. Offer everything you do and everything you have for my priest sons and all families. I have also given you a powerful helper my dear St. Patrick. Follow his holy example and lead.


I continue as always being with you and covering you with my motherly mantle of love and protection.


St. Patrick said, I have been sent to give you the strength and help you need to be holy and bold in Our Lord, to accomplish this work. As long as you continue in prayer and what Our Blessed Lady has asked of you, and remembering the power of the Cross, Our God will be triumphant.


The condition of my Lords church named after me [St. Patrick Cathedral], signifies the condition of the church on earth. It is going thru a slow tearing down and rebuilding. Therefore, continue praying for the spiritual restoration of the church as Samuel has been doing. She will be resplendent, and beautiful when the restoration is complete. Remember that all power comes from God above, and that he uses those who willingly surrender to his will to accomplish what is impossible for man.


I bless you and will continue to be with you. Praised be Jesus our Savior now and forever!!!