Messages for September 1999




September 6, 1999 – Labor Day


During the first song Open My Eyes Lord while everyone was singing open our ears Lord, help us to listen, Jesus spoke to Teresa.


Jesus said, “I love you! Come, Come!”


After all the prayers were said the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke.


Mary said, “Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  My children, I tell you, I am the Mother of all people, for our Father in Heaven has willed it so. He has willed it so from the beginning of time.  He has lifted up this lowly handmaid to be the Mother of his Son, Jesus, our Savior, Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, therefore I am the Mother of Jesus, true God and true Man.


My children, our Father in Heaven has willed  through the death and Resurrection of my Son, that you become sons and daughters of the living God and heirs to all that has been given to my Son Jesus Christ, therefore my children, you are sons of the living God.  You are brethren of my Son Jesus Christ and since you have inherited all that belongs to him, you are also my children. 


Come to me my children, that I may take you in my arms and mold you, that you may grow to be acceptable children, brethren of my Son Jesus Christ. As I brought you my Son, through the power of the Most High, I will take you my children to my Son. Look to me, my children and I will care for you, that you may someday come to know my Son, and love him as I love him, and know him.  That you may come to know the baby Jesus, the child Jesus, the man, and God Jesus, the Savior of the World.


I therefore invite all of my children to be with me and my Son, Jesus Christ for the most special feast day of the Triumph of the Holy Cross.  I have invited you, my children and some of you have responded.  I have invited all my children.  Come my children and you will be healed, and you will be blessed.  Great graces will be poured on you, precious ones, so that you will continue in prayer, in praise, and the work that is needed to bring other souls to my Son, through me.  Continue my precious ones, to consecrate yourselves daily to my Immaculate Heart. Continue to persevere with patient suffering and patient endurance.


Thank you, my precious ones for being here this evening.  I cover you all with my mantle of protection.  Remember that I continue to walk with you, that I continue to walk with you, my children, to the most precious light that is my Son Jesus Christ.  Thank you, my precious children for continuing to heed my call.”




September 13, 1999 – Feast of St. John Chrysostom


Teresa said, Our Mother says, “Tell them my child that I thank them for being here this evening. Remind them that I am the Mother of all people.  Tell them my child that I will give a message to my children on the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross.”


Teresa said, Our Blessed Mother says to tell her children that she has been with us this night and she is joyful to see us here continuing in prayer and that she loves all of her children and that she continues to intercede for us, for all her children to her Most Beloved Son Jesus Christ.  Our Blessed Mother says, “Thank you my children for continuing to heed my call.”



September 14, 1999 – Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross


Mary said, “Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  My precious children, your Mother is so thankful that you are here today to pray with me, as I have requested.  I bless you my children with my Son’s blessing, and I give you the graces that you have asked for, my precious ones.  My precious children, the Battle Hymn of the Holy Cross [on the web page] that you have had sung for you today, and that you yourselves may have read the words, or have sung to, is a prophecy, my children.  I gave this song to my little daughter Georgia in 1997.  My precious children this song has a message for all of you.  I ask you my children, please heed my call, turn to my Son, for he is the way, the truth, and the life.  There is no other way by which you can come to our Father in Heaven. 


Pray, my precious children!  My Rosary is the greatest prayer to defeat Satan.  My precious children, go to mass and receive the Body and Blood as often as you are able.  Reconcile yourselves my precious children, by going to confession at least once a month.  Pray and fast my children, according to the graces that are given to you. 


My precious ones, there are many suffering souls in the world today, especially my little souls who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart.  I ask you my precious souls, to continue each day to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.  In doing so and living the messages that I have given you, you have brought many souls to my Son and you will continue to do so, my precious children.


Your Mother has come to you this day through my beautiful statue. This is a great blessing for you my children that I have wanted for you for so long.  There are many who have worked hard for this day and many graces and blessings will be given to all of my children who brought souls to Christ this day. 


Continue my precious children, in preparation for the great Jubilee that my Son Pope John Paul II has asked you to prepare for.  Prepare yourselves my children, spiritually this day, through prayer, penance, fasting, and attending mass.  My children, it is through receiving the Most Holy Eucharist as often as you can, that the love of our Lord will totally fill you, so that you may take that love to others, and in spreading that love, the love of Heaven will fill the Earth. 


I thank all of my children, for being here this evening.  Many graces have been bestowed even on those that have already gone to their homes.  The husbands, the wives, the children, the mothers, the grandparents.  I am the Mother of all people, and I thank you my precious children for responding once more to your Mother’s call.”




September 20, 1999


No Message



September 27, 1999 – Feast of St. Vincent de Paul


Teresa, prompted by the Holy Spirit said, “I see the Father standing in all his glory, allowing the destruction that is taking place. With the earthquakes and all of the turmoil in the weather, and he will continue to allow this to multiply, for the wrath of God has begun!


We have been called as children of light to be light to others.  We have been called to go to the church, to go through the church, to go around the church, and to bring God’s people back to him.  This is our mission!  Our Lord has said, in most places the church is no longer following what Jesus taught us, which is to teach the truth to all, and it is the truth that was said by our Lord Jesus Christ that all are to follow by being obedient to our most holy Father, the Bishop of Rome.  We must go to all the poor souls who are in the darkness, and asleep, by teaching them in Religious Education, the truth, by being an example of holy reverence before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and when we receive our Lord, His Body and Blood.  Do not allow the evil one to cause you to think, that you are showing others that you are holier than they are, no you are being reverent to our Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament.


We women must cover our heads when we are in prayer and when we are in the Holy Sacrifice participating in prayer, for the scriptures are not something that happened of old, the scriptures are to be lived out as our Lord Jesus has commanded to his apostles [read 1 Corinthians 11:3-16].


We are all to spread the messages that our Most Holy Mother has given us, to all whom we meet.  We must let them know that the time is short.  We must point them to the Lord.  There are those who will laugh at you. Remember you are acting out of mercy, you are giving mercy, and showing mercy, to those who laugh at you. For there will come a time when they will remember what we have told them and we will help them come back to God, for they will remember our words.  As Mother Teresa helped to bring those who were dying of hunger, and illness to Jesus before they died.  We are to bring those who are dying of hunger and illness for lack of knowledge of the Lord, for lack of knowing him intimately. They will remember our words.  Remember, it is our responsibility to bring those in darkness, as many as we can to our Lord, by showing mercy, by loving them as our Lord loves us.


Our Blessed Mother is with us.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is with us.  Our Father in Heaven is with us.  Our Most Holy Mother requests that we continue praying and inviting all we know to pray with us in this lowly home, and also continue in prayer at the house of our Lord, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, for as long as we are allowed.  However, our Blessed Mother will not be giving messages at St. Patrick’s for she wants us to know that we must be in obedience as she will be in  obedience to those Pastors who do not believe that our Blessed Mother is here.  Our Blessed Mother asks us to pray for all the Priests, for all the Bishops, for there are so many that have gone astray, who have lost sight of who it is they are serving.  Our Blessed Mother asks us to continue to be the little lights in the darkness at this time, and our Lord Jesus Christ has said that we will never be forsaken. When there are times when you feel you are forsaken, read, reread psalm 91, for our Lord keeps his promises to his faithful.


The whole Heavenly Court will continue to be with us as we march on to do our work, that God our Father has given us to do.  Teach, and reproach, and admonish, and love, never forget that all we do must be for love.


We are to call upon all the Saints in Heaven, St. Michael, the Archangel, and our Guardian Angels, for they are with us in this time to help us in whatever we need, to continue bringing souls to Christ, before the mercy of God becomes total Justice.


Our Lord blesses us and gives us his peace, and love, and joy, and the graces we most need.