October 1999 Messages



October 4, 1999 – Feast of St. Francis of Assisi


Teresa said, “Our Lord and our Mother are with us at this time.  Our Blessed Mother wishes that we come to Trinity Park on the 14th  [of every month] and continue to do so, and she asks that we pray the 15 decade Rosary instead of the 5 decade Rosary.  Our Blessed Mother wants us to continue in unceasing prayer for she sees things are coming to this country before the end of the year, which can be lessened or mitigated if we pray more than we have been, and offer our sufferings to the Lord. 


Our Blessed Mother and our Lord tell us they love us very much.  They want us to continue inviting people to pray with us or to start Rosary groups in their homes. Our Lord and our Blessed Mother ask for us to remember to always start your prayer with praise to our Lord, the Rosary, and then any other prayer.


Our Lord and our Blessed Mother bid us peace and thank us for being here this night.”




October 11, 1999 – Columbus Day


Mary said, “Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  I thank you my children, for being here this evening.  I Thank you for continuing to be so devoted.  I your Mother of all people thank all of my children who are faithful to prayer and those who are devoted to their Mother, and heed her messages, the messages that ask for prayer.  My children, I have asked you to pray, to pray more my children than you have been.  Some of you have answered my call, and yet there are those of you who procrastinate.  I beg my children, your world needs your prayers. 


My children, as you can see, the tribulations have begun, be in peace, my children, for remember those who lose their lives for the salvation of others, will live my precious children, in that time of peace to come.  Have hope my children, for all my little ones who are suffering at this time, will have great joy.  Do not be sad, my children, for my little ones who are suffering the greatest pains, so that many may come to know my Son Jesus Christ.  Pray and be sorrowful for those who will not listen, whose hearts are like stone. 


Continue in your faithfulness, my precious ones, and remember, the great mercy that is being poured out on you at this time, especially for your country.  Extra time has been given to your country, that you may repent, but the time is running out


My little ones, my army, remember, that you are the little lights in the darkness.  Offer all your sufferings, your joys, your sorrows, your pains, for the salvation of your country, and your country men.  I your Mother weep as I see how your country has helped to slaughter the innocents all over the world.  There is much reparation to be done, and the heart of my Son is broken, for there are people in your country who continue to blaspheme your Mother, and to blaspheme my Son, who died that you would have the opportunity to live in eternal joy.


Pray, my children, pray and love.  I thank you my precious ones, for continuing to heed and believe that I have called you, my precious little children of light.



October 25, 1999


Teresa said, The Blessed Virgin Mary said, “May the peace of my Son, Jesus Christ be with you, my children.”  Our Lady says, “My children I wish to speak to you this night about letting go of all anger, all jealousy, all avarice, all gluttony of material things. My children, your hearts must be pure to enter the kingdom of our Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our Lord has said not all those who cry “Lord” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must let go from your heart!


Do not hold on to relationships as if people belong to you. You must let go, love your spouses, love your children with your hearts.  Do not try to hold on to your brothers and sisters as if they are material things.


Learn not to hold on to material things as if they will be with you forever, for they grow old, and the true love of God will last forever. You are to imitate my Son Jesus Christ. Once you were darkness and you are light.  Therefore, you are not to be found having anything to do with darkness: no profanity, or sexual abuse, no strong drink that is excessive.  Live your life in praising our Lord, in adoration to our God, in imitating my Son Jesus Christ, then others will want the love and peace that you have.


Again I say my children, let go, let love purify your hearts. Thank you for being here this evening.”


Our Mother covers us with her mantle of love, our Lady continues to be with us to give us the graces we need.