Messages for November, 1999




November 1, 1999 – All Saints Day


Mary said, “Praised and blessed be my Son Jesus Christ.  I thank you my precious children for being here this evening.  My adversary was with you here for a moment and caused my daughter great pain.  But there is no pain when the light of love comes, for my precious children, my Son Jesus, my baby, is with you here this evening as well.  My children I never tire of speaking to you, I never tire of repeating my self.  My children, live as one, united in love and peace, and joy, that only my Son Jesus Christ can bring to you. 


Remember that all of the branches belong to the one tree, and you my children though many prayer groups, and though many gifts, are all to be used to bring all of my children to the one Faith, to the one God, to the one Truth.  You my children, are so very blessed, for having the fullness of the faith.  Therefore, my precious ones, work together, united my children, for in unity there is great strength.  All of you putting together your talents, your gifts, that our Creator has bestowed on you, for this is a great time, Have great joy my precious ones, for the Great Jubilee is around the corner. Spend time in prayer and in building up the Church, the Church that my Son Jesus Christ left for you. 


Pray for all of those in authority in the church, for though my Son left the church, he has guided it, and continues to guide it, despite the problems you may see. Therefore it is imperative that you continue to pray earnestly for those in authority in the church.  Pray for the intentions and for the well being of my Shepard, John Paul II, that he may continue to guide the church on Earth to the Great Jubilee. Remember my children, that although there are so many, there are but my faithful few.  Continue in your faithful obedience for your reward will be great. 


I love you my precious ones, and remember that I am always a prayer away. I will always be with you to console you, to cover you with my mantle of love and protection.  My Son Jesus blesses you, and smiles on you for your faithful obedience.  Thank you my precious ones, for continuing to respond to your Mother’s call.  



November 8, 1999


Teresa said, “I see a clock that is ticking the time and it is almost 12:00 and our Blessed Mother says, Tell my children my daughter that the time is short.  Tell my children, my daughter to Pray, Pray, Pray!  Our Blessed Mother says, tell my children my daughter that I thank them for being faithful to me and that I place a lighted candle [in the shape of a rose] beside each one of them as my gift to them that you may continue in your prayer never ceasing, for this light will always be with you



November 22, 1999 – Feast of St. Cecillia

                                       Anniversary of John F. Kennedy Assassination

                                       Took place during a storm


Teresa repeats what the Holy Spirit says to her, “As it was spoken to me during the last song (How Great Thou Art)sung and the Thunder that you heard was Heaven opening up to receive our prayers and petitions. The rain, the water, that was coming down was told to me were the tears of the aborted babies.  It was also the tears of the suffering and persecuted people.  It was also told to me it is as the living water that comes down from Heaven to fill you with every good gift, that water, that living water, that is the Holy Spirit to fill all faithful children with the Spirit of God.


We are asked to continue with fervent prayer and petitions to our Lord who hears all our prayers.



November 29, 1999 – First week of Advent

                                       St. Therese of Lisieux’s relics came to

                                      Arlington, TX  November 30 – December 2, 1999


St. Therese of Lisieux said, “I greet you little souls, with the love of Jesus our Lord and Savior.  I will be with you in a very special way and a very powerful way, soon little souls.  Remember that I said that I would spend my Heaven doing good on Earth.  Those  little roses that I give to all little souls who ask of me, your little favors, your supplications, your prayers.  Remember that all of Heaven is available to you.


Remember that love is so important, that you do everything with love, so that love will abide in you and joy will be yours.


Little Souls you are doing God’s will by uniting in prayer.  I see so many little souls in prayer throughout the world.  Remember that by offering your day and everything you do to our Lord, is a great offering to our Lord though it may be very small for you.


I am present with you and look upon you with love as I continually worship and praise our Lord in Heaven.  Keep strong in Faith and never look back, for though the enemy would want you to be afraid and believe that there is nothing past this world, I know that it is not true.  For there is great joy, great light and great love, such as you can not imagine, that is waiting for those who love, who truly love with their hearts.


Praised and blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ who is and was and is forever!”