Messages for May 1999


May 3, 1999 - Feast of Saints Phillip and James

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus. Thank you my precious ones for being here this evening. Continue in prayer. My precious children, if my adversary cannot destroy you from without he will and is attempting to destroy you from within.

Remember my children, believe that your Mother has come for her children. Through prayer and in doing as our Father has called me to tell you, the power of the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit, will enlighten you and you will be able to discern.

Do not allow my adversary to destroy you, to destroy your gatherings in prayer. For this is what he wishes to do. For he knows that in destroying the groups, the Rosary groups, that I see at this time of my faithful few, that he will attempt to destroy me. But you know my children that he is a deceiver and the Father of lies. Do not listen to him for he is forever whispering in your ear to cause you to doubt about these times. He tells you that everything I have told you is not true. He tells you that the world is fine, that there are no problems. He tells you that you will continue living on this earth forever. That death will never come. That you should enjoy everything you can at this time, for when this time passes, there is nothing else left.

I have called my children here for a special task. You have been so obedient the last two years, my precious children. This time I am joining with you in calling the World to be with me on this special day, The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son September 14, 1999]. I call on all my children from the North, from the South, from the West and the East to come to be with us this day! Those who are not able, celebrate where you may be. But as I your Mother have called you, all you who desire to be with me this day, with these my little children, will be able to come. And I call you my children to spread the news to open your hearts and your homes to the pilgrims that will be with you on this great day.

For the words that I gave to my little daughter in the Hymn of the Triumph of the Holy Cross are about to come to pass. This is what you here have been waiting for. This is why my children I call you to action, do not tarry, continue in prayer so that your faith may grow. That your hearts will be alive with a zeal that is needed at this time. For you have been called to a great task which is about to unfold. Do not allow the evil one to dissuade you. My precious children. I see my army marching as one with the Cross of Our Lord before you.

I ask you my children to live in love, to do everything in love to allow Love to live in you through your obedience. I cover you my precious ones, with my mantle of love and protection. Ask me your Mother, for the graces that you need. As you know our Lord has said, 'My grace is sufficient for thee'. For you will be all tried by fire as gold is tested, by the fire of love. Arise, my faithful few, for this is the time that you have been called. That you have been called to stand, to stand and acknowledge that you are the sons of Jesus and the sons of Mary. For the time is nearing where my Immaculate Heart will triumph as I have told you [Mary said, 'Pray, to obtain from the Lord, through the maternal mediation of my Immaculate Heart, the graces of which you have need, in these conclusive days of the purification and the great tribulation. With this coming year, enter into the time of immediate preparation for the great jubilee of the year 2000. This special preparation which the Pope is urging of you through his apostolic letter Tertio Millenio Adveniente, is to make you understand that this date is important and significant for the Church and for all humanity. This date should be particularly significant for you, because I have previously announced to you, for that date, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.' from To The Priests Our Lady's Beloved Sons 1996 Supplement Message #586 c-f Milan, December 31, 1996]

I love you my children go in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ."


May 10, 1999

Mary said, "Precious children, praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! My children, the Eucharist, which is the Body and Blood of my Son, is the greatest miracle of all. All of the other signs and wonders that my Son, and my Lord, my God, our Father in Heaven, allow you to see and experience, are for his greater glory and honor. Give my Son, Jesus and our Father in Heaven, all the glory, for all the signs, and wonders, that you are seeing at this time, and experiencing. But never forget that the greatest miracle of all is available, at this time, by celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the mass, by visiting my Son in the tabernacles of the world. Here you find the healing and the grace that you need to persevere, for you heard many times, and indeed it is true, that the grace our Father offers you is sufficient for you, sufficient for all of us. For it is this free gift that is needed more at this time.

Many of you are suffering not only spiritually, but physically. Give Glory to our Lord and our God in Heaven for allowing you to share in the salvation of many souls. Have joy my children in your suffering, by asking me for the graces you need to persevere. Remember my children to receive my Son as often as you can in Holy Communion. To avail yourself of the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often as you know you need. To offer up daily your sacrifices, your penance, your fasting, for the salvation of souls.

Many of you know, and have experienced, the great battle, that is going on at this time. The great battle that is only seen with the mind's eye. If you do not see this battle going on, it does not mean that it does not exist. For it culminates in the ruination of souls.

I as your Mother, continue to come to you my children. To ask you to give me everything you are, and everything you have, that I may present them to my Son, for his greater glory and honor, and for your eternal joy that awaits you. For I your Mother will not forsake you, my children.

Continue in your preparation, my children, for the great work that I have given you to do. Have faith, for I am with you and I will help you my children. Remember as I have always told you, am I not here who am your Mother?

Thank you my precious children, for being here this evening."


May 17, 1999 - At St. Patrick Cathedral

Jesus said, "Lo I am your Jesus of Mercy. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Look to me where I and while I can be found. Look to the Holy Sacrifice before the abomination takes place. Look to my heart that is on fire with love for you.

My children, your brothers and sisters see you as outcasts, seeking for signs and wonders which do not exist. I have come to shepherd my flock. I am that I am has no limitations. Do not believe those who are bound by their own minds. Do not be afraid, for I will never abandon you. Continue in steadfast prayer.

Many things are to come. You my faithful are held by my hands and my daughter's [Mary's] mantle. Remember that by my cross you have been redeemed. Once you were darkness, and now you are light. Spread the light my children, and my power will be with you.

I bless you. I strengthen you. Find rest in my heart."


May 24, 1999

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! Thank you my precious children, for once again heeding your Mother's call.

I am the woman who will crush the head of Satan. I am the woman at Cana. I am the woman clothed with the sun. I am the Immaculate Conception. I am the Mother of Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. I am the Mother of all who are in the world, all my children. All my children means, those who believe and those who do not believe. I am your Queen and Mother of Mercy. I am the Lady of Light. I am the daughter of our Father who has come into the world to call my children in these dark days, where there is so much confusion.

I come to call you, my children, to consecrate yourselves to my son through me. That I may hold you in my mantle of love and protection from my adversary and yours. I ask you my children, to consecrate yourselves daily; your children, your families. This is not a new request, my children. I have asked this on many occasions throughout my visits here on Earth. But there are those who choose to ignore the call of your Mother. Just as our Father in Heaven protected Daniel who was so faithful. He will protect you as you continue to be faithful, or as you begin to be faithful.

I see many children. I see many of you who are living in the world today and I come to call you all. For the darkness is upon you. It has entered everywhere and even in the most sacred and solemn places. Precious children, please pray for your Priests, my Priest sons. For they need your help at this time so very much. Support them, show them your love. Continue to be my Children of Light and spread your light throughout.

I give you my love, my precious children. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. May you be healed from the inner-most recesses of your hearts and souls. That, that healing and that beauty may come forth and show forth throughout your being. That you be renewed and refreshed with the life that only our Lord, can give you, and I give you the graces that you need to persevere. Continue to look for me, and to me, my children, for I am only a prayer away.

Thank you my children for being here tonight."


May 31, 1999 - Feast of the Visitation to Elizabeth

The 3rd anniversary of the official title of Our Lady of All Nations

43 Years after the last message to Ida Peerdeman from Mary about being

called Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

Mary said, "My precious children, I thank you for being here this evening. I come to you at the will of our Father in Heaven. I come to you by the power of the Holy Spirit. I come to you my children as The Woman Clothed with the Sun. I come to you my children, as I stand, as I stand before you, for my Son, your Savior, has raised this lowly handmaid, to be your Queen and your Mother. I stand looking down on your Earth. My children, I am always watchful of you. Have faith my precious ones, and ask your Mother who loves you so for the graces that you most need to persevere in this life. For you are my children and I am your Mother.

My children hurry your preparations and your prayers for the proclamation of the great last truth about your Mother [the dogma that Mary is the Mediatrix, Coredemtrix and Advocate]. Your prayers, your prayers my precious ones will bring this about. As the prayers of all my children have brought about all the other truths of your Mother.

I stand ready and waiting my children as you continue to pray, for in this your next year the truth will be proclaimed, and soon after with that truth being proclaimed, the wonderful time will begin. That great time that you have all been waiting for.

Be not afraid my precious children, for as I have told you, my adversary who is also your adversary, will continue now to tear you down from within, more so now than ever. Turn to me my children for I will continue to mediate the graces that you need. I will continue to be your advocate my precious ones.

Continue in your preparations my children by celebrating with me soon the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. Invite all you know to be with us on this great day of prayer, for I your Mother will be with you again as I have been, these past two years.

Bring souls to me my children that need our Son. For my spouse, the Holy Spirit, will bring his power, our Father of Heaven, and my Son, therefore completing the Holy Trinity will be present as they have been before.; our Holy God, our Almighty God, our All Powerful God, our God of Mercy and of Justice.

Thank you my precious children for being here this evening. May the peace of my Son be with you. May the joy and the love that only my Son can give you, be with you."