Messages for March 1999


March 1, 1999 - Message from Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Teresa, "He is with us. Our Lord asks us for more prayer. Our Lord asks us to be with him on the feast of St. Patrick at St. Patrick Cathedral.

The Spirit of God has not left this place. The Spirit of God will continue with us to give us the peace and the joy and the love that we need to persevere in this life. The Spirit of God asks us to continue to pray, to be faithful to prayer, for penance, for our sins, and the sins of the World. The Spirit of God thanks us for offering our sufferings, and our sorrows, for the salvation of souls.

The Spirit of God is upon us to give us wisdom, and knowledge, and fortitude, and perseverance. The Spirit of God asks us to continue to be lights in the darkness.

The mantle of Our Lady covers us with her protection and her graces.

The Spirit of God blesses us to go in peace to live and to serve the Lord."


March 8, 1999 - Feast of St. John of God

Mary said, "Praised be my Son Jesus! Thank you my precious ones for being here this evening. I thank you my daughter for being so faithful in allowing my children to come and pray with you on Monday nights on a very consistent basis. My daughter you will receive blessings and continue to receive blessings for your faithfulness in this matter.

 My children know that the evil one is coming down on you very hard at this time. Many of you are suffering and many of you are having things happen to you that you do not understand. My children, do not allow him to enter, and he will enter, my precious ones when you choose not to pray as you have been. When you choose to allow anger to build up in you, my precious ones. When you allow the anxieties and worries of this world to fill you, he will sift you like wheat if you allow it, my precious ones. You can close that gap by continuing to pray and increasing your prayers. I have shown you so many things, do you not see, do you not hear. Do you choose not to believe in your heart. Where is your love, my precious ones, my son is love and you must also love, for if you love my precious ones, everything you do will glorify our Lord, but if you do not love everything you do falls to ashes.

 I have promised my daughter that miracles of the body and blood of my son in the Eucharist would occur. They are here my precious ones, and will continue, for there are so many that have ceased to believe that my Son's Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist. These great miracles will be among the last. They will also be nearing the end of the time for mercy. The mercy that our Lord is giving to the world, and at this time my precious ones, the mercy that our Lord is wanting to shower on your country.

 Believe my children, continue in prayer, my precious ones, continue to be faithful to our Lord. There will come a time that you will leave your homes, that time is coming soon. And when you leave your homes, my precious ones, remember that the tabernacles must go with you, for many of my churches are being desecrated, they are stripped. Do not forget, my precious ones, to take the great secret with you. I your Mother have come to this lowly house because of the yes of my precious daughter, and because of the great yes of my precious son Samuel. I have come to so many places and it is through great prayer that I come to these many places for I have answered the call and the prayers of my children. The beginning of great sorrow is upon you at the end of these miraculous events of the Eucharist of my Son. Because my children will not listen, and the precious unborn life is continuing to be smothered and not allowed to be born. Pray my children, pray my children, continue to pray.

 Thank you my children for being here this evening. Remember my children I have called you here. I love you so."


March 22, 1999 - At St. Patrick Cathedral

Mary said, "Praise and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! I thank all my precious faithful children and cover you with my mantle of love and protection!

Continue in prayer and penance as the world needs your prayer. The state of the Kosovo crisis depends on your prayers and sacrifice. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Precious children, I wish all those whom I have called, to celebrate a special day of prayer on the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. Gather everywhere my powerful army and pray the most powerful prayer against Satan, my Holy Rosary. My precious children, I have given you a special song, it has a special message for you at this time, The Battle Hymn of the Holy Cross. Carry the cross of my Son this day and process in unity. This will complete the third in the three years of the preparation for the great Jubilee and the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart!

Thank you my precious children for your steadfast prayer and faithfulness. I love you so."


March 29, 1999 - Monday of Holy Week

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! Thank you for being here this evening my children. I ask all my children during this Most Holy Week to spend at least an hour in prayer before my Son. Those of you who are not able to leave your homes, spend an hour with your families praying. Praying for the mercy of God. My precious children, my Son continues to ask 'can you not spend but one hour with me?'


I ask you my children, all my children of the world, to unite in prayer on the great day of Divine Mercy [Divine Mercy Sunday April 11, 1999]. I ask all my children to call upon God's mercy on this day for your world is in danger of annihilation. Precious children the great darkness is upon you, this is your greatest test, the test of love. Put aside all your pettiness and unite in prayer, my precious ones.

There continues to be great bloodshed and there will be much more. Pray my children for God's protection, for your families, for your children, for your friends, and for the world. For it is a sad day when murder, when murder, my children, is used to stop those who murder others. Pray for those who are being killed in the senseless slaughter, pray for those who are in leadership for they need your prayers that their eyes may be opened, and that their ears may be opened, and that their hearts may turn to my Son. The day is coming and is upon us when senseless killings will continue throughout the world. It will come to those places that are now called safe. If you could see now my children the destruction that I see, you would bow before the Lord and spend many hours praying that all of these atrocities would stop.

I have come my children to call you, to call you to be my army. Are you ready to stand with me, stand with me, my children, in prayer and supplication. I your mother will continue to be with you, when you see me no more my children, I will continue to be in your hearts.

Thank you my children for responding to my Mother's call."