Messages for June 1999



June 7, 1999


Our Lady of Fatima says, "Look to me for I have given you instruction on what to do." [Consecrate yourselves to her daily, wear the brown scapular, pray the Rosary Daily with your families, live a holy life according to your state in life, go to mass as often as you can, go to confession at least once a month, and do the 5 first consecutive Saturdays]  Teresa says, Then I see our Lady of Sorrows and she cries for her children and she says, "My children I sorrow and I weep when I see my little children who are not being treated with the dignity that all humanity should receive. I weep for you my children who are persecuted for the sake of my Son by those who should be close to you and believe as you do. I sorrow for you my little children as I sorrowed for my Son. I sorrow for those who will not accept me as their Mother. Spread my messages, my precious children."


Our Lady of Fatima says, "To all those who do not know me, spread my message, my precious children, for I continue to be with you." Teresa says, She is smiling at us and she asks us to continue in prayer.


Later on Teresa says, Our Blessed Mother (Our Lady of Fatima) wants to remind you that she and Jesus will be waiting for you. She wants to remind you if you do not know that the International Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, that has traveled all over the world for the last 50 years, is here in this area [at the Rosary Congress at St. Peter the Apostle Church June 6-12, 1999]. The statue is present there next to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and she asks you to visit while the statue is here because many in this area do not know the many graces that are poured out especially when Jesus is exposed in the Eucharist [They had 24 hour adoration at the Rosary Congress].  Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Fatima wants us to know that she has been with us this evening, the entire time and continues with us at this time. She has prayed with us.  She has cried for her children. She has come with the child Jesus to bless us and even though there are those that do not believe she is present in this whole area in a very powerful way because of the statue being brought to this area.  She reminds us that she has instructed her children, those that are consecrated to her, on what we are to do, and she says "Tell them my children that they are my army, my suffering souls, my prayerful souls, my souls that walk with the cross before them.  She wants to let you know that many graces have been poured upon all of you here while we prayed and she wants me to let you know that I saw these rays come down upon you from her hands to touch each and every one of you today. 


She wants me to remind you that she also came as Our Lady of Sorrows, who sorrows for her little children, who are not given the dignity that belongs to human beings.  Throughout the world there are so many suffering who are treated less than animals, and she suffers for her little ones who are being persecuted in little ways because of her Son.  She reminds us to continue to open your hearts as Saint Francis has said, 'it is in giving that you receive… 'Take care of each other, she tells us, love each other, but not only love each other but accept the love that is given to you from others, do not reject that love.  For in rejecting love you may well be rejecting my Son."


Teresa says, Our Blessed Mother thanks us for being here and she tells us that she loves us so very much and she tells us that she does not want us to be discouraged.  She wants us to stand tall and proceed forward with her instruction and she tells us to go in peace in the peace of her Son.



June 14, 1999


Mary said, "Blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! My precious children, I look at you at this time and I cover you with my mantle of love, peace and joy.  My children, pray that my Son's peace fill you, that your worries and your pains may go away at this time.


My children remember that you must forgive all those who have wronged you. My children, anger is not good for you.  For when you are angry the Spirit of our Lord cannot dwell in you to heal you, to give you the peace that you need.


I come to you at this moment, for you have been praying for sometime this night.  But there are those of you among you who felt that the prayer was too long.  There are those of you here among you, even though there are few of you here, that you did not leave your worries outside of this place.  But my children, I come to heal you by giving you the graces you most need.  Remember that the things of this world are passing and that eternal joy is ahead.  Do not worry about the things that you are to do.  Pray and have peace as I have mentioned before, give me your sorrows and your pains, your anger, your unforgiveness, lay them all at my feet.  Forget about them, my children and pray for my intentions, and I will take care of yours.


Your life here on Earth is too short to be angry, to live in sadness always.  Remember that my Son is all you need.  That he heals you, that he gives you the peace that you need by your coming to adore him in the most Blessed Sacrament of the alter, by receiving him, my precious children, as often as you can in Holy Communion.  I your Mother have come for my children to turn you back to my Son.  My Son is here for you, really and truly present in the most Holy Eucharist.  Look to him my children, and I will be with you as well.


There is a great feast day coming, the Feast of my Assumption.  There are my little pilgrims who come to my little church, St. John Neumann [Lubbock, TX] on a yearly basis. Continue if you are able, and I will be with you there.  This will help prepare you my children, your Holy Souls for a most joyous event, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. My precious children, I continue to ask, to invite all you know to come.  For the time is so short and the battle has begun.  The battle is more fierce now than ever. 


Remember my children, to bless your families each day if you are with them, bless them with holy water.  If they are far away from you make a sign of the cross with Holy Water in the direction they live.  Visit my Son daily, pray the Holy Rosary daily. My children live in peace as you continue in your journey and as you continue in prayerful reflection, I your Mother will be with you, to guide you to my Son.


I love you my precious children, and I thank you for being here this evening, and I cover you, the Holy Spirit fills you. Go out to all the nations, my precious children and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!  That he is the true Bread from Heaven, that continues to feed you daily.  Praised and blessed be my Son Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever!"



June 21, 1999 - Feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga - At St. Patrick Cathedral


Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son, Jesus!  I thank you for your continued faithfulness.  Remember you are building your treasures in Heaven as you continue in prayer, your penance, your  works of  mercy, your love and forgiveness. 


I know it is hard for you to live in this world.  Continue to strive to live your life in total abandonment, and I will continue to guide you.  Remember that the key is Love. Without love your efforts are fruitless.  Live and love as a true family of God, that  you are. 


Accept the trials that come to you with filial abandonment to the will of our Father, our Creator in Heaven.  Live as a child totally dependent on the providence, love and mercy of our Father.  Trust in Him totally for all you need, and He will richly provide you and bless you with all things beyond your imagination.  As you accept His gifts, you will begin ascending to the Father.


Be in Peace my children as I continue to cover you with my mantle of love and protection."



June 28, 1999 - Feast of St. Irenaeus


Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  My precious children I stand  before you carrying  my little Son Jesus right after he was born, wrapped in swaddling clothes.  My children, at that time I looked at my Son and I knew what his destiny was.  My children I lived all those years knowing what would befall my Son.


My children, I look to you now as I see my little son who is about 2 years old walking around in his little gown happily playing, holding my hand.  As I continue to watch my Son grow each step, every smile, those beautiful innocent eyes looking at me, I knew what was to happen.  Now my Son is 10 years old and he continues to play with his little friends, he prays with us, and I talk to him, and teach him, those innocent eyes looking at me, somehow becoming wiser.  Not because of my teachings, but also because of the wisdom that our Father in Heaven was bestowing on him, and the graces, and the powers, and the strength from the spirit of our God, as he continued to grow. 


Now I see my Son as a young man.  A peaceful but serious young man.  A young man who loved everyone, and his only aim in this life was to do the will of our Father in Heaven and to teach all he knew about his Father and ours.  I see a young man who grows to maturity of a wise older man at the age of 30.  Where willingly he goes out to declare to all the law and the strength and the healing power, the knowledge, and the wisdom that was imparted to him to share with all.  He continued tirelessly proclaiming the Truth and he knew at this time what he was going to do.


I see my Son now as the time is drawing near, with great pain in his heart, for those who would not hear, for those who would not see, for those who would not open their hearts to the Truth, for you see my children, all creatures are my children.  You have free will as those during the time when my Son came to teach them, yet they hardened their hearts and refused love, refused Truth, refused salvation. Yet my Son continued tirelessly.  And when that time came, my Son willingly laid down his life, for all created souls out of love, my children out of love for you, total love.


My children, I have come to you as I have come to so many, and I have repeated so many times the same message.  Please do not harden your hearts, please listen, please see. If your hearts are not connected to your mind you will not get it, my children, you will not. 


Heed the messages, the many messages which I have given to you.  Review them, my children, for each time you review these messages I will be speaking to you as I have continued to speak to you for so long.  So much so, my children, that there are those who have tired of listening to the messages because they have grown tired of my words, they have refused to take them to heart. So much so that my Son sorrows that my children heed me no more.


Precious children, your trials continue to be many, please do not give up this great struggle. For when you give in to your flesh that is tired, to your mind that is weary with talk, for when you give in to the voice that tells you, do not heed, for there is falsehood, you will know my children, that it is not our Lord who is talking to you  like this, it is the evil one who wants to turn you away, who wants to tear you down.


I have told you recently my children, that my adversary and yours is here to destroy you from within.  Do not give in to this temptation.  Continue, my children, continue, although sometimes it seems that you crawl.  Sometimes it seems that you can no more.  For it is in this struggle, that you are the victor through the cross of my Son. Remember that when you are crawling, carrying your cross, that my Son Jesus Christ is with you helping you to carry this cross.  Never tire my children, for when you give in, is when my adversary and yours wins, and your loss is great for your loss is the loss of eternal joy in Heaven.


Be in peace my children, be in peace.  For I see the world being torn to shreds.  I see all of you being torn inside.  Continue in prayer for as I have told you so many times, that your faithfulness is rewarded and that my Son Jesus Christ keeps his promises.  That Heaven and Earth will pass away but not His words.  That anything you ask the Father in the name of my Son Jesus, he will grant you.  That as you continue to knock, as you continue to ask, it will be given to you.


Praised and blessed be my Son Jesus and  thank you my children, for being so faithful. Pray for each other, help each other, truly love each other."