Messages for July 1999




July 5, 1999 - Feast of St. Anthony Zaccaria


Angel of the Lord said, "The spirit of God is upon this place.  The spirit of God is upon all who are faithful in prayer and adoration of our Lord.  I come to you this night faithful ones, I am the Angel of the Lord who has been sent.  The Spirit and protection of our Lord has been with this country for many years.  But the Spirit of our Lord cannot stay for there is darkness, for there is deception, for there is outright snuffing out of the very life that our Creator gives to his people.  The Spirit of our Lord cannot stay with those who make merry, and who have forgotten their Creator.  The Spirit of our Lord cannot stay with a nation who has been called a great nation who gives aid to those in need, when this aid is not given without attachments.  Those attachments are those things that promote the denial of life.  The Spirit of our Lord cannot continue to stay with a nation who no longer follows the commandments given by our Lord.  This nation was founded by those who worshipped and believed in their Creator, who followed the commandments.  Who tried to live a holy life that was pleasing to our Lord. 


But the leaders of today and this great nation have chosen to turn their backs on their creator.  To do everything possible to kill the most defenseless life that is in a Mother's womb. Not only in this great nation, but in all countries to whom they supply aid.  This nation is no longer great in the eyes of God.  It spreads its culture of death throughout the world, and it will be held accountable.  There is a stench and a rottenness from within that corrupts all and will have its downfall. 


You holy people that have continued to be faithful, fear not, continue to pray for your leaders, not only your leaders of this country, but your leaders of the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church, that is falling apart in your country.  The Truth is not being spoken or preached as it should be, therefore many poor souls are led astray, actually they are not even led, they are allowed to roam and believe what they think is right.  These leaders will be held accountable for the souls that are given to them to lead to our Lord, which they have failed to lead to our Lord. 


Continue to pray, continue to spread the Truth wherever you find falsehood.  The Spirit of our Lord will be with you to give you the utterance that you need at that moment.  Our Lord blesses you for being here this evening.  Our Lord blesses you as you continue to be faithful.  I will return soon my friends. Be in peace."



July 12, 1999


The Angel of the Lord says, "The Angel of the Lord is with you!  The healing and the peace and the love of God our Father, and the promise that is given through your prayer and the great Our Father, comes to this Earth through the sufferings and the prayers of the smallest of the small. Not through pride, through arrogance, through deceit or deceitful words, not through those who would make themselves and set themselves above everyone else.  There are my small ones suffering throughout the world in your country and in many countries.  Our great Father in Heaven has called many of these small ones to suffer, and it is through these suffering souls, that heaven will come upon this Earth.  It is through the meek, the humble, the faithful, not through those that would lord themselves over others.  Remember the words of our Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  You must be imitators of Christ Jesus.  It is through suffering, that the great prize is won. 


Continue faithful ones, continue to pray for each other.  To pray for all those who would set themselves above you, all those who criticize you, all those who do not know that you exist, for they are so busy plotting and planning, and all their planning will come to naught, but they do not realize it. You meek, you humble, you suffering little ones are the great strength and bring the great power that heals and gives grace for salvation.


Go in the peace of Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings."



July 19, 1999 - At St. Patrick Cathedral


Mary said, "I am so joyful to see you here this evening. Persevere my children, persevere."


Jesus said, "Persevere, persevere, persevere."



July 26, 1999 - Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of   

                          the Blessed Virgin Mary


St. Michael the Archangel says, "Praised and blessed be the name of Jesus our Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  Dear children of our Lord in Heaven, I Michael who come to you this night, the Archangel of the Lord. You saw precious children of our Lord, the affections of a little child bestowed upon her Mother [Teresa was in a trance and one of the children she adopted was affectionately hugging her.] the love that comes from the heart, a total giving without expecting in return, the innocent love of a child.  When you allow your hearts to be purified by our Lord your love will be pure as that of a child.  That love will be given to others, and that love will grow and spread.  There is so much lack of this selfless total giving love on this Earth.  Ask for this love to flower in your souls and in your hearts, that you may share it, that it may grow, for when this selfless giving love abides in you, then your holiness will be complete.


I see you children of light, bathed in the robes of purity, shining like the light in the darkness.  If you continue to live in the light, you will have eternal joy.  Spread the love and the peace and the joy that our Lord gives you, with all that you come in contact with.  Live love, and you will become love to all. Go in the peace of our Lord."