Messages for January 1999


January 4, 1999 Ė Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Mary said: "Blessed be the name of my Son Jesus. My precious children, I have before you the Most Blessed Sacrament which contains my Son. My precious ones, this is the time to increase your time with my Son in your Churches. For the cup is running over and pouring out with the blood of senseless killings. Not only of the unborn, but of innocent people throughout the world, my children, but this time you do not see these things happening, for they are not happening to you, but my precious ones, there are so many of my poor little children that are being slaughtered everyday. The children, the women, and the men, my precious ones if you could only see the blood running from my innocent victims, for the evil one wants to finish the race that believes in my Son. You must pray my children even though you do not see there atrocities with your eyes, believe my children that this is happening though out your Earth.

Beg for forgiveness for the slaughter of all the innocents, my precious ones, beg for forgiveness that it may not come upon you so soon. My precious children this is the time of great sorrow, the time of great joy is coming, but the time of darkness is at hand. My precious ones I see you before my Son with your faces buried to the ground, this is how it should be my most holy ones. For the time is coming, the time is coming and is at hand.

Continue my precious ones in prayer and in fasting and in begging for forgiveness, for the sins of those that continue. Oh my precious ones, if you could only see the slaughter of my innocents, you would cry with so much sorrow and pain.

Live in the will that my Father has for all of us. Accept his will in your lives, for your small sufferings are nothing, my precious ones, compared to my Sonís sufferings or those compared to innocents who are suffering now. Who have no clothes on their backs. Who have no food in their stomachs. Who have no water for these mouths and their tonuges. Who have no warmth or love of their friends and family. Who are as it were laying cold and hungry and naked and being stripped of their dignity of being human beings.

Rejoice my children for as you see these things happening, know that their deliverance and your deliverance is at hand.

Thank you my precious ones for continuing to heed your Motherís call. I love you so and I cover you with my mantle with love and peace and joy and comfort."


January 11, 1999

Mary said: "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus. Thank you my precious children for being here this evening. What can I say? My precious ones, I have said so much to you, not only in this place, but throughout the world, and at this time your Mother stands with her arms outstretched for all my children, and tears of sorrow, and a heart that continues to suffer in sorrow my ones, my precious ones, for all my children, for there are so many who will not listen to my messages.

There are so many of you, my precious ones, that continue to live in the world as if tomorrow will continue to come. Put aside all your pettiness, all the mountains you have made of the little mow hills of the problems that you have. Put aside your jealousies, put aside your petty arguments, for can you not see that the time is at hand. Do not allow your hearts to be filled with anger, frustration, anxieties of the world. I have asked you my children to pray to give me all your problems, all your sorrows, and sufferings, and then begin praying for my intentions, and I will take care of yours. Why do you not listen my children why do you continue with worries in your minds and sorrows in your hearts for the small things.

I have told you my children but you do not see and you do not realize, because you do not see that there are so many of my precious innocents that are suffering in this world, who are being persecuted everyday, for the sake of my Son. You here in this country do not know sorrow, do not know pain, and suffering, as so many of my little ones throughout the world. And I come to you as a Mother as I have to so many in this country even through my messages, and my appearances, have not been heeded, and have not been believed, for a great chastisement is coming upon you, because so many of you have hearts of stone.

And I weep for you my children, because I love all my children, and I do not wish you to suffer needless pains, and sorrows. My heart is heavy for you my children, turn back to my Son, give him your hearts give him all you are, and love one another as he has loved you. I know that in this country of plenty that so many of you look upon yourselves as indestructible, and as all knowing, and as all powerful. So much so, that you have no trust in my Son. Start little by little each day to trust in him, to ask him to give you his love that you may share that love with others. Remember the second greatest commandment, love one another as I have loved you.

My heart is sorrow, so much sorrow in my heart, for my children will not listen. If you do not listen to your Mother, the Father must inflict - oh my children I do not wish to say these words. For if you do not listen to your Mother, your Father must take care of the problem. For you are all doing away with each other, in jealousies, in vain words, you are killing each other with your lips, with the words that come out of your mouths. Oh how your Mother sorrows for her children, for I see what will come upon you, do I see.

Continue to be faithful, my precious few, continue to be faithful, my precious few. I bless you with my mantle of love and I thank you for heeding my call and being here this evening."


January 18, 1999 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - At St. Patrick Cathedral

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! I thank you for your steadfast faithfulness. Remember this holy place is your safe harbor. Continue to come and pray. Continue to spread prayer cenacles, as much prayer and supplication is needed at this time.

I invite you my children to be with me in this holy home on the feast of my son Patrick (St. Patrick's Day). I also ask to prepare for a very special time of prayer on the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son as you have the past two years. Invite all you know to be with you on this great day. Believe that I your Mother invite you to this Great Day of Prayer and Healing. I love you my blessed little ones. Thank you so much for being here this evening."

Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. You must all be as little children to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Accept the invitation to be a child of God our Father. Accept to be a child of Our Mother Most Holy.

I bless you and thank you for being here this evening."


January 25, 1999 - Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus. Thank you my precious children for being here this evening. Pray, my precious children. Pray! Pray! Please pray!

My children there are many of you that are suffering. You know my children, that my Son suffered very much while he was on this Earth. So have joy in your suffering, my precious ones, for in this very special way you are imitating my Son.

Do not be afraid my children, for the gifts that my Son gives you. Continue to pray. Make your life be a prayer. I cannot emphasize to you how much prayer is needed at this time.

You are our hope. Follow the teachings of my little Son John Paul II. Listen to his words at this time, for his teachings are nearing an end. His teachings my children, come directly from our Father in heaven. Heed his words. Heed his requests. He is your model. Do not be in sorrow, my children, have great hope, and great joy.

I thank you my precious ones for being here with me this evening. Make great plans, my precious ones, for the days ahead. Let everyone know the work that I have entrusted to you, which is very special. Do not have anxiety my precious ones, be in peace, for am I not here who am your Mother?

Go in my peace and in my love."