Messages for February 1999


February 1, 1999

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! My precious children I am so thankful that you joined tonight in prayer.

Your Mother is sorrowing! Your Mother is sorrowing! My children, it is true that my remnant will save the Church of my Son. It is true my children, that most of my beloved Priest sons, even they know, even though they know, that there are things that are being done in my son's homes that should not be done.

I ask you my children not to speak ill of my Priest sons, but to pray for them, that the scales may be lifted off their eyes. That their ears may be opened. That their hearts may come back to my Son.

My children this is not a time to think about what others may say to you, it is a time to declare the truth, no matter what it may cost. Do not be afraid, my children, for as Daniel was not afraid to worship his God you must not be afraid, for God will take care of you my precious ones. Have faith and do not hide the light that our Lord has given you. Declare it to the World. For in dong so you will be imitating my Son, for did you see him cower to proclaim the truth of our Father in Heaven? Did you see him turn his back on those who needed him, who needed to hear the truth. My precious ones, the answer to the strength that our Lord can give you, is in adoring him, my precious ones, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar. Your prayers and your presence before my Son, even before the tabernacle, where my Son resides where he truly is present. This gives you strength and your prayers bring graces down on my Priest sons and those leaders of the Church of my Son who are no longer following the truth. It will also bring the graces down on all those who because they have not been taught the truth, do not know the truth, they will seek you out my precious ones, and it is up to you to share the light that our Lord, and King of Kings has given you.

Have great hope and great joy that our Lord has never forsaken you, and he has never left you. He will continue to be with you till the end of time. Continue to be the little lights in the darkness, to share the light with others, so that the darkness will be dispelled.

Precious children, your Mother loves you so and thanks you my precious ones. My precious little children, my faithful little children, for it is you that are my heal that will help in crushing the head of Satan. It is you my precious ones, who are intercessors. It is you my precious ones, to whom I give my graces as you ask. It is you my precious ones, that continue to help your mother to redeem the world, not as my Son did, but to help. To imitate my Son, by offering your sufferings, your pains, your sorrows, your crosses for the salvation of souls. For it is in this, your offering that you will receive the great crown of Glory that awaits you.

These words my precious ones, are nonsense to those that do not believe, but it is life, it is all that you my children who believe look forward to. It is you, my precious children, who will receive.

Thank you my precious ones, for being here this evening. Your prayers have been sent up to heaven as precious jewels, and our Father in Heaven has heard your prayers. Go in peace my precious children."


February 8, 1999 - Feast of St. Jerome Emiliani

Teresa says, [Blessed Virgin Mary talking to her] "She says tell them my daughter that I will not give a public message again until my son Samuel returns to me. [Sam is a long time member of the prayer group. He has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Please pray the novena to Saint Peregrine (Patron Saint of Cancer Patients) for Sam thatís listed below .]

Join me my children on a most wonderful day on the 14th of this month [The Blessed Virgin Mary has asked Teresa to pray in Trinity Park in Fort Worth on every 14th of the month to commemorate The Feast of the Holy Cross on September 14. We will meet at 3:00pm by the Gazebo.] I invite you to come and pray, come and pray with my daughter and I will be with you this day. She blesses us and thanks us for being here tonight and she is very joyful to see that we are continuing to pray and she wants to remind those that are here for the first time that you are here because she has chosen you to be here. She wants to let us know as she has let us know so many times that she has come for her children, that they may turn their hearts back to her Son who is our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Blessed Mother is very joyful and she thanks you for all of the prayers and she reminds us time and again, and again, and again, and she will never tire of reminding us, that she needs all of our prayers as we are her heel, we are the children of light, the Light who is Jesus. We are the remnant, that must proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to the World. We should listen to the message that our Holy Father Pope John Paul II her son, who has been chosen by Jesus Christ, himself to lead his church here on Earth. Listen to his message and heed his call. For in him it is Jesus that is calling out to us to declare to the nations that Jesus Christ is Lord.


Novena Prayer to St. Peregrine

Saint Peregrine, whom Holy Mother Church has declared patron of those suffering from running sores and cancer, I confidently turn to you for aid in my present need: (Mention your request).

Lest I lose confidence, I beg your kind intercession. Plead with Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, whom you loved so tenderly and in union with whom you have suffered the pains of cancer, that she may help me with her all-powerful prayers and consolation.

Obtain for me the strength to accept my trials from the loving hand of God with patience and resignation. May suffering lead me to a better life and enable me to atone for my own sins and the sins of the world.

Saint Peregrine, help me to imitate you in bearing whatever cross God may permit to come to me, uniting myself with Jesus Crucified and the Mother of Sorrows. I offer my sufferings to God with all the love of my heart, for His glory and the salvation of souls, especially my own. Amen


God, graciously hear the prayers which I present to you in honor of Saint Peregrine, Your beloved servant and devoted friend of Jesus Crucified and Our Mother of Sorrows, so that I may receive help in my needs through the intercession of him whose life had been so pleasing to you.

You filled Saint Peregrine with the spirit of compassion. Grant that by practicing works of charity I may deserve to be numbered among the elect in Your Kingdom. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen


February 15, 1999 - President's Day

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! My precious children may the power of the Holy Spirit fill you all at this time, with wisdom, and knowledge, and strength, and the healing that you need to go on your journey, my precious ones.

Thank you for being here this evening, and I continue to thank you for being so faithful, so faithful to your Mother's call. Remember, my precious ones that my Son Jesus and I are always together.

My precious ones, continue to show others by your example the reverence and the love of my Son in the Most Holy Eucharist, which is his Body and his Blood. The readings of the scripture this evening, both were about my Son giving you his Body and his Blood, before he died on the cross and after he was resurrected. You see how our Lord opens your eyes and your hearts to truly know him by receiving him as often as you are able. My precious ones, it is my sons, my priest sons, that are not teaching the faithful as to how they should comport themselves before the holy sacrifice of the mass. Pray for them, my precious ones, as they continue to lead souls astray.

My precious ones, do you think that it is appropriate for you to show your flesh before my precious Son, to wear fashions that are not appropriate. Do you know how this saddens my Son, pray, my precious ones, for it is because of the loss of reverence, that is mostly due to the lack of teaching, that my children have fallen by the wayside. That they come to worship my Son in the attire in which they spend a sunny day at the park, the attire in which they do their daily work. Mostly, my precious ones, it is the fashion of the day of the women that I am speaking about.

The dresses that no longer cover, that no longer cover my young daughter's legs. The fashions that are cut deep in the neck, to show to others what only their spouses, through the holy sacrament of marriage, are worthy of seeing, my precious daughters, you see how the evil one has caused you to lose sight of the fact that you are his [Jesus] precious daughters, that he loves you so.

The evil one that has caused all of these atrocities, that happened, because you have lost the faith, and the belief that my Son is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist. It is because of the loss of the reverence and because of the loss of teaching, that many souls are led down the path of darkness and never ending fire. And it saddens my heart, my precious ones, that you have fallen into this lie.

I have spoken to you before about dress, but I have never been so specific as I am today, but it seems as though my daughters have to be told, and my sons have to be told to not allow their daughters to be seen in public, or even in the most sacred place, without the proper attire. The proper attire that brings respect to the person. For all people, God has given dignity, and that has been stricken mostly from women, as the evil one chooses to devour them because he hates me so much. That he has allowed my precious daughters to lose respect for themselves, by believing that they have a right to do with their bodies and expose their bodies as they will. This is a great lie my precious daughters, for in doing so it tears every shred of respect that most of my sons would have for you, it causes them to see you as a mere object to be used and abused at their will, it causes those who allow Satan to touch them, to destroy your precious lives.

My precious daughters, your Mother comes before you this evening, and asks you to gain back the dignity, the self worth, and the self respect that our Lord has given you. For our Lord loves you so and does not wish these atrocities to continue, but worst of all my precious daughters, that you have fallen into the lie, that you can allow the precious life torn from your womb. That is the greatest lie that Satan has ever told you, and he makes you think that this is your choice to kill, life that he has given, that our Lord has given you. This destroys you forever my precious daughters for you will never forget the precious life that was once in your womb. That never came to be, because you allowed someone else to take that life from you. That is the greatest evil, the greatest desecration of the most precious womb of every Mother, and in doing so he destroys the family, and in doing so he wants to destroy God's holy creation. But it will not be so my precious ones, as you open your hearts to our Lord and ask him to be Lord of your heart, to be Lord of your life, for he is waiting for you my precious ones, always waiting for your call and for your fiat.

I love you my precious children. Thank you my precious son Samuel for returning to me my son, for I have great love for you, and for all my children who are so faithful to me. I cover you my precious ones with my Motherly mantle of love, and protection, and peace. Thank you my precious children for being here this evening."