Messages for December, 1999



December 6, 1999 – Feast of St. Nicholas


Mary said, “Be still, surrender all, and receive the peace which will come upon you as you continue in prayer.


Be in peace, surrender all, and receive healing and peace.


Be in peace, surrender all, and allow the Lord to touch you with his healing peace and his love.


You will not receive the peace unless you surrender all.”



December 13, 1999 – Feast of St. Lucy


Mary said, “Blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  My children, our Lord and our God can not abide in an unrepentant heart.  He can not abide in a heart that will not forgive.  My precious ones, my son the Vicar of Christ on Earth, has asked you to prepare this year for the coming of my Son and the Great Jubilee.  The preparation requires that you repent, that you forgive, so that my children when my Son comes, he will find you ready. 


Spend your time my children in prayer, in supplication before the Lord waiting for this most precious time, the coming of my Son.  Spend this time in loving hymns to him, who is your Savior.


My precious children, I come to you with my mantle open wide, that you may come, that I may cover you with my mantle of protection, that I will guide you and show you the way to my Son.


My arms and my mantle are open for all my children for I love all my children.  Ask me my children for the graces that you most need, in order to prepare yourselves for this great time, that you may be holy and pleasing, for a most special birthday present, for my Son, so that He may come to abide in you with great joy, and love, and give you the peace that you most need. As the year draws to a close, spend your time my children in prayer, and keeping company with my Son so that the graces may fall on all of my children, there are many making preparation to spend their time in prayer, and in company with my son at the close of this year, through the beginning of the new year.  Join them, my children, join them and your joy will be complete and your families will receive the graces and the blessings that are needed in this time of great darkness.  For the light has come into the world and the darkness could not dispel it.


Thank you once again my precious ones for continuing to respond to my call, although I know it keeps getting harder.  I love you my children.”



December 27, 1999 – Feast of St. John the Apostle


Mary said, “May the peace of my Son Jesus Christ descend upon you, my children, and remain in you forever!  This is a most joyful time my precious children.  For in this time I am so filled with the joy and the splendor of God. For God himself was born my Son, my precious little Son.  What great awe, my children, I am filled with, to touch my little baby, to kiss my little baby’s check and to know that I am holding and loving God.


Precious children, everywhere you are being tried at this time, not by Heaven, but by men.  Remain faithful, for there are eyes everywhere watching you and waiting for you to give up, waiting for you, my children, who are so faithful to me, to run away, do not listen my precious ones, to those who would have you stop praying, to those who would have you stop adoring my Son, to those who would have you go back to live in the world.  Continue in your steadfast prayer and I your Mother will continue to give you the graces that you need to persevere. 


Praise our Lord always for everything that comes your way, for all those who come your way.  Love all who you meet and bring them to my Son through me, my precious ones, and I will care for them as I care for you, and I will love them, and I will show them the love, and the peace, and the joy that my Son can give.  Remember, my precious ones that I am always a prayer away.  Thank you my precious ones, for being here tonight.”