Messages for August 1999



August  2, 1999 - St. Eusebius of Vercelli and

                              St. Peter Julian Eymard


Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  Thank you my children for being here this evening.  Thank you my little children for continuing to be faithful in prayer. Our Father in Heaven knows your hearts, and he knows that you are not perfect, he knows that you continue to struggle, all he asks for, my children is that you do not give up the fight. 


I know my children, that you do not feel worthy to be in this place, and many times you do not feel worthy in prayer, or in the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist, the greatest Sacrifice.  This is why it is so important that you continue my children, to repent, to receive one of the most holy Sacraments given by our Lord, in Confession, in Penance.  I love you so, my children, and I know all your sorrows, and all your sufferings, and all your downfalls, but please, my children, your Mother asks you never give up, for there is always hope, my children.


The Morning Star, the Light of the sun, the Evening Star, the Creator of Light beckons you with the greatest love of all, who loves you above all.


 I continue to pray for you my children, for I know that as you continue, that it gets harder everyday.  Remember me in the hardest of moments, call out to me, my children, and I will be with you.  I love you my children, and I will never leave you.  I will take you to my Son Jesus, where you will live forever.  Do not give up hope, persevere my precious ones. 


Thank you my precious children, for continuing to respond to your Mother's call."



August 9, 1999


Teresa said, The Blessed Mother says, “Tell all my children my daughter, to give all glory and all praise to my Son Jesus Christ always!”


Mary said, “Thank you my children for being here this evening.  I extend to you the peace and love of my Son.  My precious children, once again the celebration my Lord’s exaltation of his lowly handmaid is to be here soon.  The great feast of my Assumption into heaven [August 14, 1999].  I invite my children to visit me on this special day.  I invite my children, to visit me in the home of my Son.  For those who can come, come my children, to the lowly home of my daughter Maria Constansio, and visit me, my children, and visit my Son, if you are able, on the Holy Grounds of St. John Neumann Church [Lubbock, Texas], for those of you who cannot visit me on this day be in prayer with me, my children where you may be.  Come my children to the Holy Sacrifice on this most  special day.  Lift up your voices in prayer, and praise to our Lord our God, and Creator, that you may receive great graces so that you may continue on this special work, the special work which I have asked of you. 


Do not lose heart my children, stand up and greet the day, for I will be with you, as the Holy Trinity will be with you on the most special feast day of the Holy Cross, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross of my Son.  Help each other my children, support each other for I will be with you in a special way. Great graces will be bestowed in this area, to all my children, continue in prayer, continue in penance, continue in your obedience, my children, continue to call to me my children, for I your Mother continue to pray for you, and continue to intercede for you to my Son. 


Thank you to all my children, who continue to be obedient, who continue to strive amidst all the trials.  Be in peace my children.”



August 16, 1999 – Feast of St. Steven of Hungry

                               At St. Patrick Cathedral



Mary said, “Blessed be the name of my Son Jesus!  Blessed Children of Light.  Happy the day when at last you find your eternal resting place in the heart of my Son!  I come to you in Joy to see that you have continued and persevered in spite of all obstacles.  Continue for your work is not yet accomplished.  I ask you to tell all you know and see that my Son and I will be visiting you in a most special way on the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son Jesus in your area.  We ask that all those who need healing be with us on this most special day.  As my Son has said, ‘Come all who are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.’


I invite all my children to come for you will all be greatly blessed.  This indeed will be a great day, for your redemption was paid for through the cross.  It is through the cross that you are saved.  Embrace the cross, and accept it, and you will be given eternal joy and rest.


I cover you my children with my mantle of love and protection.  Thank you my children for being here this evening.”



August 23, 1999 – Feast of St. Rose of Lima


Teresa said, “I see all around me Harlots dressed in fine clothing with their hair braided long, and silky, and trinkets all about them. Showing their flesh to the World.  The understanding is that we, the Children of Light, are not to be as these harlots. Ours is a modest way of life, not looking to the world, but to our Lord.  Now comes the saying of our Lord.”


The Holy Spirit said, “Look not at the speck in your brothers eye, when you yourselves have a log in your own.  We are to pray for all!  We are to pray for all! For all people, for all people were made by the same Creator.  Some however, are fed with milk, for they are still young in their knowledge and in their wisdom.  Some however, are given greater knowledge, and understanding to be spread with love and patient endurance.  For if you are children who are making an effort to come closer to your Lord, you are each taking the steps, the steps that your Lord is providing. 


Some are longer strides and some are shorter steps. The longer strides take much more effort, but will get you there sooner.  The shorter steps go much faster and are easier, but will take longer [to get you there].  Pray therefore my children for the longer strides.  Continue all children in patient endurance. 


Let not your anger fill you.  Ask for assistance from your Lord, and from your Queen, your Mother.  Remember to be imitators of Christ in your life.  You must have suffering, and therefore, continue your suffering with patient endurance.”


Teresa said, “The Lord blesses each and everyone of us, that we may go in his Peace and his Love.”



 August 30, 1999


Teresa said, “Our Lord Jesus Christ wants me to tell you what was before you as you sang How Great Tho Art.  Heaven was open before us, and our Mother stepped out, and then she turned around with the Saints in Heaven, and sang with us to our Lord Jesus, and our Lord Jesus with great joy, received our song of praise, and then he came among us, and walked among us as he walks among all his elect in Heaven.  He walked among us with such love in his heart for the praises and the prayers that we continue to offer up, not only on a daily basis, but he truly appreciates our continued effort, and our sacrifices and our Lord Jesus says to all of us:”


Jesus said, “My precious, wonderful children, remember that I love you so.  I want to tell you as I have told you so many times, that my yoke is easy, and my burden is light!  Come my children, partake of me!  Come my children, that I may embrace you with all of my love!  What great joy and great love I have for all my children!”


Teresa said, “And as he stands and smiles, for he is truly proud of us as we continue on our journey, as he blesses us, and the whole court of Heaven praises him as he takes his place as ruler, and Lord of Lords, our ruler, our King, waiting with great joy, and love for us.”