Messages for April 1999


April 5, 1999

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! Thank you my precious children, for being here this evening. My precious ones, this indeed is Holy Ground, and everyplace that I your Mother have come to speak to my children is Holy Ground.

Remember my children as my son's Peter and Paul were protected by our Lord who sent Angels to them, so you, also shall be protected by our Lord. There is nothing to fear if you are faithful, and continue to be faithful to prayer, and to what our Lord is asking of you. My children, continue in your steadfast prayer and penance as your world leaders are now sending troops to the area around Kosovo as a peace keeping mission. And you know my children, that it is very dangerous in this area. Pray my children that those young men being sent to this area will be kept safe. Pray that the slaughter ends soon for so many children and women and men are suffering, not only in this region, but in Africa and India, and Egypt.

There are so many countries where those who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ are being persecuted Pray also my children that this persecution does not come to you so suddenly. Remember all my children, as I have said many times, continue to be faithful and you have nothing to fear.

You here this night here witnessed the peace and the love and the joy that my Son can give you as you allow him to fill you with his Holy Spirit. Pray all my children that the Holy Spirit of God comes to all the Earth, and what you have been praying for so long, that God's kingdom will come on Earth, and that God's will, will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I you Mother love my children so and I touch your hearts this night and all those who are faithful to prayer that your hearts may be hearts full of love. For it is in loving that you give and in loving that all those whom you love will receive the peace and the joy and the love of our Lord. And that conversions of heart will take place, so that the kingdom of heaven will reign on Earth.

Remember my children to live always in love. Thank you my precious children, for being here this evening."


April 19, 1999 - At St. Patrick Cathedral

Mary said, "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son Jesus! Thank you my children for continuing to be faithful in joining my son [Fr. Strittmatter] in praying for Holy Vocations. My children your Mother asks you to continue and persevere in prayer, fasting and all I have asked of you.

For as I have told you that the time is short. My children the day is here! My dear children many graces are being poured out to you as you continue to be faithful. A great day is coming soon for the world, The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. Gather together all my children and celebrate this great day in prayer. For you will see the power of our Lord overshadow you with His Great Mercy.

The time is running out and is at hand when Divine Justice will reign. The time is now! I call all my children to acknowledge and receive my Son into your hearts. My Son waits for you with open arms, all you have to do is ask Him and He will come to you. I plead with all my children as a Mother who does not want her children to suffer needlessly.

Praised be our Father for giving us my Son! Praised be my Son for giving us eternal salvation through his suffering on the cross!

Thank you precious ones for being here tonight. Thank you to all my prayerful little ones. I cover you with my Motherly mantle of Love!"


April 26, 1999

God the Father said, "…love and Justice come to you my children. I gave you my Son and he died for you so that you will have everlasting life and in doing so my children I ask that each one of you carry the cross that I have given you. With the same humility and the same patient endurance and love with which my Son carried his cross.

Each one of you must live your own Calvary. It is how you live your sacrificial life, that is through your prayers, your calling to me through my Queen, my daughter, my Son, that I hear you. Through your sacrifices my children you will bring all to me who have gone astray.

Graces are poured out on the world through your sacrifice and love and faithfulness and the great glory, your great crowns await you, where you will live in me and I in you, where you will have eternal joy with me for you were created by me for me.

Remember my faithful children, remember the cross, for these are the days that I have made you for, and I will provide for all you need. For you are my children and I am your God.

I bless you all my children, go in my peace and make disciples of all the world, as I have commanded you."