Messages for September 1998

September 7, 1998 - Labor Day

            Mary said: "Praised and blessed be the name of my Son, Jesus. I am so joyful to see you here, my precious children. Oh, my children, your Mother cries tears of joy for those who are here, who love her so much. My precious ones, my precious children!

Remember, my children, that the holy scriptures are the inerrant words of my Son, my Son Who is the Word of God, our Father.

My children, never let anyone tell you or convince you that what is in these holy scriptures is not truth and, my children, all the words Our Lord selected for you, apply not only to those who lived these words, but those who are now living. It is not only a history lesson, my precious ones, these are words for you in your days. In these holy scriptures, my precious ones, my Son has taught you how to live, how to raise your family, how to live a holy life and at the end of your life here on earth, how to be happy with Us in Heaven forever.

My beautiful children, believe that your Mother has come for her children, for the Light of the World that is my Son, has sent me.

Remember, my children, my Son has said that, ‘...I, Myself, will shepherd My flock.’ He is doing this in these days, my children, by the power of my Spouse, the Holy Spirit. By His power have I come through you. I've come to you, my children, to turn you back, for there are so many who do not believe that God exists, that Jesus walked and lived among us on this Earth. Look to my Son, for He knows how you suffer and toil. Look to your Mother, my children, who is always with her Son.

My precious ones, We have come for you. We have come to give you the graces that you so need in these days, for there is darkness in the world. There are so many eyes and hearts and ears and minds that are closed to the things of God, but they are opened to the ways of the world. As you continue to pray my children your eyes and your ears and your hearts and your minds will continue to be open to Heaven, and Heaven will look down upon you and give you Light.

My precious ones, come pray with me. My precious children, come pray with me on this most special day the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. Bring all those of my children who need graces, who need the Light of my Son. Remember, my children, we are all a family of God. Do not turn your backs on Our Lord, for when you do this, you choose darkness.

Precious ones, do not grow weary. I, your Mother, am here to strengthen you. I am here, my precious ones. Believe, my precious ones, for I come to so many in these days that you may turn to my Son, as I have said so many times. For He is the Light of your life. He is the Light of eternity. He is your future, the future of this world. Give up you lives, my children, and the material things you have, and make Our Lord the first One in your life. Join in His sufferings, offer everything you are to our Lord, everything to our Lord, that your Earth my be renewed.

Thank you, my precious children, for being here this evening."

Teresa: Our Blessed Mother gave the message early today [during the Sorrowful Mysteries instead of at the end of the prayers], she just had a lot of joy. I had so much joy when she was giving me the message that it was hard for me to even enunciate the words. She was so joyful that this coming Monday we are going to have the Triumph of the Feast of the Holy Cross. I also saw Our Blessed Mother and the Lord when we were saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Our Lord was standing looking at us with his hands opened and you could see the wounds I his hands and the Blessed Mother was standing with him and when we were singing How Great Tho Art. Jesus appeared and was singing it too. He was just smiling and praising God Our Father. He was so beautiful. He also sang the song, Gentle Woman, to our Blessed Mother that He loves so much, and during this time when while He was singing, and I saw this, the Holy Spirit asked us to invoke Him Who is God, because His power is very evident, especially this year, as the Holy Father (Pope John Paul II) has pronounced the special year of the Holy Spirit.

September 14, 1998 (Feast of the Holy Cross)

Mary said: "Praised and blessed be the Name of Jesus, my Son."

Teresa: Our Blessed Mother comes to you this day and she wants to tell you that she loves you so much. She speaks to you in this manner for she wants you to believe that she has come for her children.

Our Blessed Mother has covered this place with her Mantle of love and she wants to let you know, her beautiful children, that she has blessed you all and that she has given you many graces and that she wants you to spread the blessings to those who would not believe.

Mary continued, “My children, by example, show your brothers that you love my Son, who died for you, my children, such a merciless death. And you may do this, my precious ones, by heading my messages, which will make you holy, my precious ones, and pleasing to my Son. For there are so many in this world who continue to make my Son suffer, and crucify Him.

My children, will you ease the burden of my Son's suffering by heading my messages? By becoming holy children, by loving our Father's Son, as He has Loved you; that He laid down his life for you, my precious ones, and you know that death was not the end for my Son, Who is alive, and we are with you.

All Heaven opens up for you, my precious ones, as you continue to be guided by your mother who loves you so. Continue in prayer, my precious ones, that my graces will continue to be bestowed on this land,--on this land where there is so much blood that has been shed unnecessarily by the death of my precious ones who did not breathe life in this world.

It is through your sufferings my precious ones, though your penance, through your fasting, through your prayers, that you can bring down the graces that others most need, and the blessings.

Thank you, my faithful ones, for you are the light on this land. My beautiful children of Light.

Thank you, my precious ones, for responding to your Mother's call."


September 28, 1998

(Eve of Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael)

Mary said: "Praised and blessed be the Name of my Son, Jesus. Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. My precious ones, remember that our Lord chastises those whom He Loves, As gold is tested by fire, you, the precious ones of our Lord, will be tested by the fire of the Love of God.

Remember, my children, that my Son came to suffer, and to bring back the lost. And I, as you Mother, who has been sent by our Father in Heaven, have not come to the wise and the holy, but have come to those who are in most need of our help. Turn to your Mother, my children, and I will point the way to my Son.

This is the great eve of the Holy Archangels. Saint Michael stands before you."

Saint Michael then said: "I am the great Saint Michael. Remember, remember my prayer. My prayer has been forgotten in many of our Lord's churches. Continue to invoke me, for I am coming soon to fight the great last battle, and we in Heaven will be victorious!

Always kneel before your Lord, as we kneel in eternity, and sing praises to our Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I am arrayed in battle and you should have NO FEAR, for you have been chosen, and we continue to guard you.

Thank you, my Blessed Queen, for allowing me to speak to these, your wonderful children. I bow before my Queen and stand ready beside you, in this the greatest battle, where you, our Queen, will be victorious!"

Mary added: "Precious children, remember that you have the mighty Archangels and the Heavenly Hosts before you, so NEVER be afraid.

Thank you my precious children for responding to my call."