Messages for November 1998


November 2, 1998 ALL SOULS DAY

Mary said: "Praised and blessed be the Name of my Son, Jesus Christ. My children, I see the Father of Lies standing, dancing, and making merry, for there are so many people who will not spend time in prayer.

My children, for some of you the prayers tonight have been long. Some of you had anxiety and came here tonight wondering when will we finish. My precious children, at this moment you have peace, for I have come to give you Peace for praying and spending time with me.

My children, this time that you have spent here this evening with me and my daughter have brought graces upon your families and upon those who you have never met nor may never see. There was a marriage about to broken, and it will now be mended because of your prayers this night. There were some here who carried with you something that has been bothering you, but that is gone.

I do not wish to scare you, my children, so there are some words I will not use. My children when you do not pray, the Evil One sends his workers to drag you down. My precious children, those of you that are here have been called by me, for I wish to touch your lives, and by praying with me this evening, I have put my Mantle over you and your families. Continue in your prayer, my precious ones, and I will continue to bless you.

Beautiful flowers were brought this evening by my precious daughter. Those of you who have not picked a pedal for me, pick a pedal this evening and lay it on the altar.

My precious children, I ask that you spend in prayer each day the time that you have spent here this evening. It does not have to be continuous, as long as you pray from the heart.

Precious ones, I long to give you the Peace and the Love and the joy that my Son can give you. Close your eyes, my children, and allow your Mother to touch you. My precious Son Jesus Christ, thank You. Thank You, my Son, for touching your children. Thank You my Son for pouring out your Spirit upon Your children. May the Peace and the Love and the joy of my Son Jesus Christ be with you, my precious ones. May that warmth and that Light fill you to overflowing.

Through prayer, my children, the gifts that you have been given will become evident. Live in peace, live in joy, live in love with one another. Do not talk about one another. Do not let anger rule your mind and your words in your life. Be charitable to those in need, in order that the Love of my Son will continue to abide in you.

Allow my Son to live in you, that your joy may be complete.

Receive my Son’s Body and Blood as often as you are able, that He may continue to grow within you, that you may allow His steps to be in your steps, to walk the road that He has for you. It is in this way that you will know what our Father’s Will is for you.

Thank you, my precious ones, for being here this evening."


November 9, 1998


St. Theresa said: "I am Theresa of the Child Jesus. My little ones, remember my little way. Everything you do, my little ones, in your daily lives,--offer to our Lord as a gift of


Whether you are a mother that works at home, or both outside and inside your home, whether you are a father who may work two jobs, or a child who goes to school and does your chores. My little ones, offer all TO our Lord in love, and FOR our Lord. Every little thing you offer to our Lord, is done in love.

I yearned to go on missions to far-off countries, to do ‘great things.’ But I learned that even the smallest of things offered to the Lord in love, will be great.

Therefore, my little ones, continue in your prayers, continue coming to pray. Your little prayers and sacrifices are so GREAT to our Lord.

I am with you, my little ones, for remember my Heaven is doing good on Earth, so I will be on Earth until our great Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

My precious ones, I thank the Lord of Hosts for allowing me to come to you this evening. Praise your God, praise your God without thinking what others will say of you. Sing loudly to Him, raise your arms in thanksgiving and praise, for prayer has several parts, little ones. First of all, you should praise our Lord and bless Him for He is our Creator and Lord of Lords. And we must thank Him for all our blessings, whether it is what we want or what He knows we need. Then, my little ones, come with your petitions to our Lord.

Remember always, my little ones: you should PRAISE, you should THANK, and then you should PETITION.

Thank you, thank you for hearing me, and I thank my Lord and my Blessed Mother for allowing me, and inviting me, to speak to you this night."


November 16, 1998 - Feast of Margaret of Scotland and Gertrude the Great At St. Patrick Cathedral

Mary said: "Blessed be the Name of my Son, Jesus. I am so joyful to see you here this evening, joined in prayer with my little son Robert [Fr. Strickmater]. Your prayers are very powerful when they are said before my Son Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, or before the Holy Tabernacle, for He is present just the same, only unseen in the Holy Tabernacle. My children, come to pray with my little son, Robert. Invite all you know to come to this, our earthly home, made especially for you in these times. It is true you can pray for vocations in your homes and in your churches, however, my little son has been called by me to hold this day as a special evening, every third Monday of the month.

All who come will receive special graces and blessings, as you bring to me holy young men and women to serve my Son, and bring souls to Heaven to live in eternal joy.

I love you, my children. Thank you for responding to my call."


November 30, 1998 (Feast of St. Andrew)

Mary said"Praised and blessed be the Name of my Son, Jesus. Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. Blessings to my faithful ones.

My children, there are some of you who are able to go to Mass daily who are not doing so. The world loses graces, my children, when you turn your backs. There are those of you who can pray the Rosary, my complete (15 decade-) Rosary, on a daily basis, who are not doing so. The enemy taunts you continuously to ‘ it later...,’ but later never comes. The world loses graces, my children when you choose not to pray.

My precious ones, I have asked you to do several things, and I am asking you one more thing, my precious ones: to gather in prayer daily between now and the Feast. The Feast not only of my Immaculate Conception (December 8), but also of my title as ‘Rosa Mystica’ (Mystical Rose of Heaven).

You know, my children, that my little priest sons need your prayers. Therefore, I ask you to pray the special prayers to me, UNDER THE TITLE OF ROSA MYSTICA, during these days, along with the complete (15 decade-) Rosary. It will not be hard, my children, if you ask for my help. Gather in prayer where you agree to do so.

My precious ones, you must wake up every morning to make a decision to follow our Lord. It is not easy, but if you do not, you will wander further and further away until you no longer pray, until you grow cold, until you run away from the protection of my Mantle.

Continue, my children, to be faithful. You gain special graces by being here this evening. For some of you, my children, this is the only day that you truly pray. Let this not be the only day. Remember, my Son Jesus would go away from everything to pray to our Father in Heaven. If you are to imitate my Son, you must go away for a while each day. ALL of you, my children, have at least a FEW minutes to spare.

I speak to you in this manner, my precious ones, for I do not want you to be lost, for my Heart aches with pain and sorrow to see you wandering away slowly.

Thank you, my precious children."