Messages for May 1998


May 18, 1998

Blessed Virgin Mary: Blessed be the Name of Jesus, my Son. My children if you listen to the messages tonight, they were so appropriate for you, my children. I have chosen these messages that you may live them. My daughters, the first scripture reading does apply to all my daughters. Do not let anger dwell in your hearts. Do not speak, my children, as if you were angry men. When you are hurt, my precious daughters, turn to me your Mother. And do not lash out at those around you.

I know that this is a difficult time in caring for your children. The children are to be disciplined. But the Harshness of the discipline must come from their fathers. And I know that in these times, my daughters, that does not always happen. For some of you, your husbands are missing, or they choose to be silent. Turn to your Mother, my children, the best that you can do for your children is to be a role model in prayer, if you do not force your children to do anything else, there may be times that the only thing that you can force them to do is pray for a moment. Pray my prayer the Rosary, my precious daughters, with your children, and you will see how I will calm them, and you will not need to be harsh with them.

My daughters in these days you must pray, pray without ceasing for your children and for your husbands. For so many of my sons are so much in the world these days. Do not nag them, my daughters, but softly invite them to prayer. Gently invite them to join you. And I will work in them, and they will soon join you, my precious daughters.

And I have spoken to you in the scriptures about modest dress, and I do not need to speak much more about this, for you are well aware of what I speak in this regard, my precious daughters. Turn to your Mother, for I am always here to help you, and aid you in anything you need, so that you may be able to raise a holy family even if it is you, my precious daughters, the only ones that pull your family towards God, for at times it may seem as if all is lost, it will not be so. For if you are faithful, your families will be saved. Have faith, my precious daughters. You are a great treasure in my heart.

I leave you each a precious rose, which is a gift from me to you. Continue to believe, my children, that your Mother has come for her children, not just for few, but for all her children. Remember, my precious Son, Jesus, paid the price for your Salvation. Believe, my children, and you will be with us in Heaven. Thank you, my precious children, for having responded to my call.

Teresa: While we were singing the first song, "Open My Eyes Lord", I could hear Jesus saying, "I love you, my precious children." He was whispering it, but I could hear what He was saying. It was like He was giving us "Love Messages". While we were singing He was telling us He loved us, and that He loved His faithful children. And then during the Sorrowful Mysteries, I could just feel the sorrow, or I could just sense the sorrow He had during the first mystery when He could see all our sins and all the things that we did, and that because of all the things that we have done from the beginning to the end, He would have to suffer greatly, and that caused him to be so afraid and sorrowful, that is why He sweat blood. And I realized that it was my sins as well. And it just broke my heart that I caused Him so much pain, and during the scourging, the second sorrowful mystery, I could just see the soldiers just beating Him and beating Him with everything they had as if they were so angry, so filled with anger. And then in carrying the cross, the only thing that kept Him going after all the beating and everything He got, was His love for us that kept Him dragging on to fulfill the will of the father. And I kept feeling this sharp pain on my arm, on my shoulder, and then on my side, right here, on and off through the end of the sorrowful mysteries and through the chaplet of Divine Mercy. And then, throughout the prayers I could sense that Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother were here in a very powerful way tonight, the air and everything was so heavy, there was just a lot of Peace. The Holy Spirit was very strong. Right before Our Blessed Mother gave the message, I just saw Her for a moment dressed in white, she was on my right side as she came in to give the message. And the message applies to me, I know, as it does to so many woman. Especially when we live in this world where we have to be tough sometimes to make it. But Our Blessed Mother wants us to know that we think we have to be tough, She wants us to know that we donít have to act that way. That if we turn to Her, all things will be accomplished. She knows that itís so hard, but thereís nothing impossible with God. And Our Blessed Mother and Jesus are always here to help us.


May 25, 1998

Blessed Virgin Mary: Blessed be the Name of Jesus, my son. Thank you, my beloved children, for being here this evening. I had you come this night for a special message, for my child, my Son, Jesus.

Jesus Christ: Peace, my brethren, you faithful few, for there are a few men in these days that carry their burden. You are called, you are called, my brethren, to lead your families, to lead your homes in holiness. I will tell you my brethren, that your model is my most loving foster father, Joseph. You are to work hard, that the fruits of your labor will care for your families, that they have what they need. Then you are to lead your families each day in prayer. Teach your children to love and respect their mothers, that when you are absent at work that your children will not be unruly. Then when you find that your children are being unruly or following the world, bring them back with loving firmness. It is so important to pray my brethren with your families. For you are the model for your children, that they see how you love their mother, that they see how you love your God, that they also may follow in your footsteps. For there are so many of you, my brethren, that are models for your children of nothing but activities that have nothing to do with your Lord.

There is nothing wrong with showing children to play and enjoy life, but you must show them that the Lord, your God comes before all things. Do not let anger well up in you to the point that you mistreat your spouses, that you mistreat your children when they do not need it. Be firm with your children when it is necessary. Do all things with Love, my brethren.

It is so important that you become knowledgeable of the Scriptures the Eternal Word has given you. Read these with your family each evening. Choose a phase, a chapter, or a short paragraph or sentence and discuss it with your children. That they may also come to know the Lord, Your God. It is so important, my brethren, that you do these things that I have asked of you, that your family will be joyful. There will be peace in your home. Your children and your wife will love you and will look up to you, for you are a man of God. The man of God that you were created to be. It is so simple my brethren, but it takes just a moment, a few moments of your time. Is your Lord your God, your creator worth a few moments of your time each day? Is your family really important to you. If your answer is "yes" my brethren, then you will do these things that not only will your life on earth be peaceful, but your Eternal Life will be Glorious.

Spread this my message for it is so important in these days. You will see, my children, that your little sons and daughters will love the Lord with their hearts and their souls, that they will be on fire and that this will spread to bring holiness to so many that need it. For beginning with you great strides will be made in preparation for the holiness that I have called everyone to live, I Bless you, my brethren. My Father Blesses you. My Mother gives you her Peace. I Love you. Ask for all the assistance, graces. My foster father, Joseph, will be with you, and I will be with you, for we Love you so, and you are so very important to the holiness of humanity.

Blessed Virgin Mary: Thank you, my children, for listening to my Son, and thank you for responding and continuing to respond to my call.

Teresa: During the last Rosary, the last five decadcs, I started feeling like I was angry. I couldnít stand the listening, like it was coming from over, it was like this, ah, like anger, being angry. at somebody. I felt all this, like I was real nervous and tired and uptight and everything. And I thought, "What the heck?", and I kept praying and praying, "Oh please get it, and this binding it". I thought, "Why am I having anger?" Iím angry because I could hear people praying, and it was like, I was praying too, but it was like coming out like I was force, like it was forcing, coming out forcefully. And then, right here, like you know, like when people get real nervous and stuff. I thought, "What the heck is this?" I donít feel this stuff. You know, Iím not normally like that. I donít let stuff get me, like right here. So I kept praying and praying and praying and I was thinking, "When is Sam gonna come over here?" You know, and I saw you sitting down and I thought, "Samís having a problemís today, look at his legs too." So he finally came over here.

And then toward the end, When yaí11 were singing, Oh, Blessed Mother loved the song, it doesnít matter that, She was just saying, She said, "Oh, my precious children," She said," It was coming from the heart." She said Sheís not listening to what it sounds like. Sheís listening to the heart singing. I saw Her coming with Jesus. She was holding Him. He was, you know, they both had their crown on and they were dressed in their royal attire. And She was holding Him and I saw Her coming down and thatís when she wanted to give the message right, but yaí11 started singing the "Hail Mary" Song, so usually she waits, but tonight itís like, I didnít get a message, and I thought She was gonna just continue staying, and then She just like, She withdrew. And I didnít feel Her, I didnít sense Her anymore, I didnít see Her anymore. So I thought "Oh Mother are you leaving, Iím sorry," but no you know, She just, And then I saw Her again with a white mantle, and I didnít know how it was going to come about, what the message was, and finally She came back and gave the message. And I didnít see anything at all, until the very end. And then that attack.

Sam asks, "Did the attack stay with you?"

Teresa, "Oh, when ever She came it went, it went away."

Sam, "I managed to say seven St. Michael prayers before the message came, I was afraid again it had something to do with demonic."

Teresa, "It was attacking my neck, my nerves and you know just praying, it was so hard to get the words out. And I don know if it was anybody here that was nervous or. Sometimes if Iím sitting close to somebody, I get whatever, it gets taken away from them, and then it hits me, if theyíre angry or theyíre tired or theyíre praying, but theyíre not really praying, you know, but theyíre trying hard to pray, but theyíre having a hard time doing it because theyíre tired and they donít really want to be here, but they force themselves to come because they know that theyíre supposed to be here, then all that gets taken away, and I get it. But tonight it was all this in my. right here. Or if somebodyís real sad, you know or hurting and all, I had never got it that bad, but it went away soon as Our Blessed Mother came. But the thing about it is, the reason itís so hard for me to get up Ďalter the message, see most of the time I donít have a problem, because see when the message comes. itís like, my body is there, but my spirit is elevated. Iím not, I donít feel being in my body any more, She lifts me up, and then She does the message, and I donít even feel myself until after the message is finished, and itís like She lets me down in my body or something, and then itís like all the weight in my body is in my knees, and then when I feel, finally get my senses back oh does it hurt, and it seems like it hurts more every time. But see now Iím okay.