March 2, 1998

Mary said: "My children, I cry tears of joy to hear your beautiful prayers and your songs to your Mother. I have come to you, my children, this day as I did the first time that I came to this, my daughter. As your Mother, the Lady of Light, the Light Who is Jesus.

My children, there were those who believed that I came with this title. This title, my children, was given to me by our Father in Heaven. You, my children, are children of the Light Who is Jesus. Jesus guides your path. The Holy Spirit of God enlightens you. Continue in prayer, my children. You will be continuing in the footsteps that Our Lord has placed before.

I am so joyful to see you here continuing in prayer. Each time you come, my children, it is I who call you, and you can not resist, for I know that you love me. And I, my children, have such great love for each and every one of you. Have joy and Hope.

Continue in doing everything I have asked you in my messages. So many that I have given you. And yet there is nothing new in all of the messages, my children. For I call you to a conversion of heart, that you may lead holy lives so that you may return to my Son, and so that you may see Him face to Face and live with Us in Eternity.

Feel the Joy, my children, that I have in seeing you here this evening. I give you the Peace that you need, my children, that you may have a safe journey home. I know, my children, that your days are sometimes filled with sadness and anxieties about the things of this world. When this occurs, my children, turn to me. Call on my intercession and I will be there with you.

Do NOT despair, my children, for there is no reason to despair when We are with you. My Son and I are with you to give you the comfort you need and the Peace and the Joy in your hearts.

My beautiful children, I come to you every time to give you what you need, and when you need more from this well, it will always be here, my children, to comfort you, to wipe your brow, and to pick you up so that you may continue on your journey. My Son and I never run out, my children, of comfort.

Just remember, my children, we are always here, ALWAYS here for you, my children. For the Father has Willed it so. Remember, my children, to pray to do the Will of our Father in Heaven. Do not forget my Son in the Blessed Sacrament, for there is great healing and refreshment there. We are always waiting for you, for your prayers.

Be in Peace, my children. God Bless you, my children."

Teresa: Mother..., I know she's here, but I don't always see er right away, and there's times that I do see her throughout, but this time I didn't see her until you all started singing the "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman ", and then She was standing up just looking at everybody with a lot of love and tears and crying from joy, just feeling the love from the songs and prayers and everything.

I saw her as Our Lady of Light first. She was all in white, and then as Our Lady of Good Council, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Our Lady of Fatima. She's the same Mother, but here she's letting us know that. From the very beginning she told us that she was Our Lady of Light, and that we are the children of the Light, and that the Light is Jesus. And she came September 14th to the park as Our Lady of Light.

And this is another year and we don't know what the year brings, or if she wants us to do another. thing there at the park this year, but she'll let us know what she wants us to do. She's letting us know that she came here as Our Lady of Light. She was just very, very happy and joyful to see everybody here praying. I saw some other visions during the prayer meeting, but I think it was mostly people, I think while we're praying, it could be souls that are being saved as we pray, or because these are people I just see like they're walking, or doing something. That's all I can think of is that they are people the Lord is touching because of people's prayers and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


March 9, 1998:

Mary said: "Blessed be the name of Jesus, Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. My children, care for your younger ones. Care for those little ones that Our Lord has given you. You are to guide those little children in this life. Do not allow them to go their own way, for they are young little children. And they do not know the right way to go unless you show them. Use the Word that my Son has given you,--the Holy Scriptures, my children. When you read them, they will show you how to bring up those little children that our Lord has entrusted you with. Be firm, with love. If you bring them up loving my Son, Jesus, they will never go away from my Son. They may seem like it for a moment, but they will always return if you have shown them the Truth.

This time that we are in is a time of darkness, my children, my Son and I are living this time of darkness with you. For it was during the darkness that my Son was crucified by many who could not really see, who could not really hear, or who would not really believe that my Son was indeed God.

As my Son has given His life for you, and this continues on in Eternity, my children, what will you give HIM? Offer your prayers your sufferings, your fasting, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offer ALL to my Son in this in time. For all that you do, my children, affects the world in a most positive way.

My precious children, I love you so, for you have been so faithful and continue to be. I thank you, my children, for being here this evening."

Teresa said: "Our Father was present during the prayer meeting and thought He was going to give a message, but He didn't. He was just present just to listen to us pray. It was very powerful. You know, our Lord hears us always, but when you're praying, there's sometimes special things that happen, and it was pronounced that our Father was here. And I saw our Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Guadeloupe when she came. She was talking about our children, the little children that our Lord has entrusted us with, that we need to raise them with love, but be firm with them. She states that in the Bible it tells us how to raise our children, so if we read the scriptures it will show us how to raise our children. We don't need to listen to Dr. Spock or anybody else on how to raise them. And don't ever be afraid that you're being too strict, because unless, if they're bleeding when you spank them, then it's too much, but all children, we do need to be strict because they don't know. This is the first time that they're living, and when they are learning to walk, and you know, they're touching a wall, all that stuff is for the first time. And every thing they do as they grow up is for the first time. So that's why it's important that we guide them because we've been through it all. We've done everything at least once, and they're just barely starting out.

And it's really important to pray with them and to show them as soon as their old enough to smile at you, when they 're touching their little lips, you can start singing to them about Jesus and teaching them so they can grow up with the Love of Jesus in their heart. Like our Blessed Mother said, if we raise them like that, there may be a time when they get older that we think that they're going away from everything that we taught them, but they'll always come back. Even though it seems like they're not going to, they will remember everything we said to them, because if you all know now, we remember everything our parents said to us.

And I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen before so I'm sure that our prayers are being heard by our Lord and they're being answered for people. So many people that I see every time that I've never seen before. And our prayers are reaching them. You know we may feel like sometimes when we're here, and it's just like gosh will this ever be over, I'm tired or whatever, sometimes I know we get that way. We all have those times, but just remember our prayer are reaching, our, our, our, reaching other souls and bringing those souls to Christ that really need the Lord. Because God does hear our prayers, He really does.

Tonight was the worst pain I've ever felt. Something just, oh it was horrible. My head, everything just started hurting, but right now nothing hurts, it's all gone, but during, while we were praying, it just started. First it was my head, and then my shoulders, and then my back and then the top of my shoulders, my neck, my back, my legs, my feet. My feet were hurting a lot, and my hands. Everything was hurting, it was like someone had beat me up really bad. So but, I'm okay right now."


March 16, 1998:

Mary said: "Blessed be the Name of Jesus, my Son. Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. Your prayers are like beautiful music and beautiful flowers, my children. We in Heaven hear your prayers and We pray for you, my children, as you pray. WE pray to Jesus, my Son, and He in turn prays to Our Father in Heaven. Your prayer should always be, my children. that you do the perfect Will of the Father, for everything done in the Will of the Father is perfectly done. And as you pray, my children, Jesus offers your prayers to the Father. For it is my Son who is the only Intercessor, the ONLY Intercessor that intercedes to the Father.

I see my new children, this evening. As I have said many times before, those who come are chosen. I have CALLED you my children, and it is because I have called you that you are here.

Precious new children, continue to pray with me the daily Rosary. My children, go to Mass as often as you can. Go to Confession and Reconciliation, reconcile with my Son if you have not done so, that you may receive my Son in Holy Communion, His Holy and Sacred Body and Blood.

All my children are precious to me. And I continue to call you, my children, for I your Mother am with you, I am with you in a most personal way. And as I call you, and as you heed my messages, my children, you will find that you become closer to my Son. Closer to Him than you have ever been, for when you come to your Mother, I take you to my Son, and He truly becomes present in your life. So much so, my children, that He will be your greatest friend.

Continue in prayer, my children for the world needs your prayers.

Thank you, my precious children, for responding to my call. I bless you, my Son blesses you, the Father blesses you. The Spirit of God is within you. Believe, my children, believe that the Lord Our God is with you always, that Jesus has never left you, that we are always with you."


March 23, 1998:

Teresa said: "Just a little bit, give Him just a little bit of the Love that He has for us. The Love that consumes Him, that burns Him."

An angel announced: "Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit."

God the Father said: "My children, I look down, and I see my faithful children who have suffered patiently and united yourselves with my Son's suffering.

I, your heavenly Father, Love you so, my children. As I look down from Heaven, the Light of Heaven shines on you. Continue to be Faithful, continue to offer your sufferings, that your sufferings may turn to Joy, that they may be a sweet offering to Me, united with the pain and suffering with My Son, you will glorify Me in everything, My children, that you offer to Me.

I, your Father, always hear your petitions, for My Son never tires of interceding for you, My children. As you continue to be faithful, I will bless you with all you need. I will bless you beyond anything that you can imagine, for you are My children. I am your Father. We are a Family. And you all belong to Me.

If you could only see what awaits you, what awaits you in the city of Heaven. Your prayers have been a sweet-smelling aroma to Me.

I Bless you, My children. Live in true Peace, joy and Love. And sorrow not, for your eternal joy, your ETERNAL joy is at hand."

Teresa said: "I saw our Blessed Mother looking up toward Jesus with her Heart, holding her Immaculate Heart and then Jesus was looking at everybody with His Heart, with His Sacred Heart in His hand, and it was surrounded by thorns and there was a fire, and what He said during that mystery as that His Heart is burning, consumed with the burning fire of Love for us. And the understanding that I received is that He constantly waits for us in the tabernacle. During the sacrifice of the Holy Mass He gives Himself to us, and Jesus, the Son of God, Who is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Who is True God and True Man, humbled himself to be born of a virgin and poor. HE never had anything but Love for us and He gave Himself totally for us and He was crucified for our sins. He was crucified for us that we would have Eternal Life and He rose again and He continues to be humbled. And the only words that come to my mind are "...a prisoner in the tabernacle for us." He humbles Himself and awaits for us, awaits, He waits for us so that we can give Him a few minutes of each day, either by going to Mass, or just going to church and sitting there with Him for 15 minutes at least. He has so much Love for us and when we come to Him, before the tabernacle or the Blessed Sacrament exposed, He sheds tears of joy to sees us there.

The only way that I can compare it, is think of one of the prisoners of war in Vietnam, that came home after 5 or 10 years, and this person was your father or your brother, the joy that you would have to see that person, that's a hundred times or a thousand times magnified in the joy that Jesus has when we come before Him in the Blessed Sacrament or the tabernacle for 15 minutes. He rushes to meet us, to engulf us, to Love us.

When we were singing the last song, "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman," all of a sudden I saw the Father, looking down from Heaven at all of us, and He was so proud and so happy to see all of us praying, and that really touched my heart, that He notices OUR little prayers. You know there is nothing that we can do that can be too small for the Lord and Father, because He is our TRUE Father, and we are a Family. We're the Family of God the Father. Jesus is our Brother. Jesus paid the price, He did all the work, and we have inherited everything that belongs to the Son because of His Sacrifice. All we have to do is except, except everything that God has for us which is more than anything that the world can offer."