Messages for June 1998

June 1, 1998

Blessed Virgin Mary: Praised be the name of my Son, Jesus. Thank you, my precious children, for being here this day. Thank you for being obedient to your Mother. My children, I pour Graces to you as you continue to pray and to be faithful to my messages. I know that many of my children sorrow for the things that happen to you. Come to your Mother, my children, have faith in me, turn to me, and I will heal you. For I am your Mother, and I care for your every need and for your every desire that comes from your heart.

Precious children, believe that your Mother has come to Her children, and for Her children. I have said this many times, that I come to so many of my children on this earth and in so many different ways do I say my messages, and send my messengers throughout the land.

Precious children, as the Lord Our God says, " Come all you who are heavily burdened and My Son will give you rest, you will be refreshed, my children, for My Son gives you the only Joy and Peace that will last an Eternity. In these days, my children, look not only to the pleasures of this life, but to turn to your Mother and your Brother, Jesus Christ, my Son. For We Love you so and want you to have true Joy and Peace.

The Graces that I bestow on you, my children, will help you in you sorrows, in your Joys, in your sufferings, in your pains. Remember that my Son always answers your prayer. Pray, my children, pray that the Will of Our Father in Heaven be dond in your life. For His Will for you, my children, is a perfect thing and the perfect Will for you. It

may not seem so at the time sometimes, my children, but you will later come to understand that Our Father's perfect Will for our lives will bring us true Joy and Peace in this life and in the one to come.

Precious children, continue your earnest prayers. Remember, my children, to lay all your burdens on me your Mother and then forget about them, my precious children, and from then on pray for your Mother's Intentions. And as you forget about your own, I will see to them. Have Faith and Trust in me, my children, For as I have said and I will repeat, that I will look after all your needs.

Precious children, I only wish that you knew the Love that I have for you. It is a great Love as the Love I have for my Son. For I can Love you no less, for you are all my children. Thank you, my children, for being here this day. I Bless you and give you Peace and Joy. Thank you, my children.


June 8, 1998

Teresa: And I asked Her if it was anything I did because it made me sad that She would not give a public message.

Before She told me that I saw St. Joseph standing like He was ready to talk to people or Saints or anything, but I understood that this is an important time for us to look to St. Joseph, who is the foster father of Jesus. Our Blessed Mother says that she has given us so many, messages and that she wants us to look at the messages and distribute them because, She has given us so many. And She seemed sad. I dont know if whether, maybe were not doing what She wants us to do, or maybe weve just stopped "going" some how. But She said that she would not give a message tonight and that we do need to distribute the messages and to read them and to live by what She has asked us to live by. And She also said that this is an important time and I saw the raging like the waters or ocean like there is a lot of turmoil and I understood that this being the year of the Holy Spirit, there will not necessarily be, I mean there will be signs and wonders, but there will be a lot more turmoil. Shes not angry, She just looks sad.


June 15, 1998

Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. My children, I am your Mother who cares for your every need. I know there is a heart that does not believe. Why, my child? Your Mother sorrows, for there are those who have grown accustomed of hearing about your Mother coming to her children so much so, my children, that at times you do not believe, and at times you let the things of the world take up your time when I have asked you my children to spend this time with me and my son, Jesus. If you do not answer my call, to whom shall I go.

My children, pray without ceasing. I am asking those of you here this evening to start fasting, my children, beginning with once per week on Mondays before you come to visit me. And extend it, my children, later to Wednesdays and Fridays. You do not need to only fast from food, there are so many things that this world calls you to do that you can choose to spend the time with your Mother and my Son, Jesus.

My children, why have you not invited more souls to come and pray with you?

There are so many that need your Mother. I am asking you to do another great task for the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son, Jesus. You must spread this news to all you see for there are many that need to be touched in a very special way which my Son and I will once again accomplish on this great day. Precious children, do not become weary.

For the battle is great and yet to come.

Precious children, I have chosen my little son, Robert, to invite me to be with you and with him in the place that you were not allowed to be nor was I when last time we asked. Please come join me, my children. You must become used to praying. Not only for thirty minutes or an hour. My Son, Jesus, opened the gates of heaven for you. Can you not spend time with Him? Be excited, my children, for there are special days ahead. And through your prayers and your fasting you will, obtain all you need to strengthen you. Remember to continue attending to that one great sacrifice for all and making that the center of your life and your days. Make spiritual communions, my children, when you can not attend the Holy Sacrifice. Your Mother is here, my children, to show you how to grow in Holiness that you may all be perfected. This small place is your harbor. Feel the Peace, receive the Joy the Strength and the Power that my Son and Our Father wishes you to have that you may boldly proclaim that the Lord Jesus Lives and Reigns in your hearts and in your minds, that He is Alive in you and that He acts through you.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my call.


June 22, 1998

I Love you all so very much, remember my children

( The tape has a lot of static and none of the message after that seems to have recorded)

Teresa: We started the Rosary and we were doing the different decades I saw babies who were very happy and Our Blessed Mother was holding them in Her arms. And I understood that these are the babies we pray for each time that were here and She takes them and theyre so joyful. I could see their little faces were just smiling, their eyes were bright. And as we continued to pray towards the Glorious mysteries, Our Blessed put Her mantle around all of us. She covered us with Her mantle, Her mantle of Love and protection. And the Holy Spirit came with His awesome presence and laid Peace on us, the Peace of the Lord. And as the message came Our Blessed Mother was really joyful that we had this, for all those that knew about the Mass that we had, that wed gotten together with Father Strittmatter, and the prayers. Our Blessed Mother was so joyful because She knows that our Bishop and all the Priests need the prayers that we said for them. The Litany of the Rosa Mystica and the special prayers to St. Vianney and She wants us to continue offering special prayers for our Bishop and our Priests and our religious people, for She said they are human and they need us, they need our prayers. And one of the things that was very important that She said was that, I understood that the diocese, most of the people in the diocese are only going to be as holy as thc Bishop because he is the Shepherd that leads the flock. So that is why it is so very important to pray for our Bishop that he guides his flock in the right direction. And then when our Blessed Mother was talking about signs and wonders, She said that those are for all those that maybe have been led astray, or have left the Church, or are just happy go lucky thinking that, they just, it like a party when they go to Mass, they just go its like an obligation, they just go, its an obligation instead of a true going in togetherness in Peace and Joy, and getting closer to Jesus and getting to know him. Some of us just go and, and were there and we leave, we just feel like weve fulfilled our obligation instead of really truly being converted in our hearts and going to Mass to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, and that it is for all of these that they need an awakening, that the Lord and Our Blessed Mother have shown us many wonders and signs in these times. Because when that happens they are converted, or they start the conversion process. For the times they are not going to get easy and these people need to bc converted so that they will not falter as our Blessed Mother says. So that they will hang on just like everybody else that has been converted, for the Peace and the Hope to come. And She talked about the skies turning red. It will look red, when the sun turns red and people will be so afraid, so if they have not yet gotten to know Jesus in a truly personal way and have not been praying and not doing what our Blessed Mother has asked us to do which is the Will, according to the Will of the Father then they will suffer much. But those who have been converted and are praying they will be joyful to see these things come about for the purification is happening and well see the resplendent Church at the end and Peace and Joy and all that our Lord has promised. And Our Blessed Mother continues to say that all of those that are faithful to Her messages and continue to pray as She has asked us to pray, She sees us, She sees our facts as resplendent suns before Her and Her son, Jesus.