Messages for January 1998

January 5, 1998:

Teresa said: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy I saw Jesus crowned in Glory seated on the Throne, and Our Blessed Mother kneeling beside Him. And then Saint Theresa, Saint Teres, Mother Theresa, Padre Pio, and Saint Francis were walking up to adore Jesus along with other Saints who I couldnít make out, but I know there were others there. And then Our Blessed Mother came, she got up and came, she came to me, but the Lord and the Saints and Our Blessed Mother listened to our prayer.

Mary said: "Blest and praised be my Son, Jesus. My children, your Mother has come to the world that you may turn back and come back to my Son, Jesus. This is the same message I give you, my children, over and over. Heed my messages, my children, for it is because of the Father that I am here. If the world were not so corrupt, our Father would not have need of sending His daughter to you, sending His daughter to you in such a powerful way. The Father sends me to you, my children, and itís almost as if He were begging you to turn to Jesus.

Why do so many of you not LISTEN and open your ears and your eyes?! Open your ears and your eyes and your hearts to the TRUTH. Do not look for signs. All those signs do come your way when our Father wills it so. These signs are so that your hearts and your ears and your eyes will be opened that you may look to Jesus, that you may look to Him in the Eucharist where He is Present to feed you, that you may receive the graces and the strengths and the virtues that you need to persevere in this life.

Our Father in Heaven is joyful beyond compare that you, my precious children, continue to come to pray weekly as I have asked you to. And I say this again: He continues to bless you. Be overjoyed that the Farther is blessing you for being obedient children.

Please do not turn these messages into a circus. Keep them close to your heart. Spread the messages of Love to those who will listen.

My children I see the dawning of the New Day. The dawning is the return of my Son, Jesus, to make all things new. A New Heaven and a New Earth. Heed my messages that you will be with us when the New Day Dawns.

Offer your sufferings, my children, for I know they are many. Rest in my Son all those who are weary, for He is the only One Who can comfort you in your sorrows, in your pains; and I am with Him as He comforts you, for I am in Jesus and Jesus is in me as He is in you and you in Him, as you receive Him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The more often you receive Jesus, the more you become like Him, but only if you believe that my Son, Jesus, is truly Present.

Children, we know that the world is not an easy place to live in, but only by the grace that Jesus can give you, through Me, that you will persevere.

There are many, my children, who no longer pray the Rosary, no longer believe in my Intercession. Teach them. Remind them what they have forgotten and what they have thrown away. For soon they will need their Rosaries and you, my children, must be there for them, for this is not an old thing that has gone out of fashion. It is a true devotion that continues.

I see so many who are walking around blind. You who know the Truth must turn them back through your example of love. You must have love in your hearts, always. Do not speak ill of each other, for I know that it is hard when someone hurts you or takes advantage of you, for they see that you have made an attempt to change your life to live in Love, with Jesus. PRAY for those who hurt you, my children, for those who take advantage of you, for those who look down on you, for they think they are better than you.

Pray, my children, for the world, for they need your prayers and I need your prayers, my children. Continue in prayer, for as you continue in prayer, I am always with you. My Son, Jesus, is always with you. We are always with you.

We thank you, my children, for being here this evening."

Teresa: Jesus, seated on the Throne, has listened to the conversation, the Saints have been listening as well. Our Blessed Mother is robed in an off-white, beautiful mantle, with her crown of gold having many jewels. Jesus is seated on His most awesome Throne, with His most awesome crown, in Majesty, and He receives His Mother as she comes to stand at His side. And the Saints continue to worship the Lord.

The Lord Jesus Christ who is Lord of ALL, Who is King of Kings, Who is Almighty God, Who Loves us so.


January 12, 1998:

Mary said: "Blessed Be, praised be the Name of Jesus, my Son and your Brother. I am joyful, my children, that you are here this evening. Continue in prayer, my children. As you continue in prayer, going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist of my Son, as you continue to pray your Rosary each day, my children, I will give you the graces that you need to understand what you must do.

You need not always believe what you are told, but you must test, test what is said to you by prayer, by asking my Son, by asking Me what you should do. We will always guide you, my children. There are times that are coming that will change the way you live, the way you worship, where you lay your head to sleep at night. Because of these changes, my children, you must continue in prayer because, through prayer, the Holy Spirit comes to you and gives you divine revelation as to what is to occur, as to what you must do. And I, your Mother, am with you in these times.

We will continue to be with you, to guide you as you continue to do all the things that are required in order to receive the graces that we can give you. These graces will allow you, my children, to know what you must know.

It is important to test the spirits always, and through prayer, through solitude and prayer the Holy Spirit comes to you. I, your Mother, continue to be with you during these days. Trust in Me, my children, for my Son and I will never forsake you. Life is not always easy. Persevere, my children, persevere in prayer that you may become holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy. Thank you, my children, for continuing to respond to my call. Believe what I have said to you, for it is I, your Mother, who speaks to you.

Be in Peace, my children. I Bless you."

Teresa: While we were praying I saw what I thought it was a priest that was praying, but as I looked closer, I saw it was St. Anthony. There was another priest that I saw, but I didnít know who he was. I donít know if he was a saint, as Iíve never seen him before, but he was also praying. Maybe Iíll get to meet him someday,

I didnít know at the time if the Blessed Mother was going to give a message, but I kept getting a feeling of joy. I donít know if any of you all that were here, if while you were praying if any of you all were feeling any Joy or Touch, Peace or Rest or maybe a Joy or just a Rest. Tony? Yes I felt like it was pulling toward Tony. I felt like the Lord was doing something with Tony and then with Georgia also.

Georgia: I saw a lot of things I havenít seen for a long time. I kept seeing the Blessed Mother in all different titles. I saw her as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I saw her as Our Lady of Light, several times. I saw Jesus, and I havenít ever seen Him before, He wasnít real clear, but it was very obvious it was Him and the Sacred Heart. And at on point the Sacred Heart was like coming out and it was just like coming closer and you just keep holding it up and expanding it, like it was just going to rupture in front of me. It was so great and so big. I saw St. Joseph to the back of me once. And then the Blessed Mother kept, I just kept seeing Her in all different things. At one point I saw Our Lady of Guadeloupe and the infant Jesus came up. I guess she was holding Him, but I didnít see Him at first and then He came up and then this huge crown appeared on His head. It has been several months since I experienced those things.

Tony: I saw Jesus and He was dressed in a red, maroon cloak and His Sacred Heart, it just radiated white, a ring of white around His Heart for the longest time.

Thatís the second time Iíve seen it now. Last week I saw it, and I didnít say anything last week.

Teresa: And when Our Lady gave the message, it was Our Lady of Guadeloupe, and for the longest time I didnít know if she was going to give the message.

This is awesome about the Sacred Heat because of that Priest in Irving that talked to you all about the Two Hearts, the Consecration to the Two Hearts. When we were praying the chaplet, I had a pain right here in my side and then another one here in my hand. Oh it was horrible. I understood it was the pain when they pierced Jesus, but He was already dead, but even then it hurt me. And this right here was like a big hole that in the middle of my hand that was hurting a lot.


January 19, 1998:

Mary said: "I am so Joyful to see you and the new faces that have come this evening, my children, I bless you. I bless you for having answered my call, for all those who come to pray with my little daughter and those, my little children of the Light, who have been here for quite some time, you have all been chosen, my children, to be touched by me. For all who come to this lowly place are touched by me.

My children you must BELIEVE that I am here visiting, visiting among you. And I not only come to this lowly place, but I come to so many on this, your Earth. I come, my children, that you may convert your hearts and love my Son with your entire being as He deserves to be loved.

My children, my son Pope John II has given you what you need to prepare for the new millennium. Read his letter that you may prepare for these three decisive years, one of which has passed, the second one which is upon you. You must prepare, my children, with your hearts, with your prayers. My children, I have asked so many to start prayer groups in your homes, even if you and your family are the only ones at praying, my children. Unite your prayers with the human race. Unite your prayers with my Son.

And though there may be only a few praying, if you unite your prayers with the human race it will be as if many, it will be so many prayers that will come from you. It will be millions and millions, only if two or more are gathered in prayer, united.

My children, continue with your fervent prayers. I love you so. My Son Loves you. Our Father Loves you. Have hope, my children, for the New Day will dawn soon.

Look to the things of Heaven, not only to things of Earth. Live in the Spirit, my children, not in the flesh. For the flesh wants to do things only of the world. Your flesh wants to stay planted on the Earth, but your spirit looks to things of Heaven, looks to things that are spiritual, and my children, you are spirit as all those who are in Heaven are Spirit."

THERE is from whence you came and THERE is where you will return. For this time is but a passing time and it will be a joyful time, as you unite.

Unite your daily work, your daily chores, your daily prayer, your daily everything with my Son, that He may offer it for the Glory of Our Father in Heaven.

Your prayer, the prayer that my Son gave you, will soon come to pass. As the Kingdom of Heaven will come on this Earth. Have great joy and Hope, my children, for it is upon you even NOW, and you will know its fullness very SOON.

Thank you, my children for having responded to my call.

Do not try to discern this with your mind. You must discern with prayer, with adoration, with receiving my Son in Holy Communion, with Confession, repentance, with penance, and with prayer. When you do these things, my children, my Son speaks to you and tells you the TRUTHS, the HIDDEN TRUTHS that your eyes, that your fleshly eyes and your mind cannot conceive.

I Love you, my children. I Love you beyond measure. And I am always with you. Call upon Heaven. Call upon your Mother, your Brother, Jesus, my Son. Your Father, the Saints, the Angels. We are always ready to hear your prayers, to intercede for you.

Be in Peace, my children. I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."


January 26, 1998:

Jesus said: "Peace, brethren. I stand before you, your Jesus of Mercy. My wonderful brethren, I Love you so! I long to be with you in all you do, in all you are.

Invite Me, My beautiful, brothers and sisters, at the beginning of your day, that I may be with you throughout the day.

Invite Me as you awaken, to awake with you.

Invite Me in all you do this day and all days.

Invite Me as you pray, to pray with you.

Invite Me in ALL you do, alone or with others.

Invite Me at the end of your day, to pray with you, to rest with you.

Invite Me to partake with you, as you offer yourselves with Me in My most humble and awesome sacrifice.

My brothers and sisters, I want to be a part of all you are and all you do each and every day and always until Eternity. It is so very simple. All you need do is invite Me and I am WITH you. In this way, everything you do, I do. And in this way, everything that is done with Me, Glorifies My Father in Heaven and you become united with Us as One.

This is My Prayer fulfilled, that We ALL may be One with the Father. Invite others to listen to this message. For it is a simple way to live and it is a PERFECT way to live, for I am your Jesus of Mercy; I am your Jesus of Love; I am your Jesus of Hope and I long that you all will be one with Us in Eternity.

I stand before you at the door and knock. Invite Me IN, My brethren, for I long for you. I long for your love. And I long for the togetherness.

I WAIT for you, my children, in all tabernacles of the world where My Body still rests. Visit Me and you will touch Me as you offer yourselves with Me, and for Me, and to Me. For in this way I will be with you and in you, and you will be with Me and in Me. Such Love you will never have known. Such Love you will never desire. I stand before you and knock.

Precious, precious, brethren, continue to pray. My Love and My Peace go with you."

Teresa said: "The first thing I saw when we were praying is, I saw Our Blessed Mother, but just for a moment. She just looked at me and smiled, but I didnít see Her anymore. But I saw a some people and I believe that when we pray, we pray for people we know or that are relatives or are friends, their illnesses or what they may be going through at the time. But I also believe that the Lord brings to us those people that need our prayers.

So I saw some people that I have never seen before. I think one of them was dying or had died and Iíve never seen that person. And another one that was going through some turmoil in their life, a woman. And I believe that this night, through our prayers that we have helped at least those two people that I saw. And then as we prayed before the message came, I always want to make sure that what we receive is from God and no one else. So every time that the message is about to come, there is this peaceful, awesome presence that I feel, and usually the people around me are going to feel it also.

And I saw the Lord standing with His hands like this. It was like He was going to say something, but before that came this little angel that announced Him. And the little angel kept telling me the same thing over and over again, but I wanted to make sure it was from God. So finally what happens usually is that when that comes out, it just comes out. I am no longer able to contain it the words come out. So the little angel announced that Jesus was here. And then the Lord turned to us like this and started talking. But there is no way to, itís so hard, I mean the voice that I hear is not the voice, doesnít even sound like the voice that comes out. But itís such a Loving, Wonderful Jesus. That He Loves us so much that He wants to be a part of everything we do and everything we are and all it takes is for us to invite Him. But I saw Him standing before us and while He was saying this and looking at us with such awesome Love. A Love that, there is no Love to compare with this Love that He has for us. With an all encompassing, all enrapturing Love, total fulfillment. And as He spoke, I felt those things, I felt that Love. And then when He finished speaking to us, He blessed us because He had His hand the whole time like this and then He blessed us as He left. His fingers were like this and He blessed us.

Also during the time we were praying I saw Mother Theresa, she was praying with us. And you see tonight, I was telling our Lord before the prayer meeting, that I am not worthy of anything. There are times when I say things and do things and I think, ĎLord I am not worthy that you should come to me or that you should allow your Mother to come to me in the form that she does, I mean to give your messages to the people because I donít feel worthy. But the Lord says to me, He says, "I will that you be purified. And I will that you be worthy.í And what I thought was so awesome too, was that the message that He gave, you know, the reading that I read afterwards, I mean I just opened the book and I read it, thatís what He gave us. This is the continuation of what He was telling us.

Before you all leave tonight, maybe tonight, or tomorrow, read the book of John chapter 17, when you have time, and read it slowly and then think about the message that the Lord gave us tonight, and it makes so much sense to you when you read it. Because this is what Heís saying now is like wanting us to fulfill what His prayer was, and thatís the way we become One, when we invite Jesus to do everything with us, because in that way He is always in us walking among us and then all of a sudden He was walking with the cross carrying the cross looking for somebody who would help Him with His cross among us here.

As we continued to pray, all of a sudden I saw a woman crying. She was sitting down crying and She had a crown on her head, and at first I didn't understand who this was, and then I was given the understanding that this was Our Lady of La Salette, in sorrow and crying because the world continues to, not all the world, but most of the world, continues to go on about their way. Just living in the world and not even thinking about God at all.

The next vision I saw, the two children from Fatima, they were kneeling down. They were with us. And then I wondered when, usually our Blessed Mother comes and she lets me know she's here by showing herself and as I was praying one of the decades, the last one that I prayed, I became emotional because she appeared before me and I knew she was here and it's just such a joy to see Her.

She had a white veil on, a white mantle, with a light blue dress. And as we were praying at the end of the Rosaries, we prayed the Hail Holy Queen and the Memorare, She was looking down at us with such emotion, with such love, it brought tears to her eyes. And she wants us to all know that she always hears us, and whenever we pray the Rosary, and when we pray the Memorare and the Hail Holy Queen, it brings tears to HER eyes, because she beholds us in those moments as a Loving Mother.

And then during the message, she was talking to us with such love wanting to let us know that our families are so important, our spouses and our children that we should treat them with such love. Sometimes we treat friends and acquaintances with more care and more love than we treat our own family. And we take advantage of our families. We should not do that. We should love them and treat them with love, the kind of love that Jesus has, and not take them for granted or take advantage of them because they are always there. And just now as I was telling you what I saw, our Blessed Mother was still here."