Messages for August 1998

August 3, 1998

The beginning of the message didn't record for some reason.

"That you affect the world positively. That marriages repair because of your prayers. That children will obey their parents. That parents will love their children. That the world will be a better place my children because of your prayers, especially my children when you unite these prayers with all created beings, human beings, my children."

"I bring you peace my children. I bring you health. I have been praying for you my children. My son wishes to heal all of you this night, that need his healing, whether it will be spiritual or physical. Trust in him, have faith my children and you will be healed no matter, no matter, the illness my children. That your eyes may be opened to see the truth. That your ears may be opened to hear the truth. That your hearts may be opened my children. That you will know the truth and live by that truth, that my son has taught you."

"These are very, very, precious days my children. Live in the joy and the hope that I give you through my son Jesus. If you continue in prayer my children, and if you head my messages, so many that I have given you, you will have no fear, for you will be prepared my precious children. I your Mother am so joyful today. I am so happy my children for you have been listening to what I said to you."

"Invite all you know to come my children, to pray especially on Monday nights. Whether it is here my children or if you start your own cenacles my children. I your mother will be with you. Remember my children that special task you have ahead of you. All who can come and visit me in my little church, little church of mine, my precious little son John Neumann and continue to work to bring all of those you know my children to a special day of grace on the Holy Triumph of the Holy Cross of my precious Son Jesus. For grace will abound this day. That you may come to my Son. That you may know him as I know him for he is real my children, he is alive and he loves you so."

"Thank you my precious children. Continue with that boldness of spirit to proclaim the truth, the good news, that Jesus Christ is alive. That he is Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. I love you my children. Thank you my children."


August 17, 1998

The Rosary cenacle met at St. Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth tonight.

Blessed Virgin Mary: "Blessed and praised be the name of my Son Jesus! My children, I love you so! Thank you for being here this evening to spend time with my Son! You are very blessed to be able to worship freely my Son's body and blood! For there are many who are not so fortunate. Many graces will be bestowed on your little church [St. Patrick Cathedral] as you continue coming as often as you are allowed. Your prayers are very important at this time, for you have a very important work ahead of you! I am so very joyful to finally be invited to this most beautiful home, that belongs to us, the earthly home my son has built for you."

Jesus: "My precious brethren you have heard my prayer for you, that you live in the unity and oneness that I share with my Father. I have called you to a most awesome work. Unite yourselves with me daily that I may be in you, work through you, and for you. Peace my children."


August 31, 1998

Eve of the feast of Our Lady of Light

This is the message given to Teresa at her Monday night Rosary Cenacle at her house.

Blessed Virgin Mary: "Praised and blessed be the name of Jesus my Son, my precious children. Thank you for being here this night. Thank you my children. My lovely children you are greatly blessed, my children, for you listened to the call of my son. You listen my children and know that the heart of my Son cries for attention, cries for your love my precious children. Many blessings will be bestowed on you and my Son's church [St. Patrick Cathedral] as you continue to invite people to visit my Son for the light of the world has truly come. Come to your hearts my children."

"You have listened and headed my messages and you are walking the narrow road which leads to my Son my precious little ones continue praying the Rosary daily for I your mother will guide you and continue to guide you and you will be safe from the cause of my adversary. Who at every turn tries to stop you, but as you continue to stay by my side, my children, I continue to hold your hands and guide you and even those who have no devotion to my Son will open doors to you my children. For they are bound and cannot speak against you my children and they cannot deny you my Son."

"The light of the world has truly come into your hearts, precious children. Thank you for believing that your Mother has come for her children and has brought with her the light. The light that is my Son. The light into the darkness, the darkness of this world. Many blessings my children, and graces. My Son gives you the strength to carry on for he says my grace is sufficient to my precious children."

"Remember there is a great battle to be fought and you must march on my children no matter the cost. For there are many who will grow weary and fall by the side, but you must pick them up, you must not give up for your eternal reward awaits you."

"Thank you my precious children thank you for being here my children I love you so."

Angel: "The spirit of God is upon you. The grace of the Most High, the presence of the Lord is with you. Bow down to the Most High."

Georgia: "I see Jesus kneeling like at Gethsemane and accepting the cup from the Father, and the Blessed Mother says," "As my Son Jesus accepted the cup from the Father now you children must kneel and accept the cup from the Father."

The Group individually: "I accept your cup Father."