Messages for April 1998


April 6, 1998

Mary said: "Blessed and praised be the name of Jesus. Thank you my beautiful children for being here this evening. I remind you my children that this is a most holy week that you are living through. My children unite your mortification’s to the sufferings of my son that your families and your friends, and even those whom you do not know may be converted. Not just by speech, but by heart. By heart in unity with the heart of my son. My children, the sacrifice which my son Jesus suffered for you, was one sacrifice for all. And my children, that sacrifice continues. As those in the world sin, as those who turn their back on my son continue on their way in the world, as those who blaspheme my son, as those who chose to worship my adversary continue , my son suffers. He suffers the agony on the cross for the sins of the world, and I your mother (voice begins to sound like crying, or tearful), am in sorrow. My children, though my precious children are few, your great sacrifices do a great work my children. You do not even realize. As you give a few minutes of your time to my son each day ...... in prayer, in your homes, in your work, in my little churches, before the tabernacle, or before my son’s body and blood exposed, you bring souls to my son. And you give him a drink, for he thirsts for all his children.

My children, continue the small but great work that you are doing, for it glorifies the Father when you offer it in unity with my son. (almost totally crying now) Your mother loves you so much my children, and I cry tears of joy for you, and tears of sorrow for those who have as yet not come to my son. Precious children, my son blesses you, and he loves you so. Remember my children...that I am the tabernacle of my son Jesus, and that I am with him as you adore him and as you receive him. Thank you my children, for having responded to my call."


April 11, 1998 - Holy Saturday

Mary said: "Your Mother continues to cry tears of Joy to see her little children being so obedient, and faithful, that you have come to pray on Monday nights like I asked you to, for so many nights, your prayers are being heard my children. I have so much love for all of my children.

Continue to be my little solders marching in love, for there is so much love, for you my children. My precious Son Jesus is love, and he loves you my children. He loves you so much, my children, that he shed all of his blood for you…and I love you my children. If you could only feel the love that we feel for you that we have for you my children, you would run to us as we run to you when you call on us.

My children continue to heed the messages that I your Mother have given you, not only at this lowly place, but in so many places throughout the world. Every prayer, every word, every petition is heard and I have said this to you before my children, every communion, every confession, every prayer, every penance affects the world in favor of those that as yet do not know my Son, and it affects those that have grown cold.

In these days my children, you will continue to see a great manifestation of my spouse the Holy Spirit. Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to come forth and renew the face of the earth and to enkindle in your hearts the fire of the love that my Son has for you. The more often you pray this prayer, the closer the realization of your prayer will become, the closer realization of the your prayer, the prayer that my Son has given you, the great Our Father, will become [thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven].

The Holy Spirit of God, at this moment, infuses you each my children with a special light, accept this light my children, for in it contains the light of truth, the light of wisdom, the light of love.

Believe my children what I say to you, and believe my children, that your Mother visits you, and that your Mother is here this very moment, escorted by her Angels from heaven. Precious children, I love you so, and I give you peace, and I give you love, and I give you hope my children. Thank you. Thank you for coming to respond to my call."



April 13, 1998

Mary said: "I your Mother am with you. Thank you my children, for being here this evening. My daughter has been suffering through your prayers this evening, for there are those that need healing of body, mind and of spirit. The messages I gave to you this evening my children, were read for my little children. My children, believe that your Mother has come for her children. Your Mother arrayed in gold, with the crown that my son and our Father has given me. I come before you my children, to continue to follow and to heed the messages that I have given you. They will be many of my little children that will be called to suffer. Offer your pains and your sufferings for those that need conversion my children, conversion of heart, mind and spirit. I see the darkness in the world, but I also see a small light at the end of the darkness that will eventually dispel the darkness. And this can only happen my children, through your prayers, through your penance, through your sufferings, through receiving my son as often as you can in Holy Communion, through your confessions my children, for you are that dim little light at the end of this dark, dark world. My little daughter will have much more to suffer as time continues. Continue to pray with her my children, continue to pray for her as well, for she will need your prayers. She will need your strength. For a new day is dawning. There are those of you my children, my children of light, of truth, of Jesus my son, who will be with us in the dawning of the new day. There will be those who will suffer much, and you will be called away for awhile, but you will rise again, as my son has promised. But you may not cross the threshold, you will already be waiting. Pray my children, pray unceasingly, do not let the evil one steal your time. Each time he puts in your mind something else to do when you are intending to pray, say no to him and start praying. For he is a liar and a thief. He comes to steal your hearts and your souls my children. Please do not be bored with my messages. Although they are the same messages my children they are said to you over and over again for your hearts are not yet converted. For if your hearts were all converted I would no longer be here with you, for there would be no need. Ask the Lord for love in your hearts, ask the Lord, my son Jesus, to come into your hearts, that you may love all as he loves you all my children. Peace be with you, my children. I your Mother love you so."


April 20, 1998

Mary said: "Blessed be the name of Jesus, my Son. My children, I am so joyful to see you hear this evening, as I always am. I have so much love for you my children. For you have been so faithful, so faithful to me your Mother."

As I have repeated so many times, continue my precious children of light. Continue in your prayers, in your sacrifices. Continue to heed the messages and do as I have asked you.

I ask you my children. I ask you my children to visit me at my little church [St. John Neumann, Lubbock, TX] for the feast of my Assumption. The time grows near. This little church has been blessed, blessed by our Lord. You also have a great work to do my children, once again. For I am asking that you gather in prayer, my children as you did at the last occasion of the Triumph of the Holy Cross of my Son. Gather in prayer my children and I will be there in your midst.

I have such great expectation in my heart my children. I come not of my own doing or bidding. But I come at the bidding of our Father in heaven. You are all blessed by our Father, that he looks upon you his lowly little ones. And he cares so much for you my children that he has blessed you with great signs and wonders. Yet there are many that do not believe, and this is the doing of my advisary. Who prowls about the world seeking not only the destruction of souls but the destruction of the little church who has grown to greatness my children. My Sons church. I am the Mother of this church, and he, my advisary, will not prevail. Though at times it seems my children, as many of you can see, that my church and my Son's church is about to fall in decay.

Have hope my children for my Son is always with you. Continue to be faithful my children. Be cautious, in the new words that have been placed by some of my little Sons, to explain to you what the Eucharist is. The Eucharist is a sacrifice of my Son. The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of my Son which you receive to give life to your soul. There is no other way to explain it, though many other words are used by some of my little sons, elaborate in design to explain the Body and Blood of my Son, that he has given to you as your food. For my Son's flesh is real food and my Son's blood is real drink.

Remember this my children. Do not be caught up in all the fancy words that are used to describe the Eucharist. Precious children your Mother thanks you. My Son blesses you. Be in peace my children, for I love you so."



April 27, 1998

Mary said: "Christ be with you. My dearly beloved children, I thank you for being here this evening. I want you to know my children that the enemy is working at his full potential in these days. Be weary my children. Pray without ceasing, for all of the demons from hell have been let loose on the earth and they scour everyone that they may devour everyone of my children who are not praying. Who are not doing as I your Mother have asked you. My children, I go to my Son's feet with a black veil on and I cry before his feet for you my children, that these times may be shortened. For these times are the most evil that have been before. Not only in the things that you can see, but so much more in the things that you do not see with your natural eyes."

"It is for this reason, my children, that I had these messages of mine read to you this evening, that I had given before. That it is important my children that you pray with your families, that you have a holy hour and are in prayer especially on Thursdays and on Friday evenings. My children, because it is only through prayer that we can help you. You see, our Father in heaven loves you so much that it is only through your choice, my children, that we can help you and the way by which you can do this is through prayer. Speaking to my Son, our Father, to me your Mother, that loves you so. It does not have to be an established prayer my children, just let us know what is in your heart, even though our Father knows all things, he wants to hear your pleas, he wants to hear your prayers, he wants to hear what you have to ask, and what you have to say."

"Precious children the war began as in the words in a song I gave to my little daughter [Battle Hymn of the Holy Cross] for the Triumph of the Holy Cross that you celebrated this past year. But the war continues on, the battle gets harder as the days go on. But there is hope my children, as you continue in prayer. You continue to trust our Father in heaven who will take care of his faithful ones, and I your mother am here for a purpose. And that is to continue, to let you know my children that it is the most important thing, and should be the most important thing in your life, and that is God first and then your family, my children, and your neighbors."

"Teach all those which you have learned those that do not know, pray for all those who are indifferent. I am so joyful for all of you this evening my special, special children. The Lord gives you his love and his joy and we bless you my children and we thank you for having responded to our call."