Messages for September 1997


September 1, 1997

Mary said: "I am so joyful to see you here this evening. My faithful children, you have prayed so many weeks on Mondays as I have asked you to. My faithful children, I love you so. Continue in prayer, my children, as you have been. For the new day is dawning soon, and your many sorrows will turn to joy. Remember, my children, all I have taught you. For you all have a journey ahead of you. A journey that will lead you to, my Son as you continue to be faithful.

Believe, my children, that I have come, as I come to so many. I repeat this one message as there are people here today that have not come before, and may not be aware that I am coming to this lowly house. My Lord and My God has sent me to you, my children to let you know what the will of my Father is because so many are lost.

Have joy, my children, when you learn, when you learn the truth about, my Son. Do not keep the truth hidden in your heart, my children, but spread it, my children. For there are so many that need to learn of the joy and mercy and love of my Son. The time is short and there is much work to be done. Continue in prayer, my children. Fast if you have not started. Continue receiving my Son's Body and Blood as often as you can. Confess your sins often, my sons and daughters. And have joy for the light has come. The light has come to the world. Rejoice, my children.

I thank you all, my children, for having responded to my call so many times.

I love you so!"


September 8, 1997:

Mary said: "I am so joyful to see so many of you here this evening. My children, believe that your Mother is here, that your Mother has come for her children. To turn their hearts back to her Son. My children, the time is near and the battle starts soon, my children. There are many that have not turned their hearts to my Son. It is not yet too late, my children. All of you who turn your hearts to my Son, and know that our Father in Heaven created you, and that you must go back to him, that he created everything that is, and that it is because of him that we are and have our being, we must all bow down to our Father and thank him for our many blessings. For all the things that he gives us are good. It is we that turn those blessings into gods because we forget from whom they came.

My children, I, your Mother, will lead you, will lead you to the dawning of the new day, my children. Have hope, my children and do not fear. Those of you that are converted to my Son, whose hearts belong to my Son, who allow my Son to live in you and work in you, have a great job, my children. Your job is to lead those that do not know my Son to him. Those that are cold and have forgotten him. Those that once were with him and no longer follow him. Those that have chosen the wide road, it is still not too late. It is even not too late, my children, for those that have chosen, those that have chosen to follow the prince of this world. They can still be saved. But it is through you, my children, that they can be saved, and I, your Mother, come to guide you.

My children, I guide all of you. All you have to do is ask, my children. I am only a prayer away. The Rosary is my prayer, my children. I will guide all of you as I guide my daughter and so many others that have asked for my guidance, so many that have asked for my Son to save them. I will guide you, my children, to my Son and he in turn will guide you to our Father. For it is his wish that we all be one as he and the Father are one, as all of us in Heaven are one with the Father.

My children, take delight that your Mother has come. A very special day is on the horizon. Invite all you know, my children. Conversions and healings, your prayers will be answered. Come and bow down before my Son, before the Father, before the Power of God the Holy Spirit. Bow down, my children, and declare that Lord, the Lord is Lord of all, and he will bless you, my children.

It is not too late, my children. And I have great joy for I know that many have heard my call. And many still need to hear my call. Therefore, my children, announce this special day to the world through every means possible. Let not cost, let not the cost keep you from announcing this special day. For you will be blessed. You will all be blessed who participate. You will all be blessed who bring those that need my Son.

My children, I have much joy in my heart, much joy, for I see what is coming. I see the dawning of the new day, my children. Many will see it, and many will not. It is for those that are not to see it that I am sorrowful. It is through you, my children, that we, that all will see the dawning of the new day.

Thank you, my children, for being here this evening. I love you, my children, with a Mother's love. I have always loved you, my children. You are all close to my heart, my children, and I protect you with my Mantle of love. The Mantle that is large enough to cover the human race should you choose to come to your Mother who loves you so. Thank you, my children. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Mary gave this message after we had finished all the prayers. This was the first time she had ever done this.



September 29, 1997

Mary said: "My children, my children, all your prayers are heard by me and my son, and the Father. I love you, my children. And my heart is so joyful to see so many of your faces here.

My children, I continue to call you, for I need your prayers, my children. Pray every day, in your homes, when you go to mass, through out the day, my children. Keep my Son on your mind always. Pray without ceasing. Have faith, my children as your prayers are all heard by me and my Son and our Father. Trust in the Lord, my children. As you trust in the Lord, and give him all your problems, and your sufferings and your pains, you will see the change that comes about in your life and in the lives of your families and friends, those that you pray for. For there is nothing impossible for the Lord. He can do all things. After all, my children, he created you.

For those of you that came to visit, my children, on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, I was so joyful to see you there. My Son touched you with his love, and I covered you with my mantle of love. You were chosen, my children. You have all been touched. All who are called to be here with my little daughter have been chosen. Pray from the heart, my children. As you do this, you will feel the burning love and desire for the love of my Son, and I will guide you to him that you may live with him forever in the Kingdom that he has prepared for you.

My children, trust in my guidance, for I am the Mother of your King, Jesus Christ.

And I only lead you to my Son. I am here, my children as your Mother in all your needs.

Trust, my children, in my Intercession as the time is so short. Be in peace, my children.

love each other, my children, as my Son has Loved you. For when you've finished, for when you have finished living this life, my children, all the little petty things that happened will not be as great at that time when you come before the Judgment with my Son.

Ask my Son for a loving heart, that you may forgive as he forgives you. As you forgive those who hurt you, my Son will also forgive you for your transgressions which are many, my children. If he can forgive all your sins, my children, than surely you can forgive your families and friends. Live a life full of love and peace and joy in the Lord.

I ask for that love, peace and joy that only my Son can give you. Adore my Son in the Most Blessed Sacrament, for he will come to you, my children, and he will show you That peace, that love and that joy.

Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. Continue to be faithful. Faithful, my children, in prayer and fasting and penance. Forget the world for it does not give you the things that are ever lasting. Look to my Son in these last days for he is only Light that will matter.

I love you, my children, and I will continue to be with you until my time here ends and my Father calls me back home. Be in peace, my children. I leave you a rose, a most beautiful rose for your prayers and your love and your faithfulness. Thank you for responding to my call."