Messages for October 1997


October 6, 1997

Mary said, "I'm so joyful to see you here this evening. I am so joyful to see that you are faithful and continue to pray on Monday nights. I am your mother of the Holy Rosary. I am joyful that you dedicated this Rosary to me, my children. You see the Liturgical Calendar has this Feast Day, but there are so many of my sons in the churches that no longer pray the Rosary, my children. You see by the calendar that you should continue to have devotion to the Rosary.

My children, I wish to tell you of my dormition. When the time came for my dormition what you would call death, I went to sleep, I did not die. I did not feel the sting of death. For my Son did not allow that. I slept, my children, and when the tomb was closed, the angels immediately came to greet me and I awoke and my Son came to meet me and I was taken to Heaven. Body and Soul, my children. My children, pray for a happy death. Pray daily for a happy death, and your death will indeed be happy. It will be so sweet, my children, that your passing from this life to the next will be such joyful occasion.

My children, I love you so much. I came this evening, my children, as you were praying, and I caressed your cheeks and your faces.

My little son, Walter, I love you so. I knelt down and kissed your cheek, my child. Continue to have devotion to me, my little son, for I love you so.

My children, no matter what happens in your lives, have joy, for there is always Hope. There is always Hope even in the midst of the darkness. My children, continue to pray. Continue to be faithful. For I am your Mother, and I am always with you. When your day seems dark, and you have anxiety in your heart, pray the Rosary, my children, and I will come and comfort you. You will see as you go into the Agony In the Garden and the Sorrowful Mysteries, after the joyful Mysteries, your anxiety and your despair will turn to peace. And as you continue through my Sons life in the Glorious Mysteries, that you will also be jubilant and rejoice at the Resurrection of my Son.

My children, pray daily for your Priest. Pray for the Bishops. Do not forget them. For my little sons need you. Spread the message of my Son to all those that do not know of the True Presence of his Body and his Blood in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There will be those who do not believe, but once they hear, they will keep hearing this even after you finish speaking it.

My children, your voices will call them till they finally come to the full Truth, to the Light of Life, to the Eucharist, my children, that is real food and real drink that will give them Life. And open their eyes and their ears and their hearts. Continue to speak this Truth, my children, even to those that now receive my Son in Holy Communion, but do not believe. For their eyes have not been opened, and they need you, my children, to witness to them about this reality. For it pains my Son for those who receive him and do not believe. Continue, my faithful children, continue no matter what comes your way.

For your reward will be so great.

I love you, my children. Thank you for being here tonight. Be in peace."


October13, 1997

Mary said, “Your Mother has come with Her Mantle of love to cover you, my children. They want you. my children, to listen to this message. My, children, stop. My children, I wish to hear this message, for the time is urgent.

My son, Samuel, you are correct. The Consecration of Russia was not completely done, and was not completed as I had asked. Therefore, my children, that is the reason that I have come to so many in these last years that you may all form cenacles as you have done here and in many other places. It is through your prayers my children that my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and this will also coincide, as my daughter has been told, with the Reign of the Eucharistic Heart of my Son.

My children, the message is urgent. Start prayer cenacles in your homes if you have not already. My children, attend as many as you can, if you do not have one in your home. My children, continue to pray for in you time, in your time my Immaculate Heart has not Triumphed, but my Son sees the past and the future and this will be accomplished, my children. But as you heed my call, the more of you pray, the sooner you start these cenacles, my children, the sooner this will take place.

The chastisements, my children, will come. I can not tell you at this time the dates they will start. I can not tell you at this time just how terrible they will be. But, my children, through your prayers the chastisements will be lessened. They can no longer be done away with, my children, but through your prayers they can be lessened.

 This message that I give to you today, my children, is for you. Is for you here today. Because there are those that lead you, my children, who do not believe in my messages, who do not believe that I have come, it is important, my children, that you keep this between yourselves. Between those of you that follow me and believe in me.

My children, I know there are those of you here that continue to doubt that I have come. Whether I am giving these messages to my daughter. And there are times my children, that your jealousies get in the way of your heart. My children, do not, do not be jealous, my children, for I love you all. And I want you all to be, to be saved and to come to my Son.

I am coming to you, my children, at this time with this urgent message. That you continue to pray and that you heed the messages, my children. It is important, my children, that you believe. My children, it is so important that you consecrate yourselves and your families to my Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of my Son. The messages I give to my daughter are for you, my children. Do not feel that you have been left out because you do not receive messages, for you are receiving them this very moment as you hear this message. My Children, I ask you with an urgent appeal, turn from what ever is keeping you close to me, and what ever is keeping you close to my Son. Do not be jealous. Forgive, my children to all those that have wronged you. Love, my children. Ask me for the graces that you need.

I love you, my children, for being here on this special day. For continuing, my children, to heed my call to pray. I love you so. You have all been blessed, and as you continue to heed my messages, to pray the Rosary, in the times that are to come of darkness, I will be there, my children, with my Mantle over you and your families, with the graces that you need. As you heed my message, I will heed your prayers.

Remember, my children, the time is urgent. Thank you, my children, for responding to this call."


October 20, 1997

Mary said, "Thank you for being here tonight. Thank you for responding to the call to pray. Continue praying, my children. Make your work everyday a prayer. Everything you do, my children, offer it up as prayer. Be zealous for the love of God. Be zealous in prayer. Believe that your Mother has come to so many for the time is so short.

There are little flames that have started in many parts of the world as a result of my coming to my little children. All these little flames will gather into a huge flame of love for my Son. And the purpose for this is for the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart and for the reign of the Eucharistic Heart of my Son that you, my children, will be able to live in the peace and the love and the joy of my Son. For at this moment there is no peace in the world, there is no joy, not true joy. There is no love, it is only false love, my children.

As you turn to my Son, my children, he will fill you with the joy and the love and the peace that you will need. And through me, my children, as a gift from my Father and Jesus, my Son.

Ask for the graces that you need of me, my children, to help you to persevere in the things that you know you must do. To persevere and to walk forth, march forth as my soldiers, my children. March forth in this gloomy dark time, and I will bring you forth to the dawning of the new day. I will hold your hands, my children, until this time of darkness is over, but do not let go, my children; if you stop praying, you will let go of me, my children. I love you so, and your Mother wants you all to come home. Your Mother wants you all to be with us. Your Mother, and my Son, desire that you all be One as we are One.

Spread my messages, my children, for as I give you these messages they are not only for you here but for all. That all may listen, heed and take the action that is necessary, my children. That you may have peace and joy and love. Go forth, my children, as the little lights in the darkness. Thank you, my children. Thank you for being here this evening."


October 27, 1997

The Holy Spirit said: "I am the breath of God. I am the breath that is breathed on you. I am your friend. I am the action and the power of God. For I am God the Holy Spirit. I am the wind and the power. I live in you, my children. The Father's Words pour forth and I come through the Son. And I Act on the words of the Father. For I am God and it is through us that all was created, my children. For we are one. Remember this, my children, we, I , God am with you. I am in you. I am without you. I am beside you. I am before you. I am behind you and I am above you and I am below you. Therefore, my children, I am always with you. For I am the breath you breath, I am the life you see in all living things. Look to creation. Look to each other and you will see me. The action in the Father.

Believe, sons and daughters of the living God, that your Lord God has made erect you. For it is through me that the Son had the power to give you his Body. He left me with you till he returns in all his glory, yet he has never left you. My children, this is hard to believe as it is a Mystery. For the Lord your God I am is a mystery. Your minds can never understand nor reason the mind of God. You must be as little children in order to receive the mysteries of the lover of folds, your friend and the great I am. For, sons and daughters of the living God, the Holy Spirit, the I am is gentle as a dove yet powerful enough to create and to destruct.

All must bow down to the living God. All must come to the Father through the Son. And it is through me, your friend the Spirit of God, that you call out, "Abba Father." That you believe in Jesus the Son...without God you would be lost, and you would be dead. But it is because of the great love that we have for you that you all cry out when the Father calls you by name because you belong to him.

Some may not understand at this moment, but your eyes and your ears and your hearts will be opened if they are not already. For this is a sacred thing that is said tonight, sons and daughters, of the living God. For those whose eyes and minds and hearts are opened, hear and spread the word and hold it in your heart, and know that I am God.

Faithful sons and daughters, continue on your journey that the living God has called you, and it is because of this that you have responded, for you would not had you not been called. Remember, I loved you first and you followed. Be in peace. Be in

love. Be in joy that I give to you through my Son."