Messages for November 1997


November 3, 1997

Mary said, "It gives me great joy to see you here this evening, my children. This evening, my children, I gave you work to do that you did so very well, my children. Now, my children, I give you a second job, my children. My children, it is my wish that you join me on the Eve of the Feast, my children, of your Mother, the Mother of God. Join me, my children, at my precious church of St. Patrick. That Eve, my children, be with me to the dawn.

I love you my children. You have received many blessings by coming to pray with me on Monday evenings as I have asked you to do. My children, give your hearts to my Son, that my Son who is love will live and reign in you. I love you, my children. Thank you for having responded to my call."


November 17, 1997

Jesus said, "Blessed are you, my children, this evening for being here. My children, your Mother is in sorrow this evening. I have given you so many messages, the messages that were read this evening, that I gave to my children in 1988, those messages I picked out for you, my children, this evening, selected them myself, my children, so that you would heed the messages. I have given you so many messages. Please heed my messages, my children.

Mary said: "I have a…the instructions that I have given you is that you may live in peace, in the peace of my Son. You know those instructions, my children. You should know them by heart by now. I sorrow because there are children that come to this place and that place where I have given messages only for the thrill that they receive for the moment. There is nothing wrong, my children, with you visiting other places where I am appearing or speaking. My children heed the messages. Do not only hear them and then not act upon them.

My children, unless you live the messages, you will not live in peace and joy and love that only my Son can give you. I am your Mother, my children, and everything about you concerns me. Trust in me and I will take you to my Son. My children, remember and meditate on the life my Son and I lived. When people do not accept you, when people curse you and throw you out, my children, shake the dust from your feet. Move on to another place where you may be well received.

Live in love, my children, as I have instructed you. Live in love with each other always. Do not quarrel among yourselves. Love each other as my Son and I love you. The time will soon be here when I will no longer be with you. Continue to come here to pray, my children, even though your Mother will be gone to return to Heaven. Come to pray with a heart and not only your lips.

The peace of my Son is upon you. The joy of my Son is upon you. The love of my Son is upon you, and I cover, I cover you all, my children, with my mantle, my mantle of love and Protection. Thank you, my children, for having responded to my call."