Messages for May 1997


May 5, 1997

The following message from our Blessed Mother was received by Teresa on this day: (The initial part of the Message was in Spanish.)

"My Children, My Son and I are here. My little baby, Jesus, blesses you with His Little Cross. Each one of you are being blessed by Him individually. We are so joyful to see you here tonight. Believe that I have come to this lowly house, to this, my little daughter, whom I love and who loves me so much. I give her the messages and she repeats them as best she can."

"I am so happy, We are so happy to see all of you here today. Continue to pray the Rosary every day. At least one Rosary, and at least once a week pray with a group, or return here to pray the three Rosaries. The Rosary is a sword that I have given you to fight Satan. You bind him with the Rosary so that he can not do anything to you. He cannot do anything to stop the warfare that is going on in your homes, in your families, and in your Country."

"The time is short, and there are so many things that are coming, because so many people and the world as a whole, does not listen. They have turned away from My Son. They have looked to the world for their pleasures and for their happiness, and have forgotten the Joy that My Son can give them, the only Joy that is Eternal."

"I will cover all my children under my Mantle, with your Rosaries and prayers, we will continue this fight. In my Immaculate Heart, we'll win in the end."

"My children, believe that I have come. Trust in My Son. Remember that we are always only a pray away."

"We love you so much. Thank you, my little children, for inviting other people to come. Let this not be the last night that you be here. Continue to pray, and do not worry about the things that are coming. If you continue to pray, and have your heart fixed on My Son, you have nothing to fear. I love you my children. Thank you for having responded to this call. Continue to pray."

On this night, we had two nuns from Mexico who did not speak English so good. Our Blessed Mother spoke in Spanish and in English for those who did not speak Spanish.

The following are the visions Teresa received near the end of the Rosary:

"Our Blessed Mother is telling us, at this prayer meeting, to ask what we will and it will be granted to us. But, each of us needs to pray about it before we leave here tonight. Jesus and Mary have been here through the whole prayer meeting. Our lady of Guadeloupe was in the living room with us when every body got here. Our Blessed Mother has been here with the baby Jesus the whole time. He had a cross in His hand, and He was blessing everyone. He was so happy watching us pray the whole time because we were praying to Him."


May 12, 1997

The following message from our Blessed Mother was received by Teresa on this day:

"My children who have great devotion to Me, I love to see you here tonight. Come back and come here often. I will be here, my children. Invite others to come, my children, as you have not come on your own. For I have chosen you because you are so devoted to Me. I am so happy that you pray."

"My little son, Samuel, I have known you for so long and I know that you love me so much, my child. Continue coming, my child. Continue with your devotions to me, my child. Invite others to come. There will be those who may not return, but those that I have chosen will continue."

"I have come to this area because I want all my children to build up an army in this area that are composed of all of you from different parts of this area. There are many of you that have devotion to Me, and I long for all of you to become one. Little by little, you will all get to know each other, for I will call you, and I will bring you all together. Invite, my children, all those that you know to come see Me for the Feast of my Assumption. Come to see me in the "little church", where I came several years back."

"The time is short, my children. You must all become One, that we may continue to fight. For in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, along with all of you, my little children, who are so devoted to me."

"My Son, The King Of All Nations, is with you. He stands before you and blesses you. Continue to pray without ceasing, my children. Believe that I have come to you. I thank you, my children, for being here tonight. I love you all!"

Teresa then received a message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ:

"I am your God. You shall have no other god's before Me. I have come to you this night, and I tell you that you must tell all your friends, and your family, and your brothers, and your sisters that so many have forgotten Me. So many that know Me have turned their backs on Me. Every where you go, you must proclaim my name, for the day is coming that I will lift my hand of protection over your nation, and over this world, and all those that have turned from Me will suffer. I have loved you, my children. I have loved you to the point of dying for you, and you would rather die for your other gods than for Me."

"I see so many in darkness. So many abominations. I see it all, my children. You must continue to pray as my Mother has asked you to pray. For through your prayers, and through receiving Me in Holy Communion, through Reconciliation, and through your sufferings and pains that you offer to Me, you will you bring your other brothers and sisters back to Me, as well as all of those that have turned their back on Me. You will have great treasures, my children, for offering yourselves for the lives and the souls of others. For what true joy is there in the things of the world, when I alone can give you Eternal Joy and Happiness."

"You, my children, are so faithful to Me. Continue to be faithful. Continue to show your reverence for Me. Continue to stand steadfast in what I have taught you."

"I've blessed you, my children. Remember that the power of God is the only power, there is no other!"

Teresa then told us of the vision she received during the Rosary:

"I saw the Blessed Mother in different parts of the room. Her appearance was not very strong the first time, and it seemed to come and go. I saw her a second time, and Her appearance was stronger this time. Tonight, I could feel her presence, but her appearance was not as strong as it was last week, eventhough last week was different. Then finally, I was able to see Our Lady clearly. She came as Our Lady of Fatima, and she had a crown on. Our Lady, in the past, has come as Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Our Lady Queen of Peace, the Queen of Mercy, and the Queen of Love. Now we have a new title visiting us-- Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lady was kneeling down in front of Her Son praising Him as the King of All Nations. Jesus looked so beautiful and radiant wearing His crown. He was looking at everyone and extending His arms over everyone, just like a King. He blessed us without saying a word, and then He left, and Our Lady gave a message. Later, Jesus returned to give us a message."

Also, "little church" refers to a church in Lubbock, TX where the Blessed Mother appeared in 1988.


May 19, 1997

Tonight we were having a severe thunderstorm in the area. The prayer room is all glass and we could see the wind blowing, along with the lightening and thunder in the distance. A little while later it began to rain, and Teresa received the following message in locution while kneeling on the floor:

"I told my daughter to remind you that I am in the wind because I do not want you to be afraid of the weather. Tonight, the water that is coming down as rain are like tears of joy, not of sorrow my children. I am so happy to see you here, especially those of you who have so much devotion to me. I love you my children! Remember my children, as my little daughter read to you about what St. James saidó Be Doers of the Word, not only Hearers. There is so much work to do, and there are so many in the world who are suffering, my children, and they need your help. Remember that everything you have comes from God, and you must share what you have with those who have less than you. There are so many of you that have been blessed, and as you share your blessings, Our Lord will continue to bless you even more."

"My children, I want you to pray the Rosary daily. There are some of you that are not doing this eventhough I have asked you many times. Please pray the Rosary daily, for I am with you. As I have stated many times, I am only a prayer away, and the Rosary is My prayer. My children, I know that you are tired, and that you toil every day, but please give My Son a few moments of your day."

"I am asking that you continue to invite people to come and pray with you, and remember that I want all of those that can come, to come to my "little church". Let everyone know."

"The messages that I gave to you in the beginning still apply today, my children. Read My messages."

The man recording the messages had equipment failure, and by the time he had the equipment ready again, the Blessed Mother had stopped talking.


May 26, 1997

The following message from our Blessed Mother was received by Teresa on this day:

"(Weeping), Ah, my children, I am so happy to see you here tonight. I cry tears of Joy. (Weeping), My children, I know that you are so devoted to Me. (Weeping), I have been waiting for you. (Weeping), Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. I have chosen all of you to come, and all of you are listening to My call, and this makes me so joyful that I shed tears of Joy, my children."

"Continue, my children, to pray daily in your homes with your children, and your families. I have come, to this my daughter's home, to show you, my children, that the family is so important. It is so important, my children, that you live as a family in Peace and in Love, and in forgiveness for each other. The families in this nation need mending. It is through your prayers, my children, that this can be accomplished."

"Because all of you are listening to my call, (Weeping), my plans will come to this area so much sooner, my children. Continue to visit me, my children. Continue praying as you have been. I want you to invite all those that you know to come visit Me in my "little church" on the Day of My Assumption. This 'little church' that I have chosen, (Weeping), where I desire that a shrine be built in My Honor. If you heed my call, my children, this will be accomplished, and you will receive so many blessings, my children, for heeding my call."

"I come to you, my children, according to the Will of My Son. I am here to let you know that the time is so short. My Son has asked Me to come to so many of you that you may heed my message. All of you that I have chosen, are so special to Me, for you are so devoted to Me, and I know that you love My Son with all your heart, and that you would do anything for Him. All He asks is that you pray, that you love, that you forgive, that you go to confession often, and that you receive Him in Holy Communion as often as possible. For through your prayers, and your penance, and your Communions, so many souls can be saved, and will be saved."

"There is so much dissention among My children. Remember to follow ' My Little Shepherd's ' call, to follow his commands for he is the Vicar of my Son on Earth. Stand in unity together with 'My Little Shepherd'."

"I love you, my children. You are the light in the midst of the darkness."

Teresa describes her vision during the Rosary:

"To be in the presence of the Blessed Mother is much stronger than a feeling of pure warmth all over. I feel what She feels. If She's said, I feel sad. If She's joyful, I feel joyful. She's never angry, only sad or joyful. When She starts speaking, I say what She says. Tonight, She wasn't sad, She was joyful, and She was crying to see Her devoted children."

Also, "little church" refers to a church in Lubbock, TX where the Blessed Mother appeared in 1988.