June 2, 1997

The following message from our Blessed Mother was received by Teresa on this day:

(The initial sentence was in Spanish beginning and ending with "Muchos gracias

(por ... esta)? aqui esto noche.")

"Good evening, my children. Thank you for being here tonight. My children, there are some of you here tonight that have not forgiven those that have wronged you. My children, you must forgive as My Son forgives you for all your debts, and all your sins. You must forgive those that have wronged you, for My Son can not do His work in you, to Heal you, or to give you Peace or Love unless you forgive."

"Do not be afraid, my children, for I am your Mother, and I have come to speak to you as I have come to speak to so many. There are so many that do not listen to My Son's call to forgive, and to love."

"I know that there are some of my children here tonight that love Me so much, that they pray daily. But there are some of you here, my children, tonight that say that you love Me, and that you love My Son, but you do not visit My Son as often as you should, nor do you pray the Rosary. If you are not praying the Rosary, please start today and pray it daily."

"I will come, my children, and when I come to you, I will come so that you may see Me. I will come to you as the Lady Of Light. I will tell My daughter here tonight the date that I will come."

"And as the time gets nearer, she will let you know because I want you to invite all of those to come that you know need a change of heart; all those that need healing from my Son. I want you to invite them so that they may believe."

"Remember, when you trust in the Lord, He will provide for all your needs. When you really trust then you will not worry. Leave all your sorrows, pains, and cares of the world on My Son's altar, and He will care for you, and take care of you."

"Turn away from the material things of the world, and look to My Son. For if you live in the material world, your cares will be the things of the world and not as it should be, the saving of your souls."

"My children, (Here, for the first truly noticeable time on our tapes, one of the prayer members is plainly audible while reading the introduction to the fourth Glorious Mystery: The Assumption - A great sign appeared in the sky, A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on Her head a crown of twelve stars. Our Lady continues speaking again at this point.) prayer is so very important. If you do not pray, you will forget, and turn away from My Son and live in the world."

"I know that you are in the world, but you do not have to live as if you were going to live forever in the world, for this is but a passing world, my children. Your time in this world is a short time when you have Eternity living with my Son in Heaven if this is what you choose."

(The message has an insert in Spanish here.)

"Thank you, my children, for joining my daughter in prayer tonight. I bless you each time you come with the Grace to continue."

(The message ends in Spanish.)

Teresa explains what she saw during the Rosary:

"Jesus was very happy that everyone came to pray tonight and He thanked you. He blessed us. Our Blessed Mother was standing next to Him toward the end of the singing of How Great Thou Art. I always see when our Blessed Mother comes. I either see Her coming or She's already here."


June 9, 1997

The following message from our Blessed Mother was received by Teresa on this day:

"Tonight your prayers are like music, my devoted children. I am so Joyful to see you here tonight, my children. I will come to see you as the Lady Of Light on the Day of the Holy Cross, the Holy Cross on which My Son died for you. Invite all those you know to come and see Me on this day. There are so many that need conversion of heart. Invite all you know to come, and I will be with you this day. There are so many blessings coming to all of you children that come to pray with My daughter every week."

"My Son and I have given you many signs. We will continue to give you signs that you may convert your heart and turn your life and your heart over to My Son. Believe, my children, that I am coming for I am with you here this night as I am with you every night that you gather in prayer together in this place. My children, come to heed my messages and not only for a sign. I have told you many times that the time is so short. You must turn your hearts over to My Son. Continue to pray the Rosary. Continue to forgive."

"Continue to receive My Son in Holy Communion as often as possible. Continue to confess your sins. Live in Love. I come as My Son comes, to unify you, my childrenó all My children. So invite all those you know. Do not look at, (sigh) Do not look at how they worship, or who they worship. Invite them, that they may come, that their hearts may be converted to My Son if they are not already."

"There are so many of you that go to worship My Son, but your hearts are still cold. Your hearts are not converted. Your hearts have not been given to My Son. Convert your hearts to the Sacred Heart of My Son and to My Immaculate heart, and we will lead you on the path that you should go."

"Ask for the Graces that you need to live a spiritual life and not a life in the flesh as so many of you live. Living in the spiritual life will ultimately lead you to My Son, and living in the flesh will not."

"My children, you must let go of the earthly things of this world. So many of you worship the pleasures and material things of this world, and those things will pass away.

What will you do when those things have passed away if you have not converted your heart and given your life to My Son."

"I am very Joyful that My Son has allowed Me to come to you. Please continue to pray, and We will be with you on the Day of the Holy Cross."

"Thank you, my children. Go in Peace. Go in Love - The Peace and Love that only My Son can give you."

(The message ends in Spanish.)

The following is the vision Teresa had during the Rosary:

"Our Blessed Mother was here early in the Rosary tonight. I could feel Her Presence, but She didn't give the message then. Usually She gives it either at the end of the first Rosary, or the middle of the second one. This time She let me say the whole Rosary before She gave the message."

(The Day of the Holy Cross is the Feast Day of the Holy Cross which occurs on September 14th.)


June 16, 1997

Mary said: "I am so joyful to see you here tonight, my devoted and loving children. I want you to do something for me. I want you to pray 3 Rosaries every day if you are not al- ready doing so. And I want you to attend Mass every day, if you are not already doing so, for I need many prayers at this time, for I will be with you soon.

I am here my children, because so many of you have been praying. So many of you have been praying, and your prayers have been heard by my Son and Our Father.

Just as there are my little children who are devoted to me here, there are so many who don't even know me. So many who even though they knew who I am, refuse to believe that I am here at my Lord's request.


My children, I am bringing you all together as I said, that you may do these things that I request of you. And there will be a great conversion in this area. So continue to pray, my devoted children, for it is through your little prayers that you do daily, through your Rosary prayer groups, through all the prayer groups in this area, of all denominations, that will bless this area. So many blessings are needed in this area, but I have faith in you, my little children. Tell all you know about me. Especially those who do not know me. For I your mother have come, that you may all be saved and turn to my Son.

My beautiful children, I look on you with joy. For I am so proud of you. Thank you, my children, for responding to my call. Do not forget, I am your Mother. The Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am the Queen of Heaven, and of Earth. I love you, my children."



June 23, 1997

Mary said: "I am so happy to see so many new faces here. I am your Mother. I am the Queen of Mercy, Queen of Love Queen of Peace. I am here with you, amongst you, my children. Do not doubt that I am here and that I have come to this lowly house. I come here that all may know that I want your families to be united. That I want your families to pray together because through the family that is united in prayer, united in my Son and Our Father, the world will be saved.

My children, you must pray in your homes with your families. Teach your children in the way that they should go; teach them about my Son and Our Father that they may not stray from it. For Satan wants your children, because he knows that they are the future. Therefore, my children, you must take great care to teach your children the truth, because when they leave the home the world teaches them nothing but lies.

My children, be faithful. Be faithful to my Son. Be faithful to Prayer. Be faithful to the Holy Father. You are the Church. Be faithful to your Church. I am your Mother. I am the Mother of the Church. Come to Me, my children . For through your prayers, my Intercession, you the Church, will learn the Truth. You will know the Truth. Your eyes will be opened. Your ears and your hearts will be opened to the Truth. For their are so many that are not opened to the truth. Even if they come to the church, they are still closed because they do not understand. Pray for those whose hearts are still closed, that their hearts may be opened. That their ears and their eyes may be opened.

Look around you, my children. You, there are so many of you that have been praying. Those of you whose ears and eyes and hearts are open to me and my Son, you have been praying, and your prayers have been heard by my Son and my Father.

I come to you, children, but not of my own power or my own volition. It is through your prayers that my Son and my Father have heard you. It is through them that I come to you my children. To Help you and to Guide you. To open more hearts, that they may come to my Son. There will be many whose hearts will be converted on the Feast Day of my Son's Holy Cross.

My children, do not be afraid to carry your cross. My Son carried his cross. No matter how heavy your cross, bear it with joy. Offer your sufferings, your pains and your sorrows to my Son, and he will Help you. He will make the cross, and your sufferings, and sorrows turn to joy, my children. That you will not even feel what you are going through, because my Son will give you the courage and the strength, the virtues and the graces that you need, my children. Never feel that you are alone, because you are never alone. You may not be able to see all of us are with you, your Guardian Angel, my Son, the Holy Spirit, I am with you, and Our Father is always with you. Although your Faith may sometimes not be as strong as other times, my children, as long as you pray, your Faith will be strengthened. (audible from a female prayer member: A great sign appeared in the sky. A woman clothed with the sun.)

It is a narrow road, my children, that you must travel, and it is harder than the wider path, but my children, there is eternal joy and riches that await you if you travel the narrow road. I am with you this evening. My Son is with you this evening. Our Father is with you this evening. The Holy Spirit is with you. You are all blessed. You are all strengthened. And there are gifts given to each one of you this evening. Continue to pray and these gifts will be made manifest to you.

Thank you, my children, for being here tonight.


June 30, 1997

God the Father said: "†† I am your Father. I am your Lord. Silence, My children. I am the Lord. You shall not have any other god's before me, besides me. My children, I am your Almighty Father. All Power comes from My Lips. I am the Almighty God. And I come before you. I have laid My Hands before you. I carry you, My children.

You have no way of knowing, your mind can not conceive how Powerful and how almighty I am. I am your Creator. And you, My children, must bow down to your Lord.For I created you because I love you, My children. And you will all come back to me one day. Do as I bid you.

I have sent you My Daughter. I have given you My Son. My only Son, that you would be saved. For I want you all to be with us. For I have prepared such a place that your minds can not even conceive that someday that you will be in the Glory of Heaven with Us.

Thank you, my children, for heeding My Call. Continue your work, my children that all those that are indifferent to me, all those that once knew Me and have forgotten me will turn back to me.

You are your brothers keeper. You all have a job to do, my children. With love must you do that job. Love that comes from your heart. Love that I have given you. Love that My Son has for you. Love that My Daughter has for you.

Follow my Commandments. Heed my Son's instructions. Heed my daughter's voice. For the time is short, My children. But there should be no sadness. There should be joy. For when that day arrives, there will be a Great feast and we will all rejoice. Rejoice for all those that were lost and confused, all those, all of you, my children, all of you will come back to me.

I carry you always, my children, for you have been with me from the beginning of time and you will continue to be with me in eternity.