Messages for July 1997


July 7, 1997

Mary said, "Blessed be the name of my Son, Jesus. Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. Your prayers and your songs are received by me with so much joy. There is so much joy in my heart, my children, to see you singing and praying.

My children, as you continue to pray, you are so blessed. Your families are blessed, especially, my children, as you consecrate your families to My Immaculate Heart, and the Sacred Heart of my Son, Jesus.

My daughter is on the right road. I sent her where she went these last few days, For this is so good for her and her family. My children, I wish that you all consecrate your families.

My children, the time grows near for you to visit my " little church" [St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lubbock, TX] on the Feast of My Assumption. I wish you to visit this "little church" that there may be a shrine built to me there. As you continue to go, those that are in power will believe and will once again build another shrine, one of many that I have requested.

And then, my children, remember on the Feast of The Holy Cross, The Holy Cross where my Son died for you, on this day you are to all gather together, my children, gather together because my Son has made a Triumph of the Cross. For not even death could hold him down. He beat the sting of death, for all of you, my children that you would all follow in his Footsteps. You will all beat the sting of death. And as you consecrate your families to Me, My children, I will be with ye. I will be with you to make your road smoother. For when the day comes, my children, that you will also come to be with us, in this most wonderful place. To live with us, my Son, The Father, all the Angels and Saints, and with me, my children, forever and eternity. For that is what you are all called to do, my children. Not that you have riches that the world gives you, but riches and treasures that only my Son can give you. Not that you have short lived happiness, my children, in the things of the world, but an eternal joy and peace that only my Son can give you.

My precious children, ask for all the graces that you need. Ask for all the graces that you need, my children, for when you receive these graces, my children, it is not easy for you to sin, and you live a little piece of Heaven on earth by going to daily mass for as often as you can. By receiving my Son's Blood and Body as often as you can. By reconciling with your friends and family. By going to confession often, my children. Remember, my children, sin does exist. There are those that would want you to believe that there is no sin in the world, that there is no devil, that there is no hell, but they truly do exist, my children. And you must fight those forces that you can not see in order to come closer to my Son. My precious Son, my Jesus.

I love you all, my children. I love you so much, my children. And I look after your every need and concern. Talk to me often, my children, and I am with you. Blessed be the name of Jesus. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty. Blessed be the Holy Spirit. Blessed be all the Angels and Saints. Blessed be you, my precious children, as you continue on the narrow road to, my Son.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my call."


July 21, 1997:

Mary said: "I am so joyful to see you here this evening, praying with me, to my Son, Jesus. I have much to tell you, my children. I am so joyful that you are following my directions. For I see the day, the feast of The Holy Cross of my Son before me. It will be such a grand day, my children. You and I will rejoice in the triumph of the Cross. There will be many conversions, my children. We must all assist each other, my children, to make this a most wonderful and joyous day. For when you work together, you are doing what my Son has always wanted you to do, to work together and be one in worshiping and loving my Son.

Work with my Churches, my children, in bringing this joyous occasion about. Work with my Churches that wish to work with you. Do not forget, my children, to visit me on the feast day of My Assumption in my "little church" [St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Lubbock, TX]. We will have two joyous occasions. The reason for my coming and the reason for my asking you to do these things, my children, is that we must gather all those that are scattered to bring them together that they may convert their hearts and turn to my Son. For the days are short, and there is much work to do.

You will all receive many blessings, my children, as you do the will of our Father in Heaven. For my Son does the will of our Father, and we in Heaven can not but do the will of the Father in Heaven because that is all we wish to do is to honor him, and love him, and worship him. For he is the Creator of all. He is the Almighty God, and a merciful God is he. For he loves his children and wishes non of them to be lost.

My children, all our work, all our work, in the world my children is to bring about one end, and that is to bring all souls to my Son, that none may be lost. So, my children, be united in your work. Assist each other. You will be so greatly blessed, my children, in eternity. Remember that this life is but a passing moment. And we must all toil for the eternal and for each other, that we may not be lost, that none may be lost my children. [Again, here the introduction to the 4th Glorious Mystery is more audible than any of the other mysteries throughout the tapes. A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.]

Thank you, my children, for continuing to respond to my call. I love you, my children. Speak to me often. Tell me of your day. Tell me of your troubles and your sorrows. Tell me of your needs, for my children, I want to help you in all your needs."


July 28 1997

Mary said: "I am so happy to hear you this evening praying. My precious Son, I smile on you as you tell the people to lower their voices, but I want to hear their voices, my Son. I am your Mother, and as I hear your prayers, they give me joy. All of you, my children, as I have said before to those of you that have been here before, that I have chosen you to come. To come from many areas, that you spread the message, the messages, my children, to love each other as my Son Loved you. To forgive each other as my Son

Forgives you. To receive my Son as often as possible. To receive his Blood and his Body in Holy Communion. To confess your sins at least once a month. To fast, my children, not only from food, but from other things, my children, those things that keep you from being close to my Son. Ask Me and ask my Son, if you are not aware of what it is that keeps you from him, and we will make it known to you, my children.

Those of you that are here from afar, spread the message, my children, look not to the messenger, but listen and heed the message and follow the message. For my message is always the same, my children. For as I have said many times before, and I never tire of saying this, that the time is so short. That is why I come to you, my children, in so many prayer groups. In so many areas. I come to you saying the same untiring message.

My children, spread the message, please raise your voice, my children, I wish to hear your prayers, [Again, the introduction to the 4th Glorious Mystery is clearly audible - The Assumption : A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet].

My children, I invite all of you to visit my "little church" [St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Lubbock, TX] on the Feast Of My Assumption. And spread the message, my children. For the Feast of The Holy Cross must become the Most Important day of the year for you my children other than the birth of my Son. Because it is through this Holy Cross that you are all saved, my children.

My precious children, continue to pray the Rosary daily. Remember to spread my messages to whomever you meet. All are invited, my children. All are invited to be here on the Feast of the Holy Cross, all those that come from afar and near. You will all be blessed.

I ask you, my children, to be shining examples for your brothers and sisters. For it is through example that they will want to have the peace that you have, and the love that you have. Be shinning examples as well, my children, to many of my sons that are in my Churches, but do not pray, and do not have the devotion and beliefs that they had when they were first ordained. Let them see your burning zeal and your love for my Son.

For my Son's Body and Blood. Let them know that my Son's Body and Blood is the most important thing to you, my children. That this special moment is not a "gathering" but a sacrifice. The sacrifice of my Son by which we all were saved. It is not an event that you should all be rejoicing with each other about because my Son is present there, and he is the one to whom all eyes should be on. All minds, all hearts, all eyes, should be on my Son during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Lead , my children, by example. Let everyone see your reverence, your worship, your humbleness, your meekness, your great love for my Son. Let them all know, my children, that you kneel, that you kneel in front of The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings. He who is above all in Holiness. He who is all perfect. He who is all loving. To him do we grovel. To him do we humble ourselves. To him do we worship. We give all our worship, and all, all our reverence. To him do we crawl. For he is the only one that has words of everlasting life.

Oh, my children, how so many of my sons in my little Churches have forgotten how to worship and how to revere the Lord. My Son's Body and Blood is so precious. So precious is it, my children, that we should all bow and revere him before we receive him. There are so many of my little Churches that do not allow you to kneel to receive my Son. This is the most acceptable way to receive my Son. But, my children, if you can not kneel, my children, please make some kind of act of reverence before you receive my Son. For it is through him, my children, that you are healed. It is he, my children, that you receive into your own, into yourselves. The Most Precious Lord that Loves you so. [Now, clearly audible from a prayer member is the scripture reading at the end of the Rosary: Yahweh is King. Robed in Majesty. Robed is Yahweh. "I love You, my children" Our Lady interjects, then the reading continues: The world is indeed set firm, it can never be shaken].

Thank you, my children, remember that I am enlightening each one of you. The reverence and the worship that you have for my Son is that which I have enlightened you to continue. Never loose it, my children. For you are my children of the Light who is my Son.

Thank you, my children, thank you for being here tonight. I love you so much."