Messages for December 1997

December 8, 1997

Mary said: "I am so happy to see you here this evening. Your sacrifices, my children, for making this special day for me, my children, I am so joyful to see many of you have gone to celebrate with my Son for this special day and the sacrifices you made to be here also with me, my children, praying because every most faithful devotion, my children, you have earned many graces, many blessings, my children. I am the Immaculate Conception. And I give you all the graces, my children, that you need. They are yours for the asking. My Son Jesus joins me this day crowned as the King of All Nations, and I your Mother crowned with the most beautiful crown my Son has given me as his Mother.

My children, as you continue to make sacrifices and pray with me, my children, you too shall earn your crown. Jesus, my Son, gives you a crown. He gives you a cross to bear in this life that you may bear it with joy. And your most wonderful, beautiful crown awaits you in heaven. My children, continue to pray, continue to spend time with me and with my Son Jesus. Continue in your visits to your churches, my children. Give time to my Son in the Blessed Sacrament or in the Tabernacle. We are with you, my children, when you come to visit us in a most powerful way. Pray often, my children, that you may not lose the graces, my children, that I have given you, for they can be lost if you discontinue praying, if you discontinue visiting my Son and myself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you discontinue going to my Son for reconciliation My children, as you continue doing these things, the graces will come, and these graces will help you, my children, to pray, to fast, to love my Son, to love others as we love you.

Our most precious children, Heaven rejoices this evening with you for your sacrifices for we know that you get tired physically, that you get thirsty, that you are worn out in all your efforts and sacrifices. My children, the Everlasting, the Everlasting joy, my children, awaits you in the Kingdom of Heaven. My precious children, I love you so I send you peace, joy and love. The peace, the joy and the love of Jesus. Thank you, my children, for continuing to respond to my call with love and faith and devotion."


December 15, 1997

Mary said: "Blessed be the name of Jesus. Touch your hands to each other if you will. My children, I am so joyful to see you here this evening praying with me. Receive the joy and the peace and the love that my Son and I give you. My children, continue to pray as your prayers are so important at this time. I am asking you once again, my children, to join me on the eve of a very special day, the day of the Mother of God, for I am the Mother of God the Son and the Mother of all my children, be with me this evening, my children, that we may all adore my Son, and I will be with you as I am the Mother of

Jesus, and therefore the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Blessed Sacrament and I am always with you, my children, as you adore my Son for I adore him with you.

My children it is so important in these days that you take time out to adore my Son in the Blessed Sacrament. Or even make a Holy Hour, my children, in your homes, if you can not attend church or Mass or go before the Tabernacle in your little churches.

My children, I am so filled with love that you continue to come to pray with my little daughter. You are filled with blessings, my children, each time you come. Though you may not know it now, there will come a time that because of your prayers your ceaseless, your tireless efforts that you make that I will never leave you, my children, never leave you alone. My Mantle of love will be with you to cover you no matter what befalls you. Continue in the joy and the peace and the love that my Son gives you my children, not what the world can give, but only what we can give you - Graces and Strength and love peace of Heart.

Spread your peace and your love to all you see, to all you come in contact with. To your family and your friends. To those that you do not even know, that may pass your way. Never forget to at least give them a smile, a smile that comes from my Son from your heart that you may show them peace and love through your smile and your kind eyes. Be never troubled, my children, for we are only a prayer away, your Mother of the Eucharist, your Mother of the Blessed Sacrament, your Mother for all time, my children, who loves you so, who will never leave you as Jesus I are always with you.

Thank you, my children, for being here this evening."

December 22, 1997

Mary said: "Thank you for coming, my children, thank you for being so joyful in this most precious time. Thank you for being as joyful as I am for the coming of my Son, Jesus.

I await at this moment for I am great with child. The Lord is coming into the world and the world will not receive him. Will you, my children, receive my Son? Receive your Savior, my children. God Almighty who can not be contained became flesh, not as a king, not as a person who is clothed, but as a mere child, a mere naked child. A child that is so (lofty?), a child that had to be born in a stable, not with riches, not of kings, but of peasants. Your King, my children, your King of Heaven and Earth. He will come soon. Will you be prepared, my children, to receive your King? Will your hearts be joyful? Will your hearts be clean? Will your souls be clean? Will your souls be rejoicing? Will you rejoice as the angels rejoice at the birth of the little baby Jesus. The baby, Jesus, who has no armor, who has no protection but that of a lowly maiden and that of his foster father.

Look with me, my children, at the stable filled with hay, at animals who around the stable all in wait, quiet. See the shepherds, my children, as they are startled by the angel that comes to them to let them know of this most special, special night. See the angels as they come, come to view the child their Savior who is wrapped in little cloths that I have sewn together that he will be warm. The beautiful child with rosy cheeks has sparkling eyes and satin skin. My little Jesus has curly hair, and even then as a little infant he smiles as he sees the world for the first time, as he sees those who come to pay him homage. Will you, my children, be those shepherds who come to pay him homage? Will you be watchful as they were...even though...

Remember that most precious night, that most peaceful night with the stars in the Heavens and the great star that was followed by the shepherds and by the kings, the three wise men that came to pay him homage and bring him gifts. What gifts will you give to the baby, Jesus? he does not need material gifts, my children. What he needs now, my children, is your hearts, your souls, your lives. Will you give him your life as he gave you his?

I love you so much, my children. And I am so joyful to see you here this evening praying and singing. Continue in prayer, my children. Continue your devotion, my children. Do not let love leave you. Live in love. We give you peace, love and joy. Thank you, my children, for your beautiful prayers."