Messages for August 1997

August 4, 1997

Teresa says, "If you are from God you may remain. If you are not I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. If you are from God you may remain, but if you are not, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Who are you?"

Mary said: "I am your Mother, my child, I am the Queen of Love. I am the Queen of Mercy. I am the Queen of Peace. I am your Mother. I am the Mother of Jesus Christ who is true God and true man, Who is our Savior, who is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

Thank you, my child.

I am so happy to see so many new faces praying with my little daughter today. Thank you for being here, my children. I know your many needs and I am here to help you with all you need. My children, you must pray. Prayer is always answered by my Son, and by me. I pray to my Son for you every day. My Prayer for you, my children, is without ceasing. Prayer is the answer to all your problems. My children, if you are not praying the Rosary daily, please do so, my children. For I am only a prayer away.

I care about all of your needs, my children, no matter what they be. I give you peace this night, my children. I give you love, the love and the peace of my Son

Feel the peace and feel the love. That peace and that love is in this place. This is Holy Ground.

Come all those who hunger and thirst. For you will be fed, my children. You will be fed your fill, and you will not thirst. Come often, my children. Leave your prayers with, my little daughter, and she will present them to me and I will pray for you, my children.

I will continue to lead those of you, my children, whom I have chosen for this most wonderful and awesome task. Continue to pray, my children, to be faithful to me and my Son. I love you so much, my children. Can you not feel the love that I have for you, my children? If you only knew the love that I feel for you, my children, you would cry tears of joy, for your joy would be so great that you would desire to come home immediately, my children. So that we could be together forever in eternity.

Alas, my children, you have some important tasks ahead of you in these last days. My wonderful, beautiful children, children of the light. The light who is Jesus, my Son. My Son is doing his great work in you, my children, and the more you continue to be faithful, the more you will see all the wonderful things that he will do through you, my beautiful children. You have all been chosen for a special task. Some of you do not yet know what that task is. Continue to pray and ask, my children, and it will be revealed to you. Continue to look to my Son. Never forget, my children, that my Son suffered for you on that Cross. That most ignominious cross.

Continue to be faithful, my children. I love you so. Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. I bless you all, my children."


August 11, 1997

Mary said: "I can feel the love, my children, you have for me. I am so joyful to see you here tonight, my children. I bless you all, my children. My Son blessed you at the beginning of your prayer, and he prayed to the Father for you, my children. He prayed to the Father for you as he did for his apostles.

Oh my beautiful children, I feel your love. My little son, my little son, Peter, continue your preparations my son. Look to me for everything you need my son, including your strength, and everything, my son, for I am leading you for this special day, my son, The Feast Of The Holy Cross.

Oh precious children, you give me great joy, my children. As the time draws nearer, my children, I will be so close to all of you that you will feel me by your side.

There will be so many conversions, and all those that have forgotten or have chosen not to believe in my Son's Body and Blood, in his real presence, will fall to their knees.

Believe, my children, that I have come. Do not doubt, for I who am your Mother am here for your every need, to assist you, my children, for all and all your needs.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my call.

Our Blessed Mother wants to bless you. Close your eyes, my children. Precious children, feel the love of Jesus as he touches each one of you. You have many needs, my children. Remember that my Son can heal all your sorrows and your pains of the past, my children, that you have been unable to forget. Turn to him and he will heal you. Feel the love of my Son, feel the peace and the love that only he can give you, my children. Feel the light. Feel the warmth that only he can give you as he heals your hearts and your souls. For he loves all of you, my children. He loves you more, he loves you so much, he loves you more than any one could ever love you. Receive the peace. Receive the healing. Receive the love and the joy in your hearts. The joy that no one can take away, my children, lest you lose it yourselves. Claim the healing and the love and the peace and the joy that my Son brings you. I give you, my children, the graces that you need so that you will not sin. To persevere, my children, I give you the graces that you need. Feel, my children, feel the grace that I give you. Feel the peace and see the light, the light who is my Son, who comes before you. Remember, my children, that we are always with you. I especially in these last days am with you in a most personal way, my children. Look to my Son and you will see us both as we come to you to love you and to help you in your every need. Receive everything, my children, that we have given you. For my Son is the light. I am the Mother of this most wonderful Light and together, my children, we love you so much, so much, my children!

Thank you, my children, thank you."


 August 25, 1997

Mary said: "I am the Woman Clothed With The Sun With The Moon Under Her Feet as is said in Revelation. And the time is near when this scripture will come to pass. Therefore, my children, it is so very important that you continue praying, fasting, and receiving my Son as often as possible, and going to reconciliation often. For on that day you will know, for the sky and the heavens will be opened.

My children, it is not a time to be fearful, but a time for great rejoicing and great hope. Have great joy and hope in your hearts, my children, for soon you will see a great sign.

My little daughter and my little sons who are so busy preparing for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, you must pray without ceasing, you must receive my sons Body and Blood as often as possible. Receive reconciliation as often as you can as well, my children. For the Evil One is working so hard at this time against you. My children, with your prayers you will have all the armor that you need to fight him, with your prayers and your communion and your reconciliation. He tries to keep you from going to daily Mass. Please do not listen to him. For in doing as I ask, my children, you will be doing the will of Our Father. And you will be Triumphant. Let love guide your steps. For love accomplishes all good.

I ask all of my children to pray for my daughter and my little sons, for I am here to guide you. Do not lose heart, my children, for my Son and I are with you. Be in peace, my children, for there is great joy and great celebration awaiting you.

Thank you, my children, for having responded to my call.