Messages for April 1997


April 7, 1997

Mary said, "I love you my children. My daughter is hesitant to give you messages tonight because she does not believe that you will accept them. But she has allowed me to come to you as a mother. My children, I love you so much! Please love each other. Please forgive each other. Please pray without ceasing, for the time is short.

I come to you, as I have come to so many, because I want you to come to my Son.  He has let you go away from him for awhile, but you must return to him. Do not be lost, for there is darkness when you are lost. How my Son suffers. Oh, I have given so many messages to my children, but many do not heed my call. And I cry tears of sadness for those that do not listen. The time is so short. Please do not doubt that I have come. Believe.

Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. You will receive special graces, ask me and I will give them to you. My Son loves you so much, he blesses you.

Thank you, my children."


April 14, 1997

As we were praying the Rosary, Teresa rose from her chair, knelt on the floor, bowed down and kissed the floor in front of the altar. She continued praying the Rosary on her knees for about 15 minutes. Then she sat down on her chair and continued praying the Rosary. About 15 minutes later, at the beginning of the third decade of the Glorious Mysteries, she received the following messages:

Mary said, "Do not cease praying. Your prayers are songs to my ears. Come that you will continue to pray, and invite others to pray with you. Encourage others to pray at home also, for through the prayers of you, my children, your nation will be saved. But you must pray always, in your homes.

My children, do not doubt that I have come. I will continue to be with all of you until my Son calls me home. Continue to pray always. Pray with your families. Pray with your children. Pray with your "little church". I am always with you when you pray.

The Rosary is so important for you to pray daily. There are so many that do not pray, so please, my children, do not cease your prayers. For when you pray, you bring others without knowing. You bring others to prayer, and to my Son.

Offer all your sufferings and your pains, joys and sorrows, to my Son. Through your prayer and your sufferings, you bring others to my Son. I am your mother, and I love you so! When you pray, it easier to love and to forgive. When you receive my Son in Holy Communion, it is easier to pray, and to love, and to forgive.

I will protect you, my children. Do not worry about the things to come, for I will protect my children who pray and receive my Son, and believe. That is why it is so important that you invite others to pray.

My "shepherd", my "little shepherd" prays always. He is your model. As my Son was also your model. Follow after him.

If you could see the Kingdom of Heaven, and all that is waiting for you, you would never hesitate to pray. You would never hesitate to invite others to pray. For all the things of this world are passing. Thank you, my children, for being so faithful.

After the Rosary, the man recording, Jesse, asked Teresa why she knelt, bowed down, and kissed the floor? Her answer was she was told to do it, and she did it as reverence. Also she said the ground is holy when the Blessed Mother is near us. She also stated that near the end of the Rosary, she saw the Blessed Mother dressed in white. The color of her hair is light brown. The color of her skin is a light white, not white-white, but a tan white like the color of a white-Mexican person. The Blessed Mother also pointed to a little flower on the floor, in front of the altar that has not wilted, and has been there for about a month. All the other flowers have wilted. Teresa felt like she was saying, "Look, I've kept this little flower alive for you." Also, when she was speaking of the "little shepherd", she was speaking of John Paul II, the Pope.


April 21, 1997

The message was received during the fifth decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Mary said, "I have come. They must believe that I have come. I am the Queen of Mercy, the Queen of peace, the Queen of Love. I am your Mother. You must believe that I have come. Continue to invite people to come. I love you, my children, and I want you all to be closer, to come closer to my Son. ALL of you, not just some of you! ALL of you, my children. For I love you! And my Son loves you!

There are so many here in this area, so many people that do not care about my Son, that do not know my Son! You must find those people! You must witness to the people that my Son is Lord. Continue to invite. Continue to invite, my children. Invite people to come and pray with you. Not all will stay because not all believe that I have come! But among those you will find the ones that will be true to me. That will continue, that will continue to spread my Sons message. That will continue to spread my message. For the time is so short. I have said this many times, but it is true!

Satan is in a hurry to steal your lives from you! And I come to fight against him with St. Michael by my side! Do not trust in the Father of Lies! Trust in my son’s word, even if you do not believe that I have come! Turn to My Son! Read his Word! Reconcile with your brothers, Receive my Son in Holy Communion. Because it is there and in Reconciliation that you receive healing! That my Son comes to you, and that he lives with you, and stays with you! Receive him as often as you can! And he will abide in you more and more!

My Sons prayer to Our Father, that we may all be One with him as he is One with the Father. This is all he wants! This is all he wanted when he came was to make us all One with him. And you become more and more One with him as you receive him in Communion. When you believe that he is present in Holy Communion then he begins to heal you! he begins to prepare you for eternal life with him and with Me, with all of us in Heaven!

My Children, I only come that you may go back home with my Son. That you may turn to my Son who loves you so much! he wants to save you all as I do.

He doesn't want anyone to perish! But alas, some of you will not listen. Some of you will not hear. And for those Our Hearts are so sorrowful! That is why, my children,

I implore you to invite all those you can! And even if they do not come, continue to talk to them about my Son. That their hearts may be turned. That their hard hearts may be turned. They may be converted to my Son. To the love of my Son.

Do not get tired my children, do not tire, continue to pray. Do not forget the commandments that my Son gave you. Do not forget those commandments. Read them and write them down, and look at them every day to make sure that you follow the commandments of my Son. Read his word that you will know how to live, for he teaches you in his word the kind of life that you should live so that you can have life everlasting.

My children, I am so happy that you are here tonight. That you are so faithful that you continue every week. I will continue to bless you all.

There are many more things coming to this area. There are many more things coming. Continue to pray. Continue to wait and I will continue to reveal to you as the time goes on. There are so many special blessings, and so many special things that will occur. Have patience, my children.

Thank you, my children, for coming here tonight.


April 19, 1997

Jesus said, "It's April the 19th, and I'm praying the Rosary, and our Lord, Jesus, would like to speak today. I am the Lord, your God. Why do you not remember? Why do you continue to flee from me? Why do you continue to do your absurdities? Why do you continue to sin? You plaque your own world with what you do. You must hear me.

Now I will come in your time. You must turn to me for this is the time of Graces. This is my time of Mercy. You are my children and I am your Father, unruly though you are.

The discipline is falling on you. Do not be like those that lived in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah for my discipline really will be much worse. It will last much longer, and therefore there will be more suffering.

Do not harden your hearts. Your hearts are like hearts of stone. You must convert your hearts to hearts with love. Be in peace through prayer, for I am a prayer away. I am with you always. Call on me. For I wait for you with open arms. Why do you continue to doubt? Why do you continue to sin? Why do you continue to turn from me?

For in Me you find the only peace and joy that is eternal. The world offers you material things. And if you do not turn to Me, when those are gone, you have nothing. If you come to Me, I will give you Life eternal. I will give you joy eternal. Your nation is in despair for you have forgotten your God. I have blessed your nation, and you have turned your back on me. You must come back to me if you want to continue being a great nation.    The great nation that I made you to be. For once you did believe in me. For once you did turn to me, but in your comfort and your pleasures, you have forgotten me, because you have made Gods out of all these comforts and pleasures. Should they be taken from you, then you might turn back to me. If you do not, your nation will cease to exist.

I love you all, my children. But I want you to live in peace, the peace that only

I can give. For I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. ...Hail Mary full Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among women."


April 28, 1997

Mary said, "Tonight I your Mother will be with you, I will guide you in what you should do. Each one of you has been called to be here. My little daughter, do not be sorrowful. You know that I am here, that I am always at your side, and that I speak to you daily my child. You know that there are those who will not believe. Please do not be sorrowful. You, my children that are here tonight, are not here of your own doing. You have been chosen to help carry my messages. You must continue to pray daily. Pray the Rosary daily, my children. Ask for the Grace to Pray, and I will give you that Grace, my children. Remember that I'm only a prayer away. Continue to pray daily. I will continue to be with you.

I'm so happy to see more of you here today. Remember, remember my children, not to listen to what the world says, for the world will turn you against Me and my Son.

For what does it merit a man to win the world and lose his soul. Blessed are those who are persecuted for my Son's sake. The world will not be easy. It is never easy when you follow the Lord, for you are not promised a world full of roses. Have courage, my children.

Remember you have been chosen to help me carry the messages that my Son wants you to hear. I know that at times you doubt that I have come, but my Son chooses the weak things of the world, and the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and the strong.

The mind of God is unlike the mind of men. So the more you question why, the more you will doubt.

Seek ye the Kingdom of God as a little child, with eyes of faith and an open heart to my Son. My Son has chosen this, my little daughter, for she loves him so much. And she has seen his face. And he has sent me to her.

Thank you, my children, for being here tonight. I bless you my children."